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A CrowdJustice funding tool designed for employment matters

A new tool from CrowdJustice specifically tailored to employment issues and designed for private fundraising.

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We make it easier to pay for employment advice

Protect your employment interests with quick and easy fundraising
Donation-based funding that provides a quick, proven way to access legal services
Use templated text for common employment issues
No need to handle cash, funds go straight to your lawyer
Raise funds in a controlled environment
Only the people you invite get access to your fundraising page
Templated text helps protect your privacy
Fund your employment matter quickly and compliantly
Funds raised go directly to your lawyer’s client account
Build support and raise funds in a transparent way
Your backers know exactly where their money is going
CrowdJustice is built by lawyers, and trusted by lawyers and the legal industry

How it works...

CrowdJustice’s employment funding tool enables you to raise funds and support to pay for legal services. There is no up-front cost to you.

Image showing the Lawyer Invite a client interface
  1. Create your page

    Build your CrowdJustice page within minutes. Templated text makes it easy, and you can launch and raise funds within a day.

  2. Choose your audience

    Decide who you’d like to share your page with. Only the people you invite will get access to your page.

  3. Launch your page

    Our support team are on hand with hints and tips to help you launch your private page.

  4. Raise funds

    Collect pledges from your backers. Funds raised are transferred directly to your lawyer.

Industry recognition

Shortlisted for the LexisNexis Legal Awards 2019 The Legal 500 UK Awards 19 Outstanding Achievement LegalWeek The Legal Innovation Awards Financial Times Innovative Lawyers 2018 Award Winner Debretts 500

Create your Crowdjustice page in minutes

We’ve made using CrowdJustice as easy as possible. You can set up a CrowdJustice page within minutes and launch your page within 24 hours.

CrowdJustice pages are optimised to easily collect pledges from your close network. Send private invitations so your friends and family can see your fundraising page. Only the people you invite get access to your page.

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