Railroaded to Serve 50 Years for a First Offense via False Witnesses

by Andy Anderson

Railroaded to Serve 50 Years for a First Offense via False Witnesses

by Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson
Case Owner
The Federal Government ransacked his house stealing everything they could find and carry including his mother's car. They had no case against him. Even the IRS testified that he has perfect taxes.
on 16th June 2018
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Andy Anderson
Case Owner
The Federal Government ransacked his house stealing everything they could find and carry including his mother's car. They had no case against him. Even the IRS testified that he has perfect taxes.

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Herbert "Andy" Anderson was a business man, A UFC fighter, A Philanthropist, Father, Son, Brother, Friend, Husband, What I think is more important is this, He was and is an innocent Man setting in a federal prison for a drug conspiracy and money laundering , Yet not one person ever said he bought, sold, or possessed drugs at any time In fact in closing arguments of the case the AUSA / Prosecutor him self-said those exact words, The lead DEA Mr. Brown said as far as we at the DEA are concerned Mr. Anderson has nothing to do with drugs,

The IRS agent De La Santos said we can not prove or disprove Mr. Anderson has ever laundered Money, Keeping in mind Mr. Anderson is a first time offender, The Judge said in closing arguments this defendant does not have an extensive record like his codefendants something that will WEIGH HEAVILY AGAINST HIM.

If you would try to put your self in Andy's place for just a minute, 5 a.m. the door crashes open without a clue as to who it is. Men with guns rush into your home, handcuff you, your children and wife. Drag them out at gunpoint without a reason, you set there for hours in the front yard on the grass, everyone is scared. Over and over you ask why they are doing this to us, knowing you have done nothing wrong. You see everything you have worked for being carried out of your home, still with no reason as to why. Two women stop by your wife and tell her, "We are going to need that," and pull her wedding ring off her hand. Still with no reason as to why. With this story ask yourself, "Why/How/Now What?" "How am I going to go home? " This case will show you there is no way Andy did any of this, yet he is still there. Now, what can be done? Please read this with an open mind...

At the beginning of a case like this, after the people in the case are arrested they are asked a number of questions. It's called a Proffer. Here is the part of the drug dealer himself, Gerry's Proffer:

Case 4:09-cr-00115 Document 745 'SEALED' Filed 07/02/10 Page 43 of 50

104 Gerry indicated that Anderson never dealt any drugs and not was involved in the distribution of any narcotics,

Yet Gerry impacted his Wife, daughter, son-in-law, and nephew as well as a number of others, but told the Government Anderson had nothing to do with this case.

The only evidence that the Government had that Anderson was ever near drugs of any kind was a lie from a Man by the name of Steven Ray Adams. He said Anderson translated a drug deal for a Mr. Gerry and Medina. Here is the last 2 of 4 letters and an affidavit from Mr. Adams sent to Anderson's attorney.

To Stan Schwieger,
I just want to say the letter I wrote in or about September 2009 on behalf of (Andy) was the truth! AUSA Schattman coached me on how to implicate Andy on being present and involved in a drug deal at Hammers with Medina. I made up this story because of a promise of a lenient sentence. I know what I did was wrong and I want to get this off my chest. I can see now that the government was only after assets to make their case bigger. Whatever I need to do to make this wrong right, I'm willing to do.

Steven R. Adams

I've known Andy for several years and have never seen him do anything that was illegal. I was threatened by the AUSA Schattman with a life sentence if I didn't go along with implicating Andy in a drug deal. The AUSA even came over to see me the night before trial was going to start. The AUSA also saw Coleman (Boomer) the same night. This was in order to have our story against Andy.
I am very sorry for what I said about Andy being at Hammers house during a drug deal with Medina. Andy was not at Hammer's the night of any drug deal. This was just AUSA Shattman putting me in a corner with promises to get a smaller sentence, which I was lied to. Both Andy and myself got screwed with me ending up with a 400-month sentence. By writing this I hope to get this injustice off my chest.

Steven Adams

Before trial Adams wrote Anderson a letter exonerating him, Then the Gov. told him if he did not help there case he was looking at a life sentence together they came up with the story.

Also after trial Anderson's friend and attorney deposed Medina and had a picture of Anderson sent to him, Medina Said in the first place he never used a translator, and he also never met Anderson , He could not identify him in the photo and said he never met "Anderson" at any time, This evidence was not brought out at trial because Andersons original Attorney did not depose him.

The best way to see the story as a whole and the evidence to prove up everything is true to look at free-andy.com. In short, it is a story about an over-reaching prosecutor and the Federal system we are left with. The lack of evidence and the fabricated evidence is easy to see for yourself. This can happen to anyone.

Anderson was a member of society, an accomplished member. From being member of the Margarita Society, a Dallas children's charity, to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, countless awards from the Republican Party, Keys to the City, Awards from President Bush, Blessings from the Pope, the list goes on and on.

Anderson and his attorney/friend John White also helped inmates return to society. They had mixed results with that one. One man in the group that the attorney and Anderson tried to help was Thomas Gerry aka Hammer. They got him a job, a place to live and a truck to drive. He did well for the first year then on Anderson's birthday one year after Hammer got out of prison he went to Anderson and said he was going to do his own thing. That meant he was going back to his old ways and that he did. He knew that Anderson wanted nothing to do with him if that is the life he decided to live. Anderson would still hear from him from time to time. They would see each other on holidays or  BBQ's, from time to time he would do A/C work on Anderson's clubs through his construction company, but other than that they had very little contact. A few years went by, he was off doing his own thing. Anderson did know that Hammer had opened his own construction company and had gotten a settlement from his mother's passing but that was the extent of there relationship.

I could go in to detail of the altering of the trial transcripts by the Gov. or me could tell you about the Gov. Fabricated Text messages used against Andy, by comparison, to to his Att & t  phone records the 48 texts the Gov. came up with that don't match the Phone bill, But I think you understand how far they went to put Andy in prison I think you get the picture.

To sum this up and let you know were he is in his case now, The 5th Cir. has determined that due to Adams original letter and his recanting of his trial testamoney and 6 other inmates that new about the Deal The Gov. made with Adams  to testify falsely against Anderson at trial they approved Andersons COA / Certificate of appeal  and sent Anderson's case back to his original judge for reconsideration of the evidence a hearing or a new trial , Anderson has went threw hundred's of thousands of dollars in attorneys, Now he is at the finish line and needs our help, In order to continue this case he must come up with 20.000 for the evidentiary hearing and the great work his attorney has done so far, and if Anderson prevails at the hearing and we believe he will he will need another 20.000 for trial, That's why I have put together this Justice Funding web sight in order to help Andy get home to a life he once lived , We need 222 donations of 45.00 to reach out goal this money will go directly to Andy's Attorney at this point any amount you can send him will help, what's one dinner out in order to help a good man to once again see the light of day.

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