5G Legal Action - Help us secure a safer future

by actionagainst5g.org

5G Legal Action - Help us secure a safer future

by actionagainst5g.org
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We are individuals supported by many people nationwide from all walks of life including doctors and scientists.
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Case Owner
We are individuals supported by many people nationwide from all walks of life including doctors and scientists.
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Latest: July 13, 2020

Good progress

Dear Amazing Supporters, huge thanks. Together we can achieve great things, this really is teamwork and your part in it is crucial and so very much appreciated.

As of today, thanks to your support wit…

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The government's actions in authorising 5G are a breach of human rights. We are challenging the government to stop its unlawful action in failing to protect the public from the health risks from 5G technology which we all face through its rapid deployment.  

The government has thus far failed to:

  • take into account the extensive evidence showing that radiofrequency radiation from masts and wireless devices puts health and life at risk 
  • carry out a full and independent examination of the risks 
  • properly inform the public of the dangers so we can decide how to protect ourselves 


  • the government continues to adopt guidelines which the independent scientific research shows is unsafe for humans, animals, and the environment                                

Why does this case matter?

1) 5G will add significantly to the emissions we already have from mobile phone masts, mobile phones, Wi-Fi, wearable devices, smart meters, and other ‘smart’ devices.

2) This issue concerns all citizens.

3) The consequence of inaction could be serious and irreversible damage.

Who we are

We are individuals supported by many from all walks of life including doctors, scientists and engineers. We have joined forces with a strong team of lawyers headed by Michael Mansfield QC. Michael Mansfield has represented the families in the Grenfell Tower, Lockerbie, Hillsborough, Ballymurphy Massacre and Stephen Lawrence cases.

What are we aiming to achieve

Before 5G can be imposed on us all with potentially devastating effects on our health and the environment, we need:

  • Proper independent reviews of all research into the health risks, and reviews of the science concerning the potential environmental impact
  • An informed debate on the consequences of imposing 5G technology on humans and the environment
  • A comprehensive environmental risk assessment examining the potential effects of 5G
  • New guidance on, and regulation and monitoring of, the levels necessary to protect the public and biological life

Why do we want this?

The guidelines adopted by the government are not fit for purpose and are not safe. There is already a substantial body of evidence demonstrating that existing radiofrequency radiation is harmful to health. Currently, Public Health England sanctions limits which are orders of magnitude higher than in other countries.

People have a right to be informed about the risks and what they will be exposed to. There should also be a choice to opt out, particularly for children and other vulnerable groups.

We are not against the progression of technology but we do not consent to the imposition of technology at the risk of harming our health and potentially all biological life. 

Exposure to radiofrequency radiation has been named as a future 'high impact risk' by Swiss Re. In their information to shareholders, telecommunications companies warn about potential loss of share value due to future litigation related to harm to health.

What is the next step in the case?

We have issued a letter before action to the Government. The next step is to apply to the High Court for permission to argue the case in full. 


We need your help because this is a very large case for individuals to take on personally, and we need funding to pursue the claim, both for legal fees and costs. Our initial target of £50,000 will enable us to initiate the judicial review process after which we will continue to our stretch target that may be necessary to pay the costs of the Defendants should the case be lost or be appealed. 

We are so grateful to you for reading this. Please pledge a donation if you can and share this page with your family, friends, colleagues and communities. This case has the potential to affect everyone, both in the UK and globally. 

Please see our website actionagainst5g.org which includes links to peer reviewed science on health, wildlife and the environment.

Thank you       

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Update 2


July 13, 2020

Good progress

Dear Amazing Supporters, huge thanks. Together we can achieve great things, this really is teamwork and your part in it is crucial and so very much appreciated.

As of today, thanks to your support with over £90,000 we are well on the way to our target of £150,000! 

As a result, the case is progressing. 

On  May 22 2020 our legal team sent a Letter Before Action to the Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Secretary of State for Environment,  Health and Rural Affairs and the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sports.  The Departments also received from the legal team A Review of the Health Risks of Radiofrequency Radiation Employed in 5G Technology and the Implications for UK Policymaking.

The Letter of Action and Review were the first steps stating that the government is in breach of our human rights by ignoring the evidence of harm associated with 5G. The evidence does not go away because it is not looked at. In fact, it grows day by day. 

Our brilliant legal team, led by Michael Mansfield QC, continues to gather solid evidence. Reports and documents are meticulously and rigorously assembled. This careful preparation is the key to success and your patience with this process is much appreciated. 

Please continue to share our website and bring this funding campaign to any who do not yet know about our legal action. 

If you have a message offering help, we cannot access your details from this crowd justice page to thank you or respond so, again, please contact us directly at actionagainst5g.org.

We will be back in touch with updates as soon as they arise. Again, your patience as the wheels of justice turn, is much appreciated. Your comments are inspiring and encouraging, and we read every one. In the meantime, rest assured, progress is afoot. 

We send you massive gratitude from all from us at actionagainst5g. 

Update 1


June 5, 2020

Thank you for all your support, please continue to donate

To all of you, a big thank you. Together your generous donations have now reached over £60,000. It’s very gratifying to see this level of support for this case that is so essential. Together we will go forward.

We welcome all your wonderful and generous messages, your contributions, information and good wishes; all of which have demonstrated to us your strength of feeling. They are incredibly encouraging.

The initial £50,000 was needed to secure the action. In the event of not achieving this target, all donations would have been returned and the case could not have proceeded.

We sent a letter before action to the Government last month. The Government lawyers have acknowledged our letter but have not substantively responded yet. Due to Covid-19 they asked for an extension, which we reluctantly accepted. In the meantime the legal team are working around the clock to prepare the case, assembling the expert research and collating evidence.

Our two junior barristers are working at half their normal hourly rate, which demonstrates their commitment, supported by a full time assistant, and we also have a full time legal researcher working pro bono. As we gather our funds towards £150,000 we will be continuing to develop our grounds and evidence for the case. Whilst we will be seeking an order which caps liability for the costs of the defendants in the event that we lose the case, we need to ensure that we are able to continue the claim in the event that this is not granted. This is why we need to continue to raise funds to meet our stretch target.

CrowdJustice data protection measures mean that we do not have access to full contact details for those of you who have donated and kindly offered to help us. If you would like a response, please use the Contact Us form on our website.

Your continuing support is vital, especially by reaching out to others who may know little, so please tell them and give them a link to our website and the Crowd justice page. With you supporting us we can achieve a new reality: one where our government pays attention.

With great thanks

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