The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!

by The People's Brexit

The Coronavirus Act 2020 is Null and Void!

by The People's Brexit
The People's Brexit
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We are a legal research and campaign group and right now we are fighting for the Democracy and Rights of the People of the UK.
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The People's Brexit
Case Owner
We are a legal research and campaign group and right now we are fighting for the Democracy and Rights of the People of the UK.
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Latest: July 7, 2020

Letter to PM Demanding Proof of Existence of 'Covid-19'!

The push-back movement against Government tyranny continues! 

Now our friends at StandUpX - Science Committee have written to the PM demanding proof of the existence of so-called 'covid-19…

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We are The People's Brexit, a group of Solicitors, legal researchers and campaigners. We have been extensively researching the current legal situation since the illegal 'lockdown' deprived us all of our Democracy, Human Rights and Freedoms.

We have now established that The Coronavirus Act 2020 is null and void. There are many reasons for this, the main one being that S1(1) of the Act defines 'coronavirus' as being 'covid-19' or it's other name 'SARS Cov-2'. However, by virtue of the fact that it is not legally, medically or scientifically recognised as a disease or virus it cannot be legislated against, and this makes the whole Act null and void. 

The reason for this is that 'covid-19' has not been subjected to the 130 year  established legal, medical and scientific procedure that recognises if it is actually a disease or virus or not, which is known as the Koch Postulates. This involves purifying and isolating the 'disease' or 'virus' and proving that it actually causes the illness that it is claimed that it does.

The Government has acted Ultra Vires and against the Rule of Law. Further, there are a multitude of procedural and legal errors made when the Government enacted this legislation. Including enforcing the Act on 23rd March with the 'lockdown' before it actually became law with Royal Assent on 25th March. In addition, the Act facilitates misreporting of deaths from various illnesses that it is claimed are also suffering with 'covid-19' as doctors are told to just use guesswork as to cause of death. This has been happening since the 10th March, long before the Act became law and allows the 'covid-19' statistics to increase rapidly. There is no doubt the figures are being manipulated and any excess mortality is due to the terrible inhumane suffering, fear and neglect caused by the 'lockdown' itself. With lifesaving treatment cancelled and people too terrified to seek urgent medical help. 

Also, existing legislation should have been used for a Pandemic such as the Infectious Diseases Act 1984 and if this was not sufficient the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 should have been used. This would have protected our Human Rights, as s20 of the Act demanded, along with other requirements and protections under the Act including "due proportion", Parliamentary scrutiny and a duration of only 30 days maximum. This is outlined in the Department of Health's report 'UK Influenza Pandemic Preparedness Strategy 2011'. 

This report made it clear that the Rule of Law should be upheld and life should carry on as normal for the healthy. Not the deliberately induced fear and hysterics and disproportionate reactions as an excuse for taking away our Human Rights, Civil liberties and destroying our economy in the process. 

Shamefully, the Coronavirus Act 2020 has been written as an 'Enabling Act' worse than even Hitler in Nazi Germany had. It is an abomination that has been used by the Government to illegally seize absolute power and control and has no place in a modern Democracy.   

As 'covid-19' has never been isolated and proven to be a virus or disease, it cannot be tested for. Instead of 'covid-19' being tested for, what is actually being tested for is genetic material and a RNA sequence based upon lung fluid extracted from Chinese patients. This genetic material is found in everyone and at higher levels in very ill people suffering from any illness. 

Further, the test that is being used is called the RT-PCR test and the inventor said it should NEVER be used for diagnostics. This is because it is not a 'gold-standard' test that would give 100% accuracy. In fact, there is a false positive rate of 80% for this test. This means that the test is meaningless as it is just testing for genetic material and not coronavirus and even that is only a real positive for one in five people. Other tests being used are as bad or even worse. Further, using these tests anyone can test either positive or negative depending upon how many cycles the specimen is amplified by and as such the tests can be easily rigged.

We want the Government to be immediately banned from conducting any further 'coronavirus' testing. They are not really testing for 'coronavirus' but these results are being weaponised and used to deprive us of our Democracy, Human Rights and Freedoms, also our finances are being affected and our economy destroyed all based upon false results. People are also dying as treatment is being denied as the NHS focus is only on so-called 'covid-19'. People have also been so frightened by the relentless Media brainwashing that they are now not requesting urgent medical help when they need it. 

Further, the 'lockdown' and 'social distancing' were measures that were forced upon us and were based upon advice by Government 'advisors', from 'modeling' estimates and reports not even peer reviewed.These 'advisors' from Imperial College, including Professor Neil Ferguson have a track record of complete failure, including the slaughter of millions of healthy animals and the ruin of livelihoods during the Foot and Mouth debacle. These absurd measures have no proven medical or scientific effectiveness and even the opposite is true and these measures are considered "dangerous" by many top international doctors. 

This is even reinforced by the World Health Organisation (WHO) themselves in their report 'Nonpharmaceutical Interventions for Pandemic Influenza, National and Community Measures' from 2006, which is on the official American Government Health website, the writers of which include current members of SAGE, Government 'advisors'. This report criticises forced isolation and quarantine branding these measures "ineffective and impractical". 

It also states that "Legal authority and procedures for implementing interventions should be understood in advance and should respect cultural differences and human rights." 

Cruicially the report states that at Phase 6 of a Pandemic, when a Pandemic is officially declared (WHO declared it to be a Pandemic on 11th March 2020), measures such as tracing and quarantine should not be attempted. This means that according to the WHO themselves neither the UK or the rest of the world should have been put in 'lockdown'. It states "Patient isolation and tracing and quarantine of contacts should cease, as such measures will no longer be feasible or useful." We feel that the 'NHS tracing app' and the 25,000 'tracers' are yet more infringements of our rights and privacy and is an outrage and illegal. This also has the sinister potential to be weaponised and used to terrify the population into thinking they have so-called 'covid-19'. Also the potential to keep a 'Pandemic' going indefinitely.  

Further the report concludes 'lockdown' did not work back in 1918 even during war and under desperate, disadvantaged circumstances and the absurd 'social distancing' measures currently being demanded did not even get a mention! 

Please read it in full: 

This case is about DEMOCRACY and righting a wrong that has been done to us all. The Coronavirus Act 2020 needs to be IMMEDIATELY null and void and fake 'coronavirus' testing must be IMMEDIATELY banned. 


Initially we need to raise £30,000 but then we will need to raise over £125,000 to get our lives back to the old normal they should be. Please contribute to our action and help us get our powers back where they belong, with us the People not with the Politicians. We should not be at the mercy of them and their failed 'advisors'. We will also be seeking retribution.

We will be helping and showing the way to the rest of the world that they do not have to accept this either. The UK is supposed to be the 'Mother of Democracy' but we now find ourselves in an enforced Dictatorship based upon false evidence and fake and draconian policies that were not even effective in 1918 before modern medicine, let alone in the 21st Century.

Thank you for your support, together we can overcome this deception and insanity and get the lives we deserve back again for us, our children and our grandchildren. 

We owe it to them to not allow their future to be ruined by the compromised, by fools and by Politicians. 

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Update 5

The People's Brexit

July 7, 2020

Letter to PM Demanding Proof of Existence of 'Covid-19'!

The push-back movement against Government tyranny continues! 

Now our friends at StandUpX - Science Committee have written to the PM demanding proof of the existence of so-called 'covid-19'. This is to be by way of peer reviewed evidence of isolation and purification of the 'virus'. This is also to be produced with peer reviewed proof that all of the Koch Postulates have been applied to the 'virus'. 

As this so-called 'covid-19' 'virus' is now controlling and dominating our lives, it is only reasonable to be given proof of it and if this proof is not given their ludicrous measures of control and vaccination plans should STOP NOW!

The Government have been given to the 22nd of July to provide proof, of course they will not be able to as 'covid-19' does not exist, but it will be interesting to see what they say in their reply. See the letter here: 

As you can see the signatories of the letter are Dr Kevin Corbett, Piers Corbyn, David Crowe, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr David Rasnick and Professor Roger Watson. Many more health professionals also wanted to sign the letter but were sadly unable to for fear of the implications to their careers of going against the Government narrative. Dr Kevin Corbett has written some excellent papers on all of this insanity, see: 

Thank you to Simon Dolan and his team for all their hard work for us, please keep going. We need to fight this Government of Occupation over their lies and fraud at every opportunity!

Update 4

The People's Brexit

July 2, 2020

Fighting Against the Masks!

We can confirm that we are also challenging the legality of being forced to wear masks/ face coverings on public transport and now even in shops in Scotland. It is extremely harmful to health and has no scientific evidence of effectiveness. This is just another form of mind control and to create constant fear and worry in the public. Further, it is against our Human Rights and we should not accept this or any other of the ludicrous measures this Government of Occupation brings in.

This represents a complete 'U turn' on policy by the Government who has announced on many occassions that mask wearing would not be required. It is also against advice given by SAGE and documented in the SAGE minutes and reports. 

Even the WHO does not advise mandatory mask wearing by healthy members of the public:

They have a very long list of problems and risks caused by mask wearing. However, the Government even ignores them in their determination to dictate and to control us.

As well as acting illegally in bringing in a law that is very harmful to health, the Transport Minister has even acted illegally in his method of making this law. This is because he brought it in as a Statutory Instrument under the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984, which has been used by this Government as an Enabling Act and a way to bypass Human Rights Legislation, Parliamentary scrutiny, and a requirement for 'emergency' legislation to be both proportionate and temporary. Twelve months with a review before 6 months can hardly be described as temporary! 

Further, he announced it on 4th June and then waited until 14th June to actually legislate to avoid having to lay it before Parliament. He then falsely used section 45R of the 1984 Act to claim that he had to pass it urgently. Here is the Statutory Instrument:

We challenge all aspects of 'covid-19' legislation and 'measures' taken against it, as it has never been isolated and proven to exist legally, medically or scientifically. 

The Government is using so-called 'covid-19' to ruin our economy and take away our Rights, Freedom and Democracy and TOGETHER WE WILL STOP THEM!

Update 3

The People's Brexit

June 24, 2020

WARNING! The 'Second Wave' is Coming for Us!

The Government of Occupation is now slowly 'allowing' the businesses it should never have forced to close to finally open up again and tiny 'easings' of 'lockdown' are being permitted! However, it is all subject to vast amounts of absurd rules, regulations, contradictions and confusion. Every announcement and all MSM news also comes with threats of the 'second wave' and 'local lockdowns' that THEY WILL ensure happens unless WE STOP them and those second, third, fourth waves and new virus mutations! 


We have now reached and exceeded our initial target of £30,000, thank you so much to all of our wonderful supporters! We now need to reach our stretch target so we cannot stop now!

Please support us as much as you can and tell everyone you know about our legal action. We are fighting them all the way in every way and we will not stop until we get our Rights, Freedoms, Democracy and 'old normal' back. We are not prepared to have the lives they with their sinister 'Agendas' want for us and our children and grandchildren.  

They try to brainwash us into 'saving lives' when they are guilty of costing lives with their insane and illegal laws! Why should we accept their dictates and be forced to be under house arrest, follow pathetic rules,  'social distance', make ourselves ill wearing masks, be 'tested, traced and tracked' and ultimately be forced to have a lethal vaccine?  

We must not accept the theft of our Rights, Freedoms and Democracy along with the ruin of our NHS and Economy by a Government that is acting illegally and has now turned our Democracy into a Dictatorship! 


Update 2

The People's Brexit

June 12, 2020

Our Government Has Destroyed Our Country!

However, all is not lost if we unite NOW and fight our Government in the Courts as the law is on OUR side. They need to be stopped NOW before the damage is even worse.

Our Government has caused thousands of deaths with their illegal 'lockdown' due to lack of treatment. Then they claim these are 'covid-19 positive' deaths to boost their statistics.

Our Government control and manipulate these mortality statistics.

Our Government will cause many many more deaths as their actions have made the NHS Waiting List over 10 million people now and many will die waiting. 

Our Government will cause many further deaths as vital cancer screening and treatment is not happening and there will be many suicides of people broken by the illegal 'lockdown'.

Our Government ban us from seeing our ill and dying family and friends in hospital and then limits numbers for funerals which then have to 'social distance'.

Our Government will only allow us to see family and friends outdoors, under their silly confusing rules, 'socially distanced' of course. 

Our Government pointlessly has caused our healthy economy to plunge by 20.4% in April because of their insane illegal 'lockdown'.

Our Government has used our police force that we fund to enforce their illegal actions and make them fine us if we do not comply.

Our Government has destroyed people's lives with their illegal actions, jobs are lost, businesses ruined, children are deprived of their education all for nothing as even Professor Neil Ferguson was forced to admit.

Our Government are now forcing us to wear masks on public transport even though this has no benefit and will give us health problems.

Our Government is forcing us to do absurd 'social distancing' which has no scientific evidence but just destroys businesses and makes our lives a misery.

Our Government allows 'social distancing' rules to be broken by protesters that are furthering their divide and rule aims.

Our Government is forcing our children to 'socially distance' and be frightened if they do get to go to school, which will give them mental health problems. 

Our Government has removed all enjoyment from our lives such as holidays, watching sport and even going out for a meal or a drink. 

Our Government is illegally tracking and tracing us based upon fake tests.

Our Government illegally took our Rights and Freedoms literally over night and are only slowly giving them back and giving us endless, silly, insulting, confusing rules.

Our Government is now plotting to have regional illegal 'lockdowns' and has given Local Authorities £300 million for this.

Our Government is plotting a 'second wave' of so-called 'covid-19' and has already commenced the brainwashing programme for this.

Our Government is plotting with Gavi and Gates etc. for us to all to have a lethal vaccine before they will allow our lives to return to any sort of normality.

Our Government has given Gavi and Gates hundreds of millions of pounds for these vaccines and has promised many more hundreds of millions of our money to them.

Our Government has used psychological warfare against the People right from the start of this 'pandemic' with their Behavioural Insights (brainwashing) Team using the Main Stream Media and even the 77th Brigade from the army to control the narrative and generate fear.

Our Government, however, now need to be frightened themseves as the People are waking up, are not happy and know they are to blame! 

Please support our legal action against this Government of Occupation, let's stop them and take our Rights, Freedoms and Democracy back NOW!        

Update 1

The People's Brexit

June 1, 2020

Our Judicial Review legal process has commenced!

Thank you all so much for your backing and your lovely inspiring comments. We need to unite to fight against what has turned into a Dictatorship in the UK governed by fear, confusion and false information. 

For those concerned that we are somehow duplicating the great effort of Simon Dolan, please be assured that we are not and we are actually extending beyond it with out intent to ban testing and tracing. Our main legal challenge is based on the fact that The Coronavirus Act 2020 defines 'coronavirus' as being 'covid-19' but as the Koch's Postulates have not been followed at all, it cannot be recognised and proven to be a disease or virus legally, medically or scientifically. 

This also has the follow on effect that it is not possible to test for what you have not isolated. Further only 'gold standard' tests should be used for diagnostics. We are also challenging the Government over the fact that they have not followed the established procedures regarding Pandemics on a National or International basis.

Our aim is for life to return to the 'old normal' that it should have remained. We should have no more 'lockdown', 'social distancing', testing, tracing and you certainly cannot vaccinate against what you have not proven to exist.

Please help us by promoting and supporting this campaign as much as you can for a better future than the nightmare one 'they' have planned for us all.

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