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  • Cultivating public support around a specific legal issue requires finding the right audience and telling your story in a way that feels urgent and universal. Read more
  • As an organization that aims to increase access to justice and support those who are pursuing legal action, this is a fertile time for CrowdJustice and the response from the legal and advocacy communities has been highly encouraging. Read more
  • The result of our two year legal effort to enforce the Virginia constitutional mandate that every legislative district in the Commonwealth be compact did not succeed in the trial court. Read more
  • I wasn’t sure we should upload a case to CrowdJustice. For a number of reasons I thought it might not work. But a supporter recommended I look into it and so I stayed up one night poking around on their website, reading about their approach, seeing their successes…and I signed my organization up. I figured we could dip our toe into the water and see what happened. Read more
  • As legal forces prepare to ramp up a critical fight for fair elections, it's important that these efforts be responsive to, and inclusive of, the very citizens who are threatened by gerrymandering's corrosive effects. Read more
  • While technology is often used to describe possible futures, organizations can use tech right now to bring a more personal approach to our legal system. Read more
  • Dr. Chris Day is a junior doctor who has been battling through the justice system with a case that could have enormous impact for anyone who is in a “triangular employment” arrangement – anyone who has been recruited by one organisation to work for another. Read more
  • Tim Wallace

    24 Mar 2017
    On Friday January 28th, President Trump issued an Executive Order commonly referred to as the “Muslim Ban,” abruptly bringing the immigration system to its knees and instilling fear and chaos into the lives of thousands of citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries. Within a few hours, the Legal Aid Justice Center was in the middle of national news. Read more
  • Silkie Carlo

    20 Mar 2017
    Last week, our Smart TVs suddenly became a little bit sinister after WikiLeaks published the biggest tranche of documents from inside America’s security services since whistleblower Edward Snowden’s revelations. Read more
  • The Miller case concerned much more than Brexit – it was about whether the Government could take away rights using prerogative powers without Parliamentary authority. Read more