Case policy

CrowdJustice is a platform that promotes access to justice for everyone. We welcome cases of all shapes and sizes and celebrate the successes of our community. Our platform is a forum designed to help you tell your story and develop a network of supporters mobilized to help you achieve legal justice for your case.

CrowdJustice is a values-driven organization and we have several safeguards in place to protect our community.

First, we only allow cases where an individual has engaged an attorney or is working with a registered organization.

Second, we don’t allow certain types of cases and behaviors on the platform. This includes content that:

  • threatens the anonymity of a victim or minor
  • promotes violence, abuse, hate, harassment, or intimidation
  • is gratuitously violent, sexually explicit, or needlessly upsetting

You can read more in our Terms. We are working hard to create a platform that truly increases access to the legal system – both for people with cases, and those who want to support cases.