Why are people supporting the FATCA challenge to HMRC? In their own words

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 17 Sep 2019

Jenny is crowdfunding to protect the fundamental rights of Accidental Americans and other compliant US citizens living abroad by challenging HMRC for sharing her personal and financial information with the IRS. You can read more about what FATCA is and the impact it is having here.  

A growing community are supporting Jenny in her challenge. We've pulled together some of the powerful comments left by her backers below:

This abuse of US citizens abroad and their British families has got to stop and the UK government needs to be held to account for this betrayal of people it is supposed to protect from foreign nations. - Mike 

I’m worried about data security and this case highlights how much data is being distributed. Anonymous

I am in the same position, lived here for 53 years since age of 2. Now having a headache to become compliant even though I owe no tax. I don't want my personal bank data shared abroad. - Anonymous

I’m a UK pensioner forced to renounce in order to retire like any of my colleagues. - Kyle

Shame on our government handing these people's private banking details to a foreign nation. -Anonymous

The UK government has sold out its (dual) citizens and institutions to comply with overreaching, overbearing US regulation that is not fit for purpose. It's time for the madness to stop! - Anonymous

The US bullies foreign governments and financial institutions to comply with the ridiculously invasive FATCA legislation, adversely affecting millions of law-abiding citizens (and their non-US spouses) living overseas. It is about time someone mounts a proper legal challenge to this. -Anonymous

It's shocking that even though I haven't lived in the US for 21 years the US Government is can still exert authority over me, I fall well below the US income tax threshold and yet my financial details are still required by the US. Thanks so much for doing this! - Patricia

Thank you for this! The US treats citizens abroad with disdain and arrogance. We are viewed as no more than property. The UK needs to stand up for its citizens against aggressive incursion of the US on the rights of dual citizens and the UKs tax base. - Ches

I have never lived, worked or earned income in US yet because I fell in love and married a US citizen even my own financial details are sent to the US through FATCA. Even non-Americans are having their privacy taken away by this awful law! - Cameron

Thank you for fighting this. We have very similar immigration stories and I am equally horrified by this data breach. - Anonymous 

I'm like you. US-born Brit, living in the UK for 20 years. I make MUCH LESS than £84,000 a year so I do NOT owe any US taxes (and always pay UK taxes). I have no bank accounts in the US; I pay my US student loan each month. I've done nothing wrong so no reason for HMRC to give my info to US. - Kristine

The disproportionate, indiscriminate surveillance of our financial data has got to stop. - C

I have great admiration for you to take on this fight. Thank you for representing the many, not only here in the UK, but around the world to question the actions of US government laws encroaching on the lives of law-abiding, tax paying citizens settled abroad. - Terri

The FATCA regulations penalize U.S. citizens living abroad. The FATCA regulations infringe on my right as an individual to invest. - Krystyna 

I really hope you can reach your target and FIGHT THIS!!!! - Eric 

Thank you for this. I am a long-time US expat in Germany and I completely support your cause as it affects us and all accidental Americans unfairly. - Rebecca

This breach in GDPR highlights how the UK is has selectively bartered the private & personal data of its accidental & dual citizens & residents to the US in order to maintain access to the financial sector in the US. I feel let down by my country for allowing this unethical practice to take place. - Tammy 

Wishing you all the best in this good fight for freedom from tyranny. Ironic that nearly 250 years ago, it was the Americans fighting for freedom from the British. Now it's the opposite and in many ways it's far worse. - Canadian 

Thank you for taking this on! I left the US at 9 months old; found out 5 years ago about the tax obligations (I'm 33). I taught myself to do my own returns - a HUGE undertaking. - Anonymous