Support cabin crew fighting for pay equality

by Diane Odwyer

Support cabin crew fighting for pay equality

by Diane Odwyer
Diane Odwyer
Case Owner
I, along with other colleagues, am pursuing an employment claim for holiday pay rights.
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Diane Odwyer
Case Owner
I, along with other colleagues, am pursuing an employment claim for holiday pay rights.
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I am pursuing a claim for holiday pay rights which could have far-reaching benefits and impact not only for all Crew Members of British Airways but possibly employees in other organisations. This is, therefore, an issue which I believe impacts widely on employees’ rights nationwide.

I along with 5 other colleagues won in the Employment Tribunal against British Airways regarding holiday pay entitlement. The judgement has been appealed and it is currently in the Employment Appeal Tribunal. Click here to view the judgement.

We worked for British Airways. We and all other Crew members employed by British Airways were paid holiday pay at the basic rate of our salary and our other allowances that formed part of our salary were not taken into consideration for calculating holiday pay. 

These allowances formed a significant part of the Crew members salary but the employees/crew members received a reduced salary for their holiday period. This in a way was like being penalised for taking a holiday. 

We are fighting for equality in terms of how employees are paid but we need your support. Please contribute whatever you can now and share this page with your friends, family and on social media.

We are fighting for the rights of employees not to suffer financially if they exercised their right to take holiday. We consider that an employee must not be disadvantaged financially, and elements of normal pay should not be sacrificed when taking annual leave.  


Case Background 

We have been fighting this self-funded case since 2013 and in May 2019, we WON a landmark ruling at the Employment Tribunal. The claim was to protect legal rights of employees to receive correct holiday pay.

This ruling proved that nearly all the aspects of variable earnings/allowances were normal remuneration and therefore the Employment Tribunal determined they should be included in holiday pay. 

This case has now progressed to the Employment Appeal Tribunal. We need your support to get funding for legal representation. We no longer have the financial resources to fight a massive organisation like British Airways on our own. I am therefore seeking support from you.

With your support, we can enable all employees nationwide to receive what is rightfully and legally theirs!  Your financial contribution and support is needed to continue to fight against this injustice within workplaces.

Legislation and landmark court case victories have forced employers and corporations to stop the illegal deduction of wages from the workforce.  Millions of pounds have been saved by companies by not addressing their holiday pay liability.    

With this victory, we aim to help people who have their low basic pay topped up with variable allowances, not lose out when taking annual leave.

We need your help to progress this case in the Employment Appeal Tribunal and turn this valuable victory into legislation, to prevent employers disadvantaging hard-working individuals when they are on annual leave.


How much we are raising and why?

Legal bills are crippling especially for low paid workers which is why I am asking for your help. Out of principle, I and my colleagues have been funding the Employment Tribunal ourselves. 

To continue with appeals, we need to raise significant further sums, possibly even up to £80,000. Initially, I am seeking to raise £10,000 to get the appeal started. We are determined to ensure other employees like us will receive what they are rightfully owed, so they need your help and support

Thank you for your time and any help you can give to the cause. 

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