Together Against Vaccine Mandates

by Together Declaration

Together Against Vaccine Mandates

by Together Declaration
Together Declaration
Case Owner
Together Declaration was formed with one main purpose: to unite people from all walks of life to oppose the government’s draconian response to Covid-19.
on 28th January 2022
pledged of £150,000 stretch target from 2739 pledges
Together Declaration
Case Owner
Together Declaration was formed with one main purpose: to unite people from all walks of life to oppose the government’s draconian response to Covid-19.

Latest: June 2, 2022

Post-script: Together - Thank You

Below is an update just posted to the campaign seeking to protect healthy 5 to 11 years olds from injection with experimental drugs. 

It will be a week or two before we see the Secretary of State…

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Supported by the Together Declaration this is legal challenge to stop the introduction of vaccine mandates in the NHS and wider health services and a fresh opportunity to have declared void the vaccine mandate for carehome workers.

Sign the Statement of Support 

After pledging your support, however much or little you can afford, please remember to join thousands in signing the Statement of Support for this case which may be presented to the Court in evidence.

About the case

The claimants are led by Dr Steve James, consultant in critical care at Kings Hospital, London who came to public attention after leaving Sajid Javid in embarrassed silence when challenged about the need for vaccination when he had immunity could be achieved from prior natural infection.

The case will put squarely the complaint that the vaccine mandate under The Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (Coronavirus) (No. 2) Regulations 2022 (the “Regulations”) should be declared by the Courts to be unlawful for being

  • a form of coercion
  • a breach the fundamental right to privacy and bodily autonomy
  • an attack on the need for informed consent in respect of any medical treatment
  • incompatible with all training and practice of medical ethics that underpinned medical and care practice prior to March 2020
  • discriminatory and devisive
  • disproportionate and unnecessary
  • irrational in dismissing the importance of natural immunity 
  • an insult to those for whom the public clapped in 2020, safe to work until 31 March 2022 but dismissed as unsafe and unwanted from 01 April 2022

Although the High Court had previously rejected a challenge on behalf of carehome workers and had rejected an argument that a review after 12 months would be too long to wait, within weeks the Omicron variant arrived changing the landscape completely.

What the government says

Even Sajid Javid said on 19 January 2022

“…what we’ve learnt in the last few weeks: two vaccines are not enough against omicron. They’re nowhere near enough. They just don’t work in terms of protecting, certainly against hospitalisation.”  

As Boris Johnson told Sky News on 22 October 2021

“It doesn’t protect you from catching the disease and doesn’t protect you against passing it on.”

Sir Christopher Whitty told MPs on 14 December 2021, 

their effect on transmission is “minimal”.  

Emerging data is raising yet more significant concerns, but given the government's and their advisors' acceptance of such limited effect, it is difficult to see how mandatory vaccination could make any sense whatsoever, let alone be considered justified as a ‘proportionate and necessary’ means of protecting health service users. 

It is also clear that two doses will not be a ‘complete course’ and real concern that there will be no limit to how many doses these regulations will allow.

This affects everyone

Irrespective of your thoughts about these treatments – about who may or may not benefit from any Covid vaccine, their efficacy, the adverse events, their experimental nature, unknown medium or long term harms or whether they should be regarded as unlawful because there is no longer an emergency - everyone still has the right to their personal and bodily autonomy.

The issues at stake could hardly be more important and it is likely they will eventually need to be resolved in the Supreme Court. The legal costs must be expected to reach well into six figures but no one is unaffected by these mandates. It is not just about the Covid-19 vaccines.

For anyone reading this, this is about your health service, your job, your body, your freedom. Your donation, as little or as much as you can afford, is vital.

Even if the government takes a "pause", that will not be acceptable.  The legal case may or may not have to be reframed, but Together will continue to fight for No Vaccine Mandates.

Any excess funds will be used to fund further important cases supported by and in accordance with the objectives of Together Declaration and campaigns against vaccine mandates, health passports or any similar form of medical certification that threatens the freedoms of UK citizens.

Thank you for reading, for your pledge and for signing the Statement of Support.

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Update 8

Together Declaration

June 2, 2022

Post-script: Together - Thank You

Below is an update just posted to the campaign seeking to protect healthy 5 to 11 years olds from injection with experimental drugs. 

It will be a week or two before we see the Secretary of State’s response to the claim. There may be further correspondence between the parties’ representatives but there won’t be much to report.  In the meanwhile...

This update is to recognise and give a huge THANK YOU. That goes out to those who spoke out bravely on mainstream and social media and stepped forward as claimants and representatives for their fellow professionals (consultant Dr Steve James, G.P. Dr Helen Westwood, dental nurse Lillia Neale, Project Manager Charlotte Gracias, Paramedic in Primary Care Matthew Taylor, Chaplain Father Giles Pinnock, Registered Midwife and Nurse Rosalyn Williams, dental student Thomas Shaw) and to all those involved in the #Together campaign who gave time and skill, without payment or reward, to support the legal challenge the vaccine mandate in the NHS. The success of that campaign of course led to Sajid Javid’s announcing he would revoke his mandate.

Although the formal issue of proceedings was averted when the regulations were eventually revoked (we could not believe it until it happened), an enormous amount of technical and detailed work had to be done in short period of time to have the legal case fully prepared and ready to go, the considerable legal difficulties faced having been made clear from the Court’s rejection of the earlier challenge on behalf of carehome workers. However, not formally issuing proceedings also meant there was no prospect of recovering costs from the government. From the crowd fund, after payment of discounted legal costs and third party fees of the crowdfunding site and an escrow account to meet anti-money laundering and regulatory purposes, an excess was left of just over £10,000.

That sum has now been re-donated to this legal challenge to on behalf of the 5 to 11 year olds. As many will appreciate, the science (not “The Science”) is fast moving, with new studies and new data being revealed every week. These are specialist and unprecedented cases, a tremendous amount of work and long hours have to go into considering what is and is not useful to these challenges and in presenting it to the Courts. These donations are vital in allowing this work to continue. Without your donation and without the campaigning work of #Together and many others, these legal challenges are just not possible since the claimants risk, if the case is not won, becoming personally liable for the government’s legal costs. Few people can afford that risk.

Everyone working on these cases regards it as a privilege but again, and on behalf of the claimants in this matter and all involved, thanks are due to everyone whose support this donation represents. Please keep up the support. Help hold to account those that would inject healthy children with an experimental treatment for no appreciable benefit.

Finally, a plug for #Together, tirelessly campaigning against mandates and restrictions on our freedom and our children’s freedom. They are again supporting this case without any payment or reward. If you haven’t done so already, it will take just 30 seconds to read and sign a statement of support at

Update 7

Together Declaration

March 31, 2022

A battle we won, but #Together we fight on

Thank you to everyone for supporting this incredibly important legal case.

Throughout this battle there was significant concern that the government was doing all that was possible to delay revocation of the mandate so that NHS Trusts would continue, for as long as possible, to threaten staff with a need to get fully dosed with the Covid-19 vaccines. However, the legal team continued to put pressure on the government and Sajid Javid to conclude the consultation earlier than would otherwise have been expected. At the same time, the campaign continued to highlight to the Trusts and to worried workers that the threats were empty and should cease immediately because of the concessions obtained and the promise of revocation.

The outcome has been that, Together, we forced Sajid Javid and the government to revoke the mandate. It will NOT now come into force on 1 April. But we must stay vigilant to make sure it won't ever come into force by the back door. The nature of these cases means a tremendous amount of upfront work is required to keep the pressure up and to be ready to issue court proceedings if the government does not back down. However, a surplus of funds will remain after costs are settled and will be held "to fund further important cases supported by and in accordance with the objectives of Together Declaration and campaigns against vaccine mandates, health passports or any similar form of medical certification that threatens the freedoms of UK citizens." We anticipate that may consist of a challenge to individual Trusts or Universities which continue to impose local mandates or restrictions and unjustified policies relying on the purported authority of government advice.

Thank you again for your vital support. Please remember to keep recruiting more signatories to the Together Declaration.

Update 6

Together Declaration

March 1, 2022

IT'S A WIN - Mandate revocation confirmed

The Government has announced today that regulations will come into force on 15 March to revoke the vaccine mandate as a condition of employment. ('deployment' is and always has been wordplay for more than 99% of workers.)  This revocation will apply not only in the NHS but across all health and social care settings including in carehomes.

The government announcement is here.  The key words are:

".... the government will bring forward regulations to revoke vaccination as a condition of deployment.

The regulations will revoke the requirements that CQC registered persons only permit those who are vaccinated against COVID-19, unless otherwise exempt, to be deployed for the provision of a CQC-regulated activity in health and/or social care, and to enter CQC registered care home premises."

Meanwhile, the date of 15 March is a technicality. There is no excuse for any employer to pursue actions or plans based on a mandate that is not going to happen.


Matters are rarely straightforward in present times. We need to keep this campaign open and keep up the pressure together. We will keep an eye on the precise wording of the revocation and on the continuing attempts to coerce vaccination through changes to guidance and policy documents and expressions of 'professional responsibility' and the undermining of principles of informed consent..

For today, this is big win and the financial contributions to this campaign have helped achieved that. Thank you all who have donated and for your ongoing support. 

Update 5

Together Declaration

Feb. 10, 2022

Government misinformation laid bare

Following publication of the Consultation on revoking the mandate regulations, the claimants are not leaving the back door unguarded against attacks using people who have a professional responsibility to know better.

A letter to the Secretary of State's lawyers sent today, 10 February, exposes the shocking misinformation and underhand tactics being deployed by the government and top medical officials.

The letter goes to the heart of the dispute over the regulations and the reasonableness of all policies under consideration. The questions asked must be capable of being answered now. 

Please keep sharing and supporting with your pledges, however small.  #Together we are stronger.  The fight goes on.

Update 4

Together Declaration

Feb. 9, 2022

Closing the back door

Continuing to press the government for explanation of why the regulations have not been revoked yet, the government has insisted via its lawyers its view is that consultation must take place first.

The claimants are anticipating an imminent publication of a Consultation document that will be

  • open to the general public
  • on whether or not to revoke the vaccination as a condition of deployment requirement
  • whether any particular groups will be affected

We expect the consultation to be open for about a week. Of course, no consultation will make Omicron any less transmissible or make any Covid-19 vaccine more effective.  Given a press release today from NHS England asking Trusts to ‘welcome back’ the unvaccinated, it is difficult to predict what is going on at the DHSC.

Meanwhile, a letter dated 7 February from Professor Christopher Whitty and other health service leaders to the NHS Trusts continued to suggest a coercive campaign to insist on vaccination of health workers was continuing regardless of any consultation. To that end, this fight is far from over. Please keep supporting this fund. We can see that even if the regulations are revoked, further legal action is going to be necessary to keep the back door closed. 

Update 3

Together Declaration

Feb. 2, 2022

Consultation delay unlawful: revocation must be immediate.

A letter was sent from the claimants' solicitors to the government lawyers yesterday pointing out that the admission of Sajid Javid, that the regulations are not proportionate, means they must be revoked immediately.  The letter is relatively short and understandable for the layperson.

It also contains information that needs to be communicated to Trusts and employers still trying to coerce Covid-vaccination.  If mandate is not proportionate for NHS workers, it is not proportionate anywhere. Coercion to disclose Covid-Vaccine status must stop now.

Share these updates and the letters widely and please keep the pledges going. This fight Together against mandates, whether through the front or side door, continues.

Update 2

Together Declaration

Feb. 1, 2022

When revoke doesn't mean revoke

Here is a link to the letter before action to which Sajid Javid has not provided any substantive response apart from his statement in Parliament.

He has admitted in Parliament, but the lawyers haven't confirmed to us, that mandate is disproportionate. We will be writing to seek urgent clarification.

Meanwhile,, Sajid Javid said the regulations will be revoked, BUT subject to consultation. Until they are revoked in full, we fight on.

Even then, when the government tries to continue coercion via alternative regulations or using the NHS Trusts and regulators as a vehicle instead, we will need to consider the legal action to challenge that.

We are winning but the war on mandates and coercion is far from over. Please keep up your financial support which is vital.

Update 1

Together Declaration

Jan. 28, 2022

Fantastic start.

Huge thanks to everyone who has pledged so far. Over £25,000 within just over half a day! 

Together we win this. Please remember to sign the Statement of Support and share this campaign with your friends and work colleagues. Together we are stronger.  


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