About us

CrowdJustice is the world’s leading platform for raising funds for legal fees. By harnessing the power of crowdfunding, CrowdJustice enables individuals and communities to access justice and support for their legal matters. With a focus on transparency and accountability, CrowdJustice has revolutionised the way legal action is funded and has empowered countless individuals, groups and charities to fight for their rights.

Our mission is, and always will be, to democratise access to justice.

Our story

CrowdJustice was founded by a team of lawyers, technologists and campaigners, who saw the huge gap between the legal rights we have and our ability to access them.

Since 2015, we've seen people crowdfund cases that have changed the course of Brexit, cases that have given citizens a way to challenge climate change targets through the courts, and cases that have given, for the first time, whistleblowing protection to junior doctors.

Over 1 million people have come together through our platform to help others access legal services whether they need immigration lawyers or help defending employment rights.

The BBC, the Guardian, Slate, Forbes, TechCrunch, Marie Claire and others have covered our progress, calling us a game-changer in providing access to justice. We've been named a Top Digital Innovator by CityAm and the Legal Aid Lawyer of the Year Award for technology.

In 2023, CrowdJustice was acquired by Crowdfunder UK, the UK’s leading crowdfunding and fundraising platform, dedicated to making ideas happen and tackling society’s challenges.

Crowdfunder Team

What our users say about us

Jacquie Ostrom
Jacquie Ostrom, Counselor
Raised $1,539 on CrowdJustice

Crowdfunding was the best way to get enough money to cover the hard costs for our legal case. I received excellent information and support from before we launched right up until the end of our fundraising.

Hugh Madden
Hugh Madden, Communications Director for Progress Michigan
Raised $7,000 on CrowdJustice

Progressive organizations don't always have the resources to fight for what's right in court. Thanks to CrowdJustice, we were able to use the power of participation to raise the necessary funds to help fight for a more accountable and transparent government.

Rodney Cruz Jr.
Rodney Cruz Jr., Veteran (Iraq and Afghanistan)
Raised $11,890 on CrowdJustice

CrowdJustice provided an ideal stage for me to tell my story directly to people who care about it – that was absolutely essential to attract the community who went on to support our case.