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Crowdfunding for legal cases

How does CrowdJustice work for your client?

Donation-based crowdfunding enables your client to raise funds and support for their case. There is no up-front cost, and the client drives the process:

  • 1
    Draft a page that tells the story behind the legal case
  • 2
    Prepare a promotion strategy with our help
  • 3
    Launch the crowdfunding campaign
  • 4
    Collect contributions in a lawyer-controlled bank account

If your client’s case is successfully funded, ~92% of total funds raised go to your client trust account. Our platform fee is 5% and our payment processor takes 3.4% +30¢.

“My client not only exceeded their financial target, but also found new opportunities for real engagement with a supportive community. Crowdfunding greatly enhanced how many people have focused support and attention toward our vital legal fight.”

Wyatt Durrette, Jr.

DurretteCrump PLC

Wyatt Durrette, Jr.

Director, DurretteCrump PLC

What is CrowdJustice’s value to lawyers?

CrowdJustice is built exclusively for legal crowdfunding

Increase case resources

Bring more cases

Expand public support for litigation

Unique advantages over other funding solutions

  • Your client has access to both a funding stream and a supportive community
  • Nothing interferes with the lawyer/client relationship – backers don't have a financial interest in the outcome of the litigation
  • Legal issues are humanized and authentic stories are amplified

Have a question about whether your case is suitable for CrowdJustice?
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How do I know if a case is right for crowdfunding?

  • Getting more funding for the case would be beneficial
  • The client is willing to spread the word about the case
  • The case has legal representation
Your client can get started with building their page here

Crowdfunding works

Clients value us

Account set-up and management is straightforward. Our tools make it easy to promote the case and engage with supporters.

Backers trust us

Funds are only deposited into verified accounts. That makes backers confident their contribution will only be used to cover legal expenses.

Lawyers work with us again and again

CrowdJustice is built for legal cases and we understand the unique aspects of litigation. We have best in class compliance practices, including doing sanctions and PEP checks on all backers, to ensure that crowdfunding is a benefit to the underlying case.

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