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Women defend themselves against defamation claim made by man in music industry for statements that they made concerning his treatment of women. Group includes ex partner and feminist musicians.
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Women defend themselves against defamation claim made by man in music industry for statements that they made concerning his treatment of women. Group includes ex partner and feminist musicians.
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Latest: May 5, 2021


Yesterday we launched our brand NEW SONG ‘THIS IS SISTERHOOD’. We have formed a SUPERGROUP and are releasing it under the name SOLIDARITY NOT SILENCE. The song features The Tuts, Petrol G…

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We are a group of women who are fighting a claim of defamation made against us by a well-known musician (hereon referred to as A). We refuse to be silenced and we need your solidarity to fight this case. Read on to find out more.

Who are we?

Our group includes one of A's ex-girlfriends, one of several of his former partners who are facing a libel claim, and feminist musicians who spoke out in support of these women. Legal papers have been served against all of us. By coming together as a group, we have managed to personally fund our legal defence through the various stages up until the claim was finally served against us in court on 2 August 2017. Not only has this lengthy process been very expensive, there has also been tremendous emotional and psychological impact. Most of us have suffered severely with our mental health as a result, but we refuse to give up.

This is why we are reaching out to you for support. We risk losing everything and potentially bankrupting ourselves in the process. If you help us, we can continue with proper legal representation which will give us a strong chance of winning this case. 

What happened?

In 2016 we each independently made a number of public statements about A's behaviour towards women. This was in protest against unacceptable behaviour in the music community, a cause we all speak about regularly, and to promote safety. Soon afterwards, we received letters from A's solicitor and came together as a group in order to support each other. 

The nature of this legal battle means that we are already limited in what we can share with you, and we would encourage our supporters not to publish anything more than is in this statement for the time being. 

What is defamation and why are we being accused of it?

A defamation claim is a claim brought in a civil court for compensation for publications which are said to cause serious harm to someone’s reputation.  We will be defending our statements as we believe they were in the public interest. We are represented by Bindmans LLP - a well established legal firm with expertise in defamation claims.

What are A's demands? 

A week before Christmas we received the first correspondence from his solicitor where we were advised to find legal representation and ordered to comply with a series of demands by 4 January 2017 (over the holiday period), including demands for compensation, legal costs, removal of our statements, apologies, and agreement not to repeat these allegations, or similar ones, even when they concerned our own experiences.

Why can't we get legal aid?

Sadly there is no legal aid for defamation cases.

Why do we need so much money?

Our initial target of £9,000 will contribute towards the cost of drafting our defences: the stretch target would cover our legal costs for the next stages of our defence.

Why don't we just give up?

We cannot agree to these terms and do not want our case to set a precedent for silencing marginalised voices in the music industry and beyond. We need to keep fighting even though we do not have the same power, fame or financial backing as A, as we do not believe that money should be a barrier to accessing justice. We refuse to be silenced and we believe we must pursue justice.

Please help us and support if you are able.

Contact solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com if you would like to set up a benefit for us or have any questions.  

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Update 16


May 5, 2021


Yesterday we launched our brand NEW SONG ‘THIS IS SISTERHOOD’. We have formed a SUPERGROUP and are releasing it under the name SOLIDARITY NOT SILENCE. The song features The Tuts, Petrol Girls, Kathleen Hanna, Colour me Wednesday, Personal Best plus loads of feminist musicians and choirs, who have provided us with the most powerful gang vocals. 

The song and video are out on all platforms!!! 

MERCH: https://solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com/merch

We hope you enjoy the song and it makes you feel powerful. 

Please share, like, stream, download and donate. 

 A little bit about the song and a personal message from Nadia....

First of all I just want to say how nervous and excited I am about dropping this song. I remember wanting to write something that explained our story and the wider issue. I prayed before I went to bed asking God to help me. The next morning I woke up, grabbed my guitar and it literally wrote itself within minutes. The song found me. Ren added a middle eight spoken word, we got all our mates down to the studio and BANG we recorded it back in Nov 2019. We then had to hold off releasing it due to Covid and bad mental health. But it feels right to launch it now. 

I wrote this song with the aim to explain our story. To explain why we're being sued, why we won’t back down and why speaking our truth, supporting other women and staying true to our feminism has landed us in this lengthy and expensive legal battle. We have been fighting this case now for 4 and a half years. We are drained and our mental health has been impacted. But as we edge towards our court hearing (date yet to be set) it leaves us questioning a few things. At the core of this issue lies the issue that WE ARE NOT PROTECTED BY THE LAW. THE LAW KEEPS FAILING US. Whether you’ve been in an abusive relationship, in an industry that doesn't protect you or just walking through a park - women are not safe! If we're not protected then what choice do we have other than to use our voices and platforms? But then you're at risk of being sued (like we are). If we can’t use our voices and platforms to speak up, then what do we have left? On top of that we've been unable to get legal aid. People power and solidarity is all we have. So it is so important that we stick together in SOLIDARITY and continue to believe survivors and fight for change. 

This song isn't only to raise funds and awareness for our legal case and survivors but also for the wider issue. It's for anyone who wasn’t believed, for anyone who spoke up and got shut down, for the fuckery caused by the CPS, for that person who is too scared to speak up, for that person who has to live with the haunting trauma and so much more. We hope that this song is somewhere you can feel safe, believed and feel less alone. I truly hope this song reaches you and the people who need to hear it and helps them as much as it’s helped me/us. Please share it, download it - because you just don’t know who needs to hear it.  

Thank you so so much for all your support. 

May justice prevail.

Love from 


Update 15


Dec. 3, 2020


Well, it’s technically a Petrol Girls song but we are all so proud of what Ren and her bandmates have produced (in lockdown!!!) and are 100% behind its message. The song is called ‘I Believe Them’ and is being released with the aim of raising funds for Solidarity Not Silence and widening the network of people supporting us by increasing awareness of our case. In order to do this, it would be extremely helpful if absolutely everyone could like and share the music video on every platform using the hashtag #IBelieveThem, so our reach is the absolute greatest it can be. Please do everything you can to help us do this!

The video (made by magical Martyna Wisniewska) will be shared at 8am GMT/ 9am CET tomorrow - Friday 4 Dec on Solidarity Not Silence socials:
facebook www.facebook.com/solidaritynotsilence
twitter @solnotsilence https://twitter.com/solnotsilence
instagram @solidaritynotsilence https://www.instagram.com/solidaritynotsilence

The track will be available exclusively on bandcamp here. Pay What You Want: www.solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com.

To coincide with the song release, we have a WHOLE NEW MERCH LINE also dropping tomorrow on our bandcamp page! Friday 4th December is another bandcamp fee-waiver day meaning the total cost of all sales on this day goes directly to us. In the new collection we have new sweatshirts, facemask, screenprints and postcards, as well as the t-shirts, totes, mask and zine from before! Shop all our merch tomorrow here: www.solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com/merch.

It’s been truly exhausting having to constantly think of new fundraising plans and implement them whilst fighting this ongoing legal battle and holding down our jobs – when we say we are constantly on the brink of burnout it is an understatement. However, we are so incredibly grateful and appreciative of all the support over the years. In a week it will be exactly four years since we first received legal letters from the market leading and expensive law firm he hired to pursue us. It was over the Christmas break we were given a matter of weeks to submit to his demands of retraction and public apology, and secure legal representation. Four whole years of immense stress and pressure from having to relentlessly fight this, simply because we refused to be bullied into silence. We couldn’t have come this far without everything you have done for us. It is genuinely all down to you and we are utterly indebted. Thankfully, the end is almost in sight - we just need to raise enough money to keep our legal representation for the next stage: court!

Hopefully this will be the last message of this nature from us in December - may next year's one be celebratory! We can do this!!!

Love and Solidarity,

Anon from Solidarity Not Silence

Update 14


March 23, 2020

Quick update & we hope you are well!


We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well, and that you are coping ok in these difficult times. This is just a quick update from us as our fundraising plans have shifted. Virus or no virus we still need to pay our lawyers, and we are behind on those payments. 

Firstly massive thanks to everyone that bought our merch on Friday as part of bandcamp’s big fee waiver 24 hours. We’ve been able to send £1,000 directly to the lawyers which is a big relief! Those will be posted out to you very soon, as long as the Post Office remains open. 

Like everyone, we’re still getting our heads around the virus situation. Some of us have lost our jobs and have no idea when we’ll next have any income (zero hour contracts), and some of us live with people that are extremely vulnerable to the virus. It’s been a tense couple of weeks. Prior to this, we’d been working very hard on some massive fundraising plans that we’d hoped to launch in early April. However, given the situation, we’ve been advised to push those fundraising plans back, especially as one aspect of those plans involved an event. We’re still going to get everything set up and ready to launch, but we’ll see how things pan out over the next weeks. 

All the very best to you wherever you are in the world right now.

Love and solidarity,

The Solidarity Not Silence Girls

Update 13


Feb. 6, 2020

We're actually feeling pretty confident!

We’ve come such a long way since December 2016, when we received the first frightening letters from the high end, market leading Media Law Firm that Fox initially hired in order to pursue his case against each of us. Partly, I guess because our bodies can’t physically remain at that level of anxiety without exploding or something, and we’ve just got used to having to respond to this complex process within tight time frames. But also because our confidence has grown. We came together as a group to fight the case together (and decipher legal letters!). We found lawyers that are sympathetic to our financial situation. After paying them from our own pockets for the initial stages, we turned to crowdfunding when costs were exceeding more than we could ever afford. The response and support that we’ve received over the years has been truly incredible! Financially, you have enabled us to keep our vital legal representation. And emotionally, you have held us together. Thank you.

Seeing the #MeToo movement explode around the Harvey Weinstein allegations in 2017 made us even more determined to fight our corner in an industry and society where men have always controlled the public narrative and silenced those that have spoken up against them. The movement confirmed much of what we already believed about the political significance of our case, and we hope to be able to speak more openly about this once the case is over - if we can win it.

And we strongly believe that we can.

Fox no longer has legal representation. We don’t know why this is but what it does mean is that our lawyers are now directly in communication with him, and his behaviour is likely to cost us more money. We have never felt more grateful to have our lawyers between us and him - this is especially important for ex partners involved in this case. May we never reach a point where they are forced into direct communication with him. We recently had to go through documents that he had written himself, aspects of which were distressing and triggering for ex partners, and respond to each point. What we found was that beneath the aggressive and at times wildly inappropriate language, was nothing of any substance. His case is weak. Ours is increasingly strong.

Please help us to keep fighting this case with the legal representation that we need, not only for their expertise but also as a crucial barrier between us and him. Keep spreading the word about our crowd funder, donate if you can, buy some merch, and bring our case to the attention of anyone you know with money or influence - we’re still hoping for a wealthy sponsor to ease the pressure of fundraising.

The amount that our crowd funder displays is the total amount that we have raised on this platform over the years - it is money that has already been spent - every penny has gone, and continues to go, directly to our lawyers. We have also raised money through merch sales on bandcamp and at events/ gigs, and taken donations directly via paypal - a small portion of this money goes to the cost of printing the next run of merch and to flyers raising awareness of our case - all of the rest goes straight to the lawyers.

Our lawyers have warned us that the next months are likely to be busy and fast-paced with the case. We are putting further fundraising plans into action, but we need all the help we can get. It feels like the end of this is almost in sight - please help us make it the right outcome.

Love, rage, hope and conviction,

from The Solidarity Not Silence girls

Update 12


July 30, 2019


Thank you so so much for the rush of support and donations that we’ve had since Friday! The identities of two of us - Nadia Javed from @theTutsBand and Ren Aldridge from @Petrol_Girls - were made public in this Guardian article:


 We have been anticipating this for a long time, since our defences were filed in the Autumn, as these are public documents. The journalists were in contact with the lawyers of both parties, and are legally bound to present both sides of the case.

Whilst it is obviously scary for Nadia and Ren to have our names in the public realm, we hope that we will now be able to campaign more openly about our case, both in order to raise the money that we desperately need to cover our legal costs, and to protest the crude way in which defamation law is used in cases such as ours, that involve allegations of sexual and domestic abuse.

Our crowdfunding target is currently set at £32,000 but the reality is that this is a fraction of what it will cost to get this to court. To take our case to trial could cost us up to £500,000 for all of us. even though our lawyers are being incredibly understanding of our financial situation and acting on a no win low fee basis. We're taking it one stage at a time, but we need all the help we can get.

Other than donating to our crowdfunder, you can buy our merch and wear your support! https://solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com/ This all helps spread awareness about what we are doing.

The identities of Fox’s ex partners are protected because of the nature of their allegations, but we want to emphasise that they are at the heart of this. Nadia and Ren spoke out in support of these women, and others like them, and will continue to stand by them and their right to speak about their experiences. We have already heard from more women since Friday, and therefore want to make it absolutely clear to anyone else affected that you are not alone and that it was not your fault.

Love and solidarity

The Solidarity Not Silence Girls

Update 11


May 25, 2019

Interview with our fantastic lawyer!

Check out this interview with our brilliant lawyer Tamsin Allen, covering the reasons why we need to crowdfund our legal costs, and placing our case in its wider context. We’re so grateful to Tamsin and the rest of the legal team for how understanding they’ve been of our situation.


Update 10


Jan. 30, 2019

Do you know someone that could help us?

Happy New Year everyone! Thank you for all of your ongoing support. It is very literally the only thing that is keeping us going, as we enter our THIRD YEAR of fighting this case. 

Thanks to your fundraising efforts, we have been able to continue to fund our legal support, and have now submitted strong defences. There is no legal aid for cases like ours, so it is thanks to YOU, and our lawyers, who have been very understanding, that this was possible. Thank you! 

Unfortunately this is not the end of the road for us. It’s a shame but cases like ours come down to how much money one has to continue the fight, and therefore tend to be pursued and won by rich and powerful men. Money continues to be the biggest barrier that we have to accessing justice, and as we enter another stage of the claim, our costs continue to rise. 

Therefore, we’ve had to re-think our fundraising strategy. We feel that the best way forward for us is to reach out to celebrities, philanthropists, activists and women’s charities that identify with our cause.

We will be focussing our energy on writing funding applications, emails and letters to people that might be able to financially support us. Do you have any suggestions? Can you link us up with someone that you know? 

Do you know someone that could help us? 

Tweet us @solnotsilence or email us at solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com


The Solidarity Not Silence girls. 

p.s. We also still have merch for sale over at www.solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com

Update 9


Dec. 13, 2018


After our first run of merch was so successful, we've introduced two new t-shirt designs and colours, and our first ever tote(!) - head over to our merch store to check it out, we are very proud of them!


You can buy each t-shirt with a tote in a bundle, or each item separately. All proceeds going directly to our legal fund.

Prices are:

  • T-shirts - £15
  • Totes - £8
  • T-shirt & tote bundle - £20

Treat yourself this Christmas or buy as a gift for someone else!

To get these in time for Christmas (because we know these will make awesome gifts), order by Monday 17th December. All orders placed on Monday will be despatched the following day to guarantee Christmas delivery.

We can't wait to see you all in your new SNS merch, please take photos of your orders/you IN your order and tag #solidaritynotsilence on social media so we can see!

Before we leave you, we just wanted to give a massive thank you to everyone who supported, attended and helped with our HUGELY SUCCESSFUL SELL OUT benefit show last week!!!! We have an update in the pipeline to express our gratitude for how successful it was, we could not be happier with the outcome, so please keep your eyes peeled for that.

Love and solidarity,

The Solidarity Not Silence girls

Update 8


Nov. 21, 2018

Benefit gig - solidarity tickets

Our benefit show is only 2 weeks away! Featuring awesome feminist punk from Dream Nails and The Tuts, and DJ sets from Girli, and Alice Go & Bella Pod. It's going to be a beautiful supportive and fun atmosphere! Get your ticket here: https://bit.ly/2qoi7U3

Let's sell this out!

If you can't make it, please consider donating a ticket! Not everyone's in the financial position to buy gig tickets and we want to make this show as inclusive as possible. If you can't make the show yourself, sponsor someone else to go who may not be able to afford it! Just send payment to our paypal address with a note and we'll put all the donated tickets into a giveaway.

Tickets are £12 in advance. Our paypal address is solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com

As always we are open to further suggestions for funding ideas - our money situation is getting quite desperate so if you know of anything we can apply for please don't hesitate to get in touch on solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com


The Solidarity Not Silence Girls 

Update 7


Nov. 16, 2018


SOLIDARITY NOT SILENCE ZINE SUBMISSIONS! In light of the Solidarity Not Silence benefit show, we are putting together and releasing our first ever zine and are looking for contributors. Whether you're a survivor, had to deal with toxic masculinity, struggled with controlling partners or harassment then please write to us!

Submissions can be essays, prose, poems, comics, diary entries, artwork or photography. Email us at solidarityzine@gmail.com and we'll include your experience in our first ever Solidarity Not Silence printed zine, with all 100% of all profits going to the cause. FULL GUIDELINES IN THE POSTER BELOW!

We would like to stretch our movement out and use our platform as an opportunity to hear everyone's voices, experiences and for you to share your story. No one should feel they have to suffer in silence and it can be incredibly healing writing down what you've been through and knowing others will relate to it. 

We'll also have an anonymous submissions box at the benefit show on the 5th December at Oslo, Hackney if you'd prefer to do it in person. 

Feel free to email us any questions, and for more information please look at the poster. 

Update 6


Nov. 4, 2018


There’s a massive Solidarity Not Silence benefit show happening! It’s on 5th Dec at Oslo, Hackney (London). Tickets ON SALE NOW - get yours here. £12 advance, 18+. Featuring awesome feminist punk from The Tuts and Dream Nails, plus DJ sets from Girli and Alice Go & Bella Pod. 100% of the profits go to our legal costs. This will be an awesome night - lets sell it out!!!!!! Get your ticket now, and help us spread the word on social media! Share the poster and the ticket link.

If anyone has any links to press or wants to write a piece about our campaign and/ or plugging this show then please get in touch on solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com

We’re always mega grateful for any fundraising efforts towards the cost of our legal representation. Huge thanks go out to Hell Hath No Fury for donating money to our campaign via this awesome compilation, featuring loads of incredible feminist bands! Also to Ash Wood for donating profits from her artwork, Doe for sending in the money raised at their 5th Birthday show, and to Friends First Fest in the Netherlands. We also want to send massive virtual hugs to Reb who donated after having been through a similar case and winning it. This was so uplifting to hear! And again, so much love and amazement to Rory for shaving their head to raise money for us.  

Huge thanks also to everyone that bought a tshirt! Its been so cool to see pictures and videos of everyone wearing them online, including some people in really great bands! We still have a few left here if you’d like to pick one up. 

The costs involved in fighting this case are completely overwhelming to us, but we’re thrilled with how far we’ve come. We know we’re a bit rubbish at replying to things (we’re all trying to juggle our lives/ work/ bands around this, and have a huge amount of work to do on the case itself) but we’re really encouraged by every donation thats made and the support that people have shown us. 

We know that we still have such a long way to go, and that the odds are against us, but that’s exactly why we’re determined to keep fighting this as far as we can: the odds shouldn’t be against us, and the way that cases like ours are treated by the legal system needs to change. Our case connects with so many issues that have been in the news recently, which is helping us to contextualise our own campaign. This isn’t just about us winning, this is about us helping to set a new precedent and change things in the future.

Love and Solidarity,

The Solidarity Not Silence Girls 

Update 5


June 12, 2018

Update - we've got t-shirts for sale!

Thank you so much for your continued support and donations during this stressful and expensive process. 

We've decided to get some limited edition t-shirts made in order to spread the word and continue raising money for our campaign.

 You can choose from two different designs, screen printed on ethical t-shirts. All profit from these t-shirts goes directly towards paying for our legal representation so that we can carry on fighting to not be silenced! 

Pick one up here: www.solidaritynotsilence.bandcamp.com

Update 4


March 8, 2018

Happy International Women's Day!

Happy International Women's Day everyone! Today we're celebrating coming together as a group of women to support each other through this legal case, in the context of a beautiful history of women coming together to fight back against oppression and create meaningful change.

We're all from different backgrounds and have totally different personalities and ways of coping - its not always been easy! But we are really proud of how far we've come and how well we've worked together. We would never have made it this far financially or emotionally if we hadn't joined forces. 

Still got a long road ahead, and still need a horrific amount of money to maintain legal representation along it, so as ever we welcome any contributions and help with fundraising. Thank you to everyone of all genders for your incredible support! 

Love the Solidarity Not Silence Girls/ Intersectional Feminism in action! 

Update 3


Feb. 20, 2018


We're sorry it's been so long since we've posted an update! Over the winter all of us suffered intensely with our mental health and burnt out hard after more than a year of fighting this case and coping with the uncertainty of what might happen. It's been difficult to focus on the other aspects of our lives like our music, work or studies, and we are angry as well as exhausted by how much time and energy this case has taken from us. 

But your incredible contributions towards our legal costs have given us so much hope! Thank you so much for all of your personal contributions, and for all of the benefit gigs in the UK and beyond! Thank you the people who've put a jar on the bar at their local venue or on their own merch table at gigs - it is so empowering to receive this practical support from a music community that is truly active about its values of fairness and solidarity. Thank you to the feminist societies and other groups from universities that have raised money for us. Thank you to the artists that have sent us proceeds from their creative work. Thank you to the people that sent us money even when they don't have very much themselves. We appreciate every single contribution made. This money has enabled our lawyers to put together strong defences for us, which are in the process of being finalised. And your support - your messages, comments, shares and tweets - have given us so much strength.

Unfortunately we are only at an early stage in the defamation proceedings. There is a long and terrifyingly expensive road ahead for us. None of us feel very comfortable about asking for money, but we need to keep raising funds in order to retain our legal representation, which is what gives us a strong chance of winning the case, and therefore a strong chance of not being silenced and financially ruined. We are working on coming up with new and creative ways to raise the money and we welcome any ideas, advice, help spreading the word and of course, further contributions. We will keep fighting! We will not be silenced.


The Solidarity Not Silence Girls

Update 2


Dec. 15, 2017


 It dawned on us yesterday morning that it was exactly one year ago when we first received legal letters from A. In them, we were ordered to comply with his list of demands and seek legal representation - within 14 working days (by 4th January).

Just over a week before Christmas, whilst most legal firms were getting ready to close up for the year, we had to secure representation (which takes several stages before they even agree to take on the case) and have them draft a response back to him within this deadline. It was unbearably stressful. We don’t know how we did it, but we did.

 It’s hard to believe it’s been a whole year that we’ve been going through this, and in all honesty some of us have come very close to not making it this far. We are so grateful that after making the very risky decision to publicly crowdfund, we were able to raise enough funds to begin drafting our defences.

 Equally though, we have felt such support since going public it reaffirmed our reasons for continuing this fight, for feeling we had no choice but to continue. This fight, this war, is far from over. There are potentially many, many more (costly) stages after defences have been drafted, but we are hopeful that with everyone’s continued support, after we have done absolutely everything within our power, we will get justice, once and for all.


Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. 


The Solidarity Not Silence Girls

Update 1


Oct. 24, 2017


It's been almost one week since we launched our crowd funder, and we have been completely overwhelmed by the response to it so far. Thank you so so much for your generosity. It has enabled us to begin drafting our defences!!

We wanted to break down exactly where your money is going. The full amount needed to prepare strong separate defences for each individual in our group will be in the region of £25,000 - £40,000. So, for the time being, we have increased our stretch target to £32,000 to reflect this. If after this the man does not withdraw his defamation claim against us, there will be many, many more stages. Each stage costing even more money. We will increase the target as and when we reach each stage, keeping you updated about the process along the way.

This could be a long and incredibly expensive process, so we are very open for any more long term fund raising strategies. Contact us on solidaritynotsilence@gmail.com

Thank you again for financially giving us the option to fight this, and for showing such wonderful support.


The Solidarity Not Silence Girls

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