Worthy of Respect in A Political Party

by Shahrar Ali

Worthy of Respect in A Political Party

by Shahrar Ali
Shahrar Ali
Case Owner
Former Deputy Leader Green Party of England and Wales
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Shahrar Ali
Case Owner
Former Deputy Leader Green Party of England and Wales
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Latest: Jan. 1, 2023

Going the Distance as Judge Determines Trial Window

Going the Distance

Bringing in the New Year is a time for reflection and regrouping. In February 2022, almost a year ago now, I launched this legal case against the Party for whom I had campaigned for…

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Background to case

Six months ago, on 2 Feb 2022, I initiated a course of legal action against the Green Party of England and Wales.

At the heart of this case is my unjust treatment as the Green Party national spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Safety. Following my appointment, on 7 June 2021, I was subjected to a coordinated campaign of discrimination and victimisation because of my gender critical beliefs, which are protected under s.10 of the Equality Act. This campaign of discrimination was conducted, induced or aided by members of the Party including by officers, elected representatives and committee members.

A group of officers, after failing to amass enough votes to remove me at the Executive meeting of 24 June 2021, engineered a new series of processes through which to further target me. In Oct 2021, following a leadership contest triggered by the resignation of both Co-leaders, I was asked to address some concerns about "trans rights" under a newly formed Spokesperson support and monitoring group. Unknown to me this Group had an ulterior motive, quite independently of my capacity to defend my statements as a spokesperson. In the words of the joint Coordinators for Equality and Diversity:

"It appears that, from its very inception, the Group was set up with the primary intention of censuring Shahrar Ali. [. . .] As Equality and Diversity coordinators, our integrity is key; therefore, we cannot continue to validate this process by remaining part of this Group." (29 Jan 2022)

On 5 Feb 2022, a majority on the Executive voted to remove my spokesperson role. They did so despite a Letter Before Action and the resignation of an executive officer the day before. It is understood they also acted contrary to their own legal advice. I was not officially informed of my removal, nor the specific reasons for it, before a public announcement was made on Twitter alleging breaches of the Spokespersons code of conduct.

Speaking live on Free Speech nation about my case, 10 July 2022.

Six months on

This discrimination case is going the distance. I have been targeted with impunity even since my removal as a spokesperson and this only strengthens my resolve to see justice done for my earlier mistreatment. I want to be clear, this case it not so much about me personally but it is about:

  1. The right of women to be able to defend their access to same-sex spaces or provision of services when crucial to their dignity or safety.
  2. The right of children to be protected from online prescription of puberty blockers, without medical due diligence, leading to a potential pathway of life-altering drug dependency for life.
  3. The right of women to be able to self-organise, or congregate, without fear of intimidation, silencing or cancellation.

Morally and politically my determination is as strong as ever. Fighting injustice is not something I can just switch off. It's in my bloodstream. The recent legal victories of Maya Forstater and Allison Bailey are highly relevant to this case as they concern discriminatory treatment in professional settings. The tide is already turning following the great campaigning of Sharron Davies and Daley Thompson, who I had the honour of meeting to discuss the impact of transgender athletes on women's sporting competition. 

My case is of particular interest as, if successful, it will lay down a legal marker that discrimination against political representatives for their gender critical protected belief is not tolerable. Given the importance of political debate to informing public policy and driving good legislation we must confront and overcome the authoritarian attempt to silence and intimidate. I recently was able to express solidarity in person of the plight of Rosie Duffield; this is nothing if not a cross-party political case.

New legal team

These cases need eye-watering sums of money to progress and reach trial. I have already raised a significant sum of funds to this point. Through the page Sex-Based Rights vs Cancel Culture, £37, 843 has been raised from 1,247 pledges, many of you giving more than once. I cannot thank you enough for your donations, alongside incredible messages of support, publicly and privately. I have also put my life's savings into this case and my biggest headache is financial.

I know money is tight all round and I do not ever want anyone to give more than they can afford but I want you to know I am determined to win this case for us all. I feel past the half-way mark and in a good position to take a deep breath before the next round of fundraising and legal preparations.

Please be assured that I will only set fundraising targets with one to two months' legal business in mind. These are realistic goals but funds are generally required quite urgently so please do use the countdown to help us reach our target.

Thank you, with every fibre of my being, for your continued support for this claim to defend the right of every politician to be free from discrimination for expressing their protected belief in the reality of biological sex.

More Interviews

You can read coverage in The Telegraph from 19 Feb 2022 Green Party spokesman sues after being sacked for transgender views or watch my interview on 27 Feb 2022 below. 

Update 2

Shahrar Ali

Jan. 1, 2023

Going the Distance as Judge Determines Trial Window

Going the Distance

Bringing in the New Year is a time for reflection and regrouping. In February 2022, almost a year ago now, I launched this legal case against the Party for whom I had campaigned for over two decades.

At the heart of this action is to challenge the discriminatory abuse of power and process that led to my unjust removal as nationally appointed Spokesperson for Policing and Domestic Safety. On 4 February 2022, despite receipt of our Letter Before Action, the Green Party removed me from post following an intense campaign of harassment and discrimination, which involved or directly implicated party officers and representatives.

This case is strong and will be going the distance: as win we must! I have been subjected to deliberate, coordinated, and strategic targeting because of my gender critical beliefs, which are protected in law. I have been vocal in support of women’s rights and their right to self-organise, resolute in the protection of children from failures of medical due diligence, and an advocate for clarity of language in relation to sex and gender.

You would have thought that any rational defendant would have taken extra care and caution to desist from continued harassment through its offices or officers, especially following Forstater, Bailey and interim Cass. But no, there has been no let up in the ferocity of attacks from within the party. Here are just two examples from 2022:

20 July 2022: Attacked by a serving London Assembly member & deputy leader candidate.

16 Oct 2022: Attacked by a regional officer to one of our national governing bodies, who was forced to remove their defamatory tweets on 3 Dec 2022 following representations by me.

I have also had to defend myself against allegations of "transphobia" fabricated by representatives of the Scottish Green Party and propagated within GPEW. See Scottish Greens told reason for England and Wales party split amid trans row is 'for the birds', 19 Oct 2022.

My case is also about defending the rights of others in the party. I was recently featured in The Sunday Times alongside other Greens facing this hostile environment, including the democratically selected general election candidate for Sheffield Central, Alison Teal, Gender row 'stops Greens focusing on climate change', 27 Nov 2022.

In December 2022, I was a co-signatory to a letter in The Times alongside a group of peers questioning the controversial entry by the Cambridge Dictionary to the definition of "woman", "What makes a Woman?" (Times, 17 Dec 2022).

Funds Required for Disclosure stage and Preparation for Trial Summer 2023

I am incredibly grateful, from the bottom of my heart, to everybody who has supported this and the previous crowdfunder; and not just through your pockets, but in your words and deeds. In total, £48,136 has been raised from this platform through 1,549 pledges. I have also put every last saving into this case, but must ask again for more. 

In November 2022, we had the Case and Costs Management hearing and now move to the next key legal stage, that of disclosure. The dates for the trial window have now been set for 1 June to 31 Aug 2023. We need to raise at least as much again by then.

Please give what you can over the next few days and weeks so that my truly exceptional legal team can get to work and make all the necessary preparations to win this case. For the sake of all those not just in politics having to face down this hostile environment; but for the defence of women's sex-based rights and the protection of child well-being and safety, too.

Thank you for everything,

Shahrar (Happy new year and hugs)

Update 1

Shahrar Ali

Sept. 10, 2022

Interview with Julie Bindel on Why I Can Do No Other

Dear Friends,

A deeply heartfelt thank you to everybody who has pledged to Worthy of Respect in a Political Party, which follows on from the previous crowd funder Sex-Based Rights vs Cancel Culture. This is exactly the same case with some change in legal team (which necessitated a change in funding page).

Today Julie Bindel has posted an interview with me, which is already causing quite a stir, for all the right reasons.

Please do take a listen to the full podcast in the link below:

Former Deputy Leader sues the Green Party (substack.com)

I tell my story of Green Party harassment, abuse and discrimination, from the Challenor scandal to today. I explain why I'm fighting for justice: for women's sex-based rights to children's right to protection from medical negligence. We must also overcome the threat to free speech from what has been dubbed "the reverse Voltaire", eloquently explained by Julie Bindel in our interview.

You can continue to support this case by:

We can't do this without you. The next step is preparation for the Case Management Conference and so we have put the stretch target up to £7,000 (which will bring the total amount raised for this case to £45,000).

Thank you so much for your financial support, to date, and especially for the public and private messages of moral support. It means the world to me (as mentioned towards the end of my interview), and to all those I am fighting to defend the rights of, in this landmark case. Hopefully that means you, too.

Hugs and best wishes,


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