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"As a small charity, crowdfunding made the difference between being able to stand up for the human rights of vulnerable children and not. We’re at the beginning of legal action, but already have been able to raise awareness around the unequal protection given to children in different settings."

Carolyne Willow
Carolyne Willow, Writer
Raised £11,225 on CrowdJustice

"Thank you for your help in setting up the page and for liaising with Metro to get the case publicised. The page raised far more than I ever anticipated, and it has been really encouraging to see the support and positive comments from backers."

Ann Jillings
Ann Jillings, mum of Daniel, 12, seeking a GCSE in British Sign Language
Raised over £6,000 on CrowdJustice

"CrowdJustice were very efficient in helping promotion of our case against the Haringey Development Vehicle and proved a most effective way to reach an extended target for our legal fund."

Gordon Peters
Gordon Peters, Retired
Raised £19,500 on CrowdJustice

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