** Punished for Blowing the Whistle on Staged Murder-Suicides **

by Stephanie C Davies

** Punished for Blowing the Whistle on Staged Murder-Suicides **

by Stephanie C Davies
Stephanie C Davies
Case Owner
Whistleblower facing dismissal for raising concerns about multiple forensic anomalies in two historic 'murder-suicide' cases.
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Stephanie C Davies
Case Owner
Whistleblower facing dismissal for raising concerns about multiple forensic anomalies in two historic 'murder-suicide' cases.
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Latest: Nov. 3, 2022

Oral Judgement received - but the fight is far from over...

The resumed preliminary employment tribunal took place on Monday and Tuesday this week. We heard evidence from forensic expert Steve Chancellor and then we had closing arguments from both sides. …

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Hello, I'm Stef. I've worked in the field of death investigation since 2006 and I have individually dealt with over five thousand deaths and spoken to many bereaved families. I am inquisitive and passionate, and everything I do - I do because I care.

I get most things in life right, but I'm human so I accept that I don't always. However, on this occasion I believe that I am right. If I am not, then surely, I should not be punished for asking difficult questions of the authorities who employ me and those tasked with investigating serious crime?

We all know the police can at times get things wrong, but in this situation, I am being punished for daring to suggest that this could be the case. At least, I would expect a full (independent) review of the cases I have highlighted as having very suspicious crime scenes. But instead, I have faced criminal charges and I am now fighting my case in the Employment Tribunal. I have been suspended and could lose the job and the career that I love and am committed to.

I am up against a very well-funded public authority, and I need your help to fund my case and uncover the truth. What I did, I did for the right reasons. I was simply being a voice for the dead.


Sept 2018 – I submitted a first report (to the respondent) which raised concerns about murder-suicide cases that appeared to be disguised double murders. After submitting this report, I then started a research PhD in Equivocal Death Investigation.

2019 – The report still hadn’t been read six months later, but permission was given to work on an updated version after attending specialist courses in the US. The respondent was then informed that forensic experts concurred that the cases looked to be double murders staged as murder-suicides, but the response I got was negative. It was agreed however that I would still update and submit my report.

June 2020 – To increase the chances of my concerns being taken more seriously by the respondent, forensic and police experts were asked to peer-review my report first before it was submitted for the second time.

July 2020 - I later discovered that my updated report had been leaked to the media and that an article was due to be published. I informed my bosses immediately. After a few weeks, my bosses informed me that my disclosure to experts was seen as ‘professional learning’ and I was assured my job was safe. I was also hopeful that my report would finally be read and taken seriously.

August 2020 – An article was published in the Sunday Times, which led to a media frenzy. I was referred for formal investigation. Within days, a letter addressed to me was sent by a member of public. This letter was then turned into a 'public complaint'.

September 2020 – I was subjected to a house search after being told I was under a criminal gross misconduct investigation (in contrast to 'professional learning'). Many items belonging to me were seized. I ended up with suicidal ideation and found that I couldn't hear on the replacement phone. This led to me feeling scared and isolated, and I ended up self-harming.

October 2020 - I was subjected to an interview-under-caution which I found intrusive and inappropriate. After this interview again I considered suicide, and again I self-harmed.

January 2021 – I raised concerns of discrimination and being subjected to an unethical investigation. I was immediately suspended. I took this as a warning to stop standing up for myself.

March 2021 – An internal desktop review of my forensic report concluded that the cases were "still murder-suicides". I asked what evidence there was, that confirmed my findings were wrong. This request was refused.

May 2021 – I was diagnosed as having symptoms of complex PTSD (flashbacks of my house being searched, daily nightmares and associated anxiety).

May-June 2021 – A 'gross misconduct report' was published. This report omitted my extensive exculpatory evidence and it tried to discredit me and my professional background. I also found out that the only person I trusted at work had thrown me under the bus by giving a misleading account. A formal grievance report was then submitted against several police officers (at varying ranks).

June 2021 – Media coverage was raised again regarding the ongoing situation. I was (and still am) humbled by the unanimous support I received from the public.

October 2021 – I started volunteering at my local RSPCA branch. This got me out of my black hole, and I felt a sense of purpose again.

November 2021 – I received a letter from the respondent confirming the CPS were not proceeding with criminal charges. The letter went on to say that the CPS made the decision (much) earlier and the delay in notifying me was due to the respondent appealing this decision. Their appeal failed.

April 2022 – After I attempted to restart my PhD, communications were sent out which caused further damage to my PhD prospects. A second grievance was submitted.

May 2022 - A book was published which again raised media interest in the cases. The public continued to be supportive towards me, which I am so grateful for. This book was not authored, or part-authored by me, and I have not received any funds for it.

Summer 2022 – I was informed that both of my substantiated grievance reports were '"not upheld". This was despite the refusal to investigate serious concerns surrounding the actions of some senior police officers and one individual.

September 2022 – A job offer to work in a similar line of work was withdrawn (likely due to the non-receipt of a reference). At the time of writing, I remain trapped in my current situation.


Employment Tribunal proceedings (being heard in Liverpool)

Later in 2022 (dates TBC): Preliminary 3-day public hearing. This is to determine if the disclosures of my report to experts are qualifying protected disclosures (under the Public Interest Disclosure Act). The first day will cover disclosure issues, the list of witnesses giving live evidence and the list of issues to be covered.

October 2023: Substantive 7-day public hearing. This will cover the disability discrimination and the detriments I have been subjected to due to raising concerns about missed double murders.


Up until recently, I was fighting this fight alone, and I represented myself during the initial Employment Tribunal proceedings. But after breaking down in court during my last case management hearing and being ready to give up, I managed to find a London-based whistleblowing legal team to help me with my ongoing battle.

Given the complexity of my case, I'm now at the stage that I need help from the public so I can keep this fight going.

Even if I don’t win this Tribunal, at least I get to have a voice in an open judicial forum. Up to now, I have been forced to remain silent.

I want to ensure that what happened in my situation never happens to anyone else.


Legal costs total SO FAR (as at Sept 2022): Approx. £9000

- (Predicted) Preliminary Employment Tribunal Hearing: Approx. £16,000 

- (Predicted) Substantive Employment Tribunal Hearing: Approx. £50,000

Predicted TOTAL legal costs from start to finish: 

Approx. £75,000


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Update 7

Stephanie C Davies

Nov. 3, 2022

Oral Judgement received - but the fight is far from over...

The resumed preliminary employment tribunal took place on Monday and Tuesday this week. We heard evidence from forensic expert Steve Chancellor and then we had closing arguments from both sides. 

The judge delivered the panel's oral judgement on Tuesday afternoon (1st November 2022) - but we are awaiting the written judgement for confirmation.

Essentially, the judgement was a part-win but also a part-lose for me.

If I recall correctly, the key points were:

  • That I do possess the relevant credentials and expertise.
  • That my reports (the 2018 and 2020 versions) contained relevant information that pointed to a crime having occurred and/or a miscarriage of justice.
  • That I did (still do) hold a genuine belief that there was a miscarriage of justice. 
  • That the potential 'failure' I had identified in my reports was exceptionally serious.

However, the panel did not agree that me consulting with relevant forensic experts was 'reasonable' (in fact the term they used was "wholly outrageously unreasonable") - and because of this they will not give me whistleblowing protection. Hopefully the written judgement will clarify this somewhat contradictory statement.

This hearing gave me the opportunity to have a voice, and I am grateful for that because so far I have been forced to remain silent. 

Fundamentally, if I had a choice between getting justice for those victims OR getting justice for myself - then those victims win hands down. This hearing has got those victims closer to the justice that they rightly deserve.

So until that happens, this fight continues. So please please please keep pledging and keep sharing this page.

With gratitude

Stef xx

Update 6

Stephanie C Davies

Oct. 13, 2022

Court hearing part-heard and adjoinred

For the first time in over two years, I’m starting to see light 🌤 breaking through the thundercloud ⛈ that’s been above me since my work situation kicked off.

The last three days in court have been eventful🤯 explosive💥 and eye-opening👀  It went far beyond anything that any of us were expecting 😲

I held my own against a powerful organisation, and for the first time since August 2020, I finally had a VOICE 📣

My legal team and the support that attended with me have been amazing 💜 

I cannot say more at this stage until my part-heard and adjourned case concludes in just over 2 weeks...on 31st October and 1st November.

My crowdjustice campaign will continue for a further 30 days from tomorrow. Please keep pledging 🙏 (and thanks so much to those who have pledged so far) ✨

Update 5

Stephanie C Davies

Sept. 30, 2022

Court hearing in just NINE days

Thank you all so much for all the pledges received so far. You’ve all been so generous. I wish I could thank each and everyone of you but some are anonymous so I can’t xx

I know times are hard for everyone, but every pound counts and it will give me a fighting chance when I’m in court in just over week’s time. 

This is a three day hearing taking place in Liverpool in just NINE days. This hearing covers why I wrote the report in the first place, and why I had no choice but to reach out to experts for their help. I will be giving evidence and I will be cross examined. Whilst I am nervous about this all I’ve ever done is tell the truth. 

I was originally going to do this battle without any legal representation, due to not being able to afford the fees. But WITH YOUR HELP I now have a fighting chance as I have a brilliant legal team helping me.

Please keep sharing my campaign with anyone who believes in justice and doing the right thing 🙏🙏🙏

With gratitude

Stef xx

Update 4

Stephanie C Davies

Sept. 22, 2022

Progress so far / The first hearing / Memories

Progress so far

Thank you all SOO much for your donations! Already we are at £1400!!! Please please please keep sharing this page and asking your contacts to donate just a few quid. Every little bit helps, and I am so grateful for the support I am getting.

The first Hearing

The funds raised so far will go towards the FIRST of the public employment tribunal hearings. This one is being heard *very soon* - 10th, 11th and 12th October 2022. I will be giving evidence at this hearing and will be cross examined. All I want is for the truth to be told, and to get justice. Throughout this whole ordeal I have been open and honest - and that of course will continue when I'm in the witness box.


Tomorrow - the 23rd September 2022 - it will be the two-year anniversary of when my house was searched, and my privacy voyeuristically violated. I still have nightmares and flashbacks of that day. I very nearly ended my life, but thankfully I'm still here. Despite everything I've been through these past two years, I'm more determined than ever to fight for justice.


Thank you all again for your support, let's keep this momentum going.

Stef xx

Update 3

Stephanie C Davies

Sept. 17, 2022

Approaching the first £1000!

Thank you to everyone who has donated and shared so far!! We’re rapidly approaching £1000! I am so grateful to all my supporters xx

The next public hearing is looking to be next month (TBC). This hearing will look at my disclosures  that were done for *public interest* purposes (not personal gain). I couldn’t turn my back on those victims- I just wanted my bosses to hear me.

Update 2

Stephanie C Davies

Sept. 15, 2022

Disability clarification :)

Just a short update to help clarify things. I was born deaf and wear hearing aids. My employer had previously made reasonable adjustments for my disability since I started with them (2007) - making office and mobile phones ‘deaf compatible’.

However when my house was searched and all my devices seized, I was given only a basic replacement phone where even the volume could not be turned up, let alone was it deaf-compatible. I was left unable to communicate with the outside world whilst feeling suicidal :( 

(This item will be covered in detail at the final tribunal hearing -October 2023).

Update 1

Stephanie C Davies

Sept. 15, 2022

The page is now live!!

Good morning (afternoon) everyone! Welcome to my page 😊 and thank you soooo much to my very first donators!

I will post regular updates here. In the meantime please share share share my page and please ask five 🖐 of your contacts to donate to my cause.

I’m so grateful 🤗🤗

Stef x

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