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Campaigns funded

Funding for legal matters big and small

People have raised amounts from as little £300 for initial advice, to more than £300,000 for more complex legal matters.


Campaigners challenge government surveillance powers


Women of Northern Ireland seek NHS abortion service in England


Junior doctor overturned decision striking her off the medical register


Victims of a serious sexual offender overturn his release from prison


Couple secure the right to heterosexual civil partnerships


12 year old Deaf boy seeks British Sign Language GCSE


Cancer survivor secures HPV vaccine for both boys and girls


Women's rights groups challenge policy restricting child tax credits


Iraqi student challenges his deportation from the UK


Junior doctor wins whistleblowing protection for other junior doctors


Local resident gets emergency injunction to halt fracking


Families raise funds for legal representation at sons' inquests


An Afghan interpreter is trying to bring his family to safety


A refugee charity is helping to re-unify families in Greece and the UK


Environmental activists are fighting the deregulation of the planning system


Wildlife campaigners challenge licenses to cull birds


A legal non-profit takes on the government over 43,000 false negative Covid tests


University staff are seeking fair, equal, sustainable pensions

Public or Private

Whether you want to raise funds from a broader community, or privately share your story with your close network, you can use CrowdJustice to get the funding and support you need.

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Public fundraising for all legal matters
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Private fundraising for all legal matters
Set up costs Free Free
Platform fee 3% + payment processing 3% + payment processing
Page access Public on the web Invitation only
Raise funds compliantly Yes Yes
CrowdJustice support Yes Yes
Funding data and analytics Yes Yes

Set up your CrowdJustice page in minutes

We know taking legal action can be stressful. That’s why we’ve made using CrowdJustice as easy as possible. You can set up a page within minutes and launch a campaign within 24 hours.

Take the hassle out of asking for help; your backers can show support and know exactly where their donations will go.

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Why use CrowdJustice?

CrowdJustice is built by lawyers and designed specifically for fundraising for legal issues.

Built for legal

CrowdJustice is specially tailored for legal action. Unlike other crowdfunding platforms, we handle compliance issues and transfer funds raised to your lawyer directly – you don’t have to handle cash, and your backers know exactly where funds are going.

Public or private funding

You can share your story and crowdfund publicly from a community of online backers.

Or you can raise funds privately with an invitation-only page.

Supporting your legal journey

We integrate seamlessly into your existing legal journey – from supporting you to raise the funds you need to ensuring that your lawyer is able to accept funds. We’ve seen it all and we’re happy to help.

What people who have used CrowdJustice say about us

Jacquie Ostrom
Jacquie Ostrom, Counselor
Raised $1,539 on CrowdJustice

Crowdfunding was the best way to get enough money to cover the hard costs for our legal case. I received excellent information and support from before we launched right up until the end of our fundraising.

Hugh Madden
Hugh Madden, Communications Director for Progress Michigan
Raised $7,000 on CrowdJustice

Progressive organizations don't always have the resources to fight for what's right in court. Thanks to CrowdJustice, we were able to use the power of participation to raise the necessary funds to help fight for a more accountable and transparent government.

Rodney Cruz Jr.
Rodney Cruz Jr., Veteran (Iraq and Afghanistan)
Raised $11,890 on CrowdJustice

CrowdJustice provided an ideal stage for me to tell my story directly to people who care about it – that was absolutely essential to attract the community who went on to support our case.

Frequently Asked Questions

Anyone can raise funds on CrowdJustice.

The only requirement to launch your page on the platform is to have a lawyer instructed or be working with a registered organisation (such as a charity).

For more information, have a look at our policy.

We use two fundraising targets - the initial target and the stretch target .

The initial target is the initial amount of money you seek in order to take legal action. If the target is not reached within 30 days, cards will not be charged and we do not collect any fees. Once the initial target is met, funds will be transferred to your lawyer (or associated organisation), net of fees & charges.

After reaching the initial target, you can choose to move onto a stretch target , which allows you to continue raising funds for your legal action. Any funds not used in relation to the legal action fall under CrowdJustice's unused funds policy.

It’s free for you to set-up and launch a CrowdJustice fundraising page. This allows you to tell your story, mobilise a network of supporters and take legal action with support from our team along the way.

If you reach your initial fundraising target, CrowdJustice charges an administrative fee of 3% of funds raised and a third-party payment processing charge.

Funds raised are transferred directly & securely to your lawyer, net of fees & charges.

For more information, take a look at our Terms & Conditions.

The important things for success are a well-written CrowdJustice page, which helps people to understand your issue, and engaging a network of supporters to help you spread the word.

You will be able to access our toolkit, with handy hints on writing a good fundraising page, as well as support from our team, who can offer expert advice and help you towards crowdfunding success. Click here to get started.

Crowdfunding works for legal issues of all sizes, large and small, including personal and local community issues.

Tell us more about your legal issue and begin building your page: click here to get started.

It's not only high profile matters that succeed in getting funded. We’ve seen personal and local legal matters build a strong following and reach (or even exceed) their fundraising targets.

Click here to get started.

If you care about your legal issue, chances are someone else will too. Whether it's friends and family who want to help out during a difficult time or members of your community who have experienced the same issue as you, people are often more inclined to help than you might expect. Click here to get started.

We know that finding the right lawyer may feel daunting. While we cannot recommend specific lawyers or law firms for your case, we've created this handy guide on how to find a lawyer, which will help you get started.