Gerry Adams – Time for Truth

by Innocent Victims of Terror (IVT)

Gerry Adams – Time for Truth

by Innocent Victims of Terror (IVT)
Innocent Victims of Terror (IVT)
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Justice Denied, Victims Forgotten.
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Innocent Victims of Terror (IVT)
Case Owner
Justice Denied, Victims Forgotten.
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We are 3 victims of PIRA terrorist attacks who, as a result, all suffered terrible and life-changing injuries from which we have never recovered.

For decades the Provisional IRA waged a campaign of terror against and across the United Kingdom resulting in the deaths of 1,705 men, women, and children, and life changing injuries to tens of thousands more like us.

Over the years, many witnesses have come forward, with compelling evidence, to allege that, for decades, PIRA was under the leadership of Gerry Adams. If true, then Adams may be responsible over 1,300 terrorist murders; a figure that dwarfs any associated with even the UK’s most prolific serial killers.  Yet, there still has never been a proper inquiry into his alleged role in the Troubles. Meanwhile, Adams has always strenuously denied being a member of PIRA, let alone its leader.

To date, Adams has never been obliged to account for the allegations against him. This is why, in May 2022, we filed a civil claim against Adams for adjudication by the High Court in England.  

We are not doing this for money.  Our claim is for only £1. Instead, we are doing it solely to establish the truth and secure some form of justice. Not just for ourselves, but for all PIRA’s victims.

At a time when the UK government is introducing legislation that will prevent any future legal actions associated with the Troubles, we felt it necessary to bring our case to court to compel Adams to engage in an effective truth and reconciliation process.

Should, in response to our civil claims, Adams agree to give a public, full, and honest account of the role he played in the Troubles then we shall consider withdrawing our claims.  If not, we will place the evidence before the court for it to decide in a process that Adams can neither avoid nor ignore.

We have had enough of the PIRA’s efforts to rewrite the history of the Troubles in Northern Ireland to establish the fiction that the only victims were of the British Army and that the PIRA were just freedom fighters.  They were not.  They were murderers who terrorised our country for three decades.  

To be clear. We are not political. We are English citizens. The future of Northern Ireland should be for it to decide. However, we can no longer tolerate being ignored by a system that has elevated terrorists to heroes and resigned the victims to history.  

More importantly, as recent events have indicated, there can be no lasting peace in Northern Ireland without a proper accounting of the truth, from all sides. Through multiple inquests, inquires, and prosecutions of British soldiers, one stakeholder in the troubles – the British State - has shown its willingness to be held to account.  Now it’s the turn of others.  Through an exploration of the truth, it is our sincere hope that this case may ultimately contribute to a legacy of peace.

We are claiming Adams directed a series of IRA bombings as a senior member, if not the leader, of PIRA between 1973 and 1996.  

These are:

  • The Old Bailey, London, 8 March 1973, in which 243 people were injured and one man later died;
  • Docklands, London, 9 February 1996, in which 2 people were killed and over a 100 people were injured. 
  • Arndale Centre, Manchester, 15 June 1996, in which over 200 were injured. 

These were the FIRST bomb, the LAST BOMB and the bomb that ended the IRA ceasefires of 1994-1996.  

If the court accepts that Adams directed these attacks then it may also be demonstrated that, as a senior member, if not leader, of PIRA he played a role in every major PIRA attack over three decades. 

Finally, our claim is also against the PIRA itself. Absurdly, due to their very nature as unlawful organisations, a terror group cannot currently be brought to court as they are not recognised as a legal entity. We hope that our case will change the law in this regard. Not for ourselves, but for future generations of victims of terrorism. 

Many terror groups have significant and identifiable assets that could be targeted and seized through civil actions for the benefit of their victims.

Please note that the funds raised through this campaign are not for the case in its entirety.  Our initial target of £100,000 will fund these legal proceedings up to (and including) the disclosure stage, which is the point when both parties request to see any relevant documents from each other and may seek disclosure of evidence from third parties also, and the first case management conference.  Once we have reached that stage, we will assess the position and, if it is necessary, we will launch a further campaign to take us through to the trial.

We are represented by leading human rights lawyers McCue Jury & Partners LLP. They have a particular specialism in representing victims of terrorism and taking on historical cases when all hope had been lost for achieving justice. McCue Jury & Partners have secured significant wins including the cases of Breslin & Ors V. McKevitt & Ors (on behalf of victims of the Real IRA 1998 Omagh bombing), Young v Downey (on behalf of victims of the IRA 1972 Hyde Park bombing) and Murray v Mabrouk (the murder of WPC Yvonne Fletcher).  Due to McCue Jury’s successful track record with taking on and winning Legacy cases, we know we’re in good hands.

To bring this action and to succeed we need your help. Please donate as well as share this far and wide to ensure we secure the funding to deliver justice for the forgotten victims.

We sincerely thank you for your generosity. Please stay involved and support this cause. Justice denied; victims forgotten.

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