• What are the key skills to future-proof your legal practice? Unprecedented technological change brings its own challenges, but also exciting opportunities to innovate in ways which benefit both clients and the legal profession. Read more
  • The key to disrupting the legal industry is to either do something better than the existing market, or create really attractive alternatives to accepted practices. This was one of the lessons that Julia Salasky, CEO here at CrowdJustice, told a packed audience at the launch of the Legal Access Challenge. Read more
  • The CrowdJustice Team

    07 Jun 2019
    Harriet Wistrich, solicitor at Birnberg Peirce and founder of the Centre for Women’s Justice, speaks about her work representing victims of 'Black Cab Rapist' John Worboys. Their challenge to a decision of the Parole Board to release him from prison was funded on CrowdJustice. Read more
  • We’ve worked with lawyers specialising in employment matters to ensure that clients can fund legal work. Some catch media attention, but CrowdJustice also works brilliantly for individual cases. Here are a few examples of CrowdJustice funding personal employment matters. Read more
  • Financial barriers are the biggest blocker on accessing legal services, according to survey participants, with a majority saying that the system doesn’t work for ‘ordinary people’. Hot topics in the legal world and updates on legal matters funded on CrowdJustice - all in this week’s Justice Beat. Read more
  • Do judges fall within the definition of 'worker' within the Employment Rights Act? That question is going all the way up to the Supreme Court for determination in a case brought by District Judge Claire Gilham, who raised funds for legal action on CrowdJustice. Read more
  • The CrowdJustice Team

    31 May 2019
    Alex Rook, partner at Irwin Mitchell, speaks about his work representing parents seeking welfare deputyship on behalf of their young adult children, funded through CrowdJustice. Read more
  • Natasha Abrahart was just 20 years old when she took her own life at University. Now her parents are fighting to protect other young people at risk of harm due to mental ill-health. Read more
  • The CrowdJustice Team

    30 May 2019
    Law imitating life? Following the #MeToo movement and widespread media coverage of workplace sex discrimination, employment practitioners report a rise in related causes of action. Hot topics in the legal world and updates on legal matters funded on CrowdJustice - all in this week’s Justice Beat. Read more
  • In this guest blog post, Evan Wright, partner in the Regulatory department at JMW Solicitors, speaks to CrowdJustice about private prosecutions - what they are, why we have them, and how funding options like CrowdJustice play a vital role for those who can't otherwise afford to bring them. Read more