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Industry recognition

“CrowdJustice helped our clients to access professional advice as they navigate the complex compulsory purchase system.”

Tony Houghton
Consultant Solicitor, Keystone Law

“My favourite part of a case is when you see it all start to light up. It’s funding which makes that possible. It’s been great working with CrowdJustice who have been hugely supportive throughout.”

Ingrid Gubbay
Partner, Hausfeld

“CrowdJustice enables our clients to seek funds and support. It is a great platform for bringing people together and enabling them to take cases to court that may not otherwise be possible.”

Alex Rook
Partner, Irwin Mitchell

“CrowdJustice is changing the way we work and the firm’s approach to funding legal cases. I never hesitate to suggest to clients they contact CrowdJustice. The team leaves my clients feeling informed, supported and reassured.”

Rosa Curling
Associate, Leigh Day

“What’s been great for our clients who have used CrowdJustice is the ability it gives them to feel empowered, not only to access justice, but also to create real change in their lives or the lives of people in their community.”

Polly Glynn
Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn

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How it works

Create an account and signpost your clients

Create a free account to access resources tailored to your practice and signpost clients to CrowdJustice.

We’ll handle everything from there, helping them to create their page and raise funds.

Private and public cases

We handle all necessary compliance checks

Donation-based funding with anti-money laundering protections responsive to your regulator’s client money rules.

CrowdJustice provides a quick, proven way for your clients to pay for your work.

Matthew and Maeve being helpful

Track your client’s progress and get paid

Get notified when your client hits key funding targets. Raising funds typically takes a few days.

Once your client hits their target, funds raised are transferred to your client account.

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