No more Government war on the CannaCommunity

by We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU

No more Government war on the CannaCommunity

by We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU
We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU
Case Owner
It is time to end the Government driven ideological war on the CannaCommunity and our preferred way of life. Cannabis prohibition has always been based on political greed, causing more harm than good.
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We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU
Case Owner
It is time to end the Government driven ideological war on the CannaCommunity and our preferred way of life. Cannabis prohibition has always been based on political greed, causing more harm than good.
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Latest: May 14, 2019

A fantastic beginning-the wheels are turning

Dear WTU campaign supporters and contributors,

Thank you for taking part in the potential making of history.

Despite the extreme hardship many of WTU have to endure, we have raised whopping £67...

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The Government driven ideological war on the CannaCommunity is a form of terrorism by their own definition and attacks peaceful people of the CannaCommunity, in the sanctity of their own homes or social gatherings, for our beliefs and practises in the many benefits of cannabis.

There is no War on Cannabis! Only a War on the CannaCommunity. It's time for peace. Please help us launch this important challenge by making a donation now and sharing this page far and wide.

Who are we and what we fighting for?

I’m Phil Monk, a 40-year-old Walsall born, Shropshire lad, raised in North Wales, now living in the heart of wonderful Wiltshire. I’m also a non-practicing teacher of Spanish, literacy, ESOL & numeracy, a husband and father of three, and now a human rights, cannabis activist disabled by chronic myofascial pain from joint hypermobility syndrome, bilateral ulnar impaction syndrome, and depression. I’d used cannabis in secret, like so many, from the age of 16. I thought I was just another “pothead”.

Now, after 5 years of extensive reading, I realise this was to manage my PTSD from childhood abuses. 19 years later in 2014, after suffering the life-threatening side effects from prescribed Pharma drugs, including a brain haemorrhage, mini-stroke and two cancer scares, I came smashing out of the “CannaCloset” on a quest for social change, first for “medicinal cannabis”, and now for freedom and equality for all our cannabis community.

After a spur-of-the-moment decision in March 2018, I am now the founder and representative of a new community group called We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis, aka WTU. WTU believe UK people also have the same human right to cannabis as the Mexicans.

My WTU Facebook group has grown to 3400+ members in a little over 1 year and we are actively seeking the end of cannabis prohibition laws, seeking equality in law and society with the consumers of the poisonous, highly toxic recreational drug alcohol, which, unlike cannabis, definitely causes disease and psychosis, yet its consumers are not "protected" by criminalisation!

All humans have the right to self-determination, freedom of consciousness, expression of identity, to pursue peaceful beliefs & practises and have the right to a private and dignified life.  The political policy of cannabis prohibition denies these fundamental, inalienable human rights, upon the false premise that criminalisation is necessary for protecting people from the potential harms of cannabis.

What are we trying to achieve?

It is time to set the record straight and end this oppressive political policy which dictates people’s health choices upon pain of criminalisation and discrimination.

The government driven, ideological war on the CannaCommunity and our preferred way of life is unjustified, anti-democratic and harmful to individuals, families and society. CannaCommunity members should not be persecuted and prosecuted for the simple health choice of pursuing their beliefs and practises in the remarkable benefits of cannabis, often instead of pharma drugs and alcohol.

WTU believes all should be free to grow any of the 10,000+ strains of cannabis currently available, or purchase quality assured cannabis from licensed vendors and selected according to their individual needs and preferences, free from fear of arrest, prosecution or eviction.

Health is a human right, as is the freedom of consciousness, thought, expression of identity, to peacefully pursue beliefs and practices free from the fear of arbitrary state interference.

The right to make autonomous health decisions free from state interference and the threat of criminalisation is what we fight for, not a plant.

What can YOU do to help?

I hope you will join WTU and pledge support in our struggle for the end of the government driven war on our way of life.

Please share this campaign and raise awareness to our cause. To raise a legal challenge of this nature will cost many £10s of thousands of pounds. As a Community we can make this happen by the many giving a little.

Background to our legal challenge

The relative safety of cannabis has long been known and the practice of prosecuting peaceful people for using cannabis for personal use has long been questioned, but dogmatically refused. The Wooton report is very informative although somewhat outdated in knowledge.

The report of Philip Robson 2001 also set me alight with a righteous fury, as the truth about the relative safety and therapeutic potential of cannabis has been known since 1998, when Robson confirmed 1) the therapeutic potential of cannabis, 2) time was needed to develop marketable cannabis based products, and 3) Government should cease the criminalisation of those seeking to assuage their symptoms with natural herbal cannabis.

Government only acted on point 2 and the UK's first cannabis research facility was created and has grown to become highly successful. The therapeutic value of cannabis has dogmatically been refused for 20 years with millions of non-violent CannaConsumers lives been destroyed by the denial of an essential nutrient and herbal health remedy or by prosecution and persecution.

The House of Lords also recommended the rescheduling of cannabis, but government then and since refused to act as advised. The government have refused to recognise this therapeutic potential of raw cannabis ever since 1998, despite many reports, until the recent 2018, yet inadequate, law change.

Quite hypocritically, whilst simultaneously refusing to recognise the therapeutic benefit of cannabis and dogmatically insisting that the criminalisation of the beliefs and practices of the CannaCommunity was an essential political policy to protect people from the potential harms of cannabis, many important MPs have permitted, facilitated and become indirectly invested in the UK's very own homegrown medical cannabis pharmaceutical company.

This conflict of interest from those who are determining cannabis reform policy does not sit right in a truly Democratic, fair and tolerant county.

WTU believes that all have a human right to choose herbal cannabis, often in place of the poisonous recreational drug alcohol or often side effect ridden prescribed drugs. NO ONE should EVER be criminalised for choosing to grow or buy cannabis to manage their own health, well-being and happiness.

Natural herbal cannabis has traditionally been recognised and utilised as a food supplement, safer recreational drug, herbal health remedy, industrial resource, creative and spiritual aide by humanity for millennia.

Clinical Endocannabinoid System (ECS) Deficiency Syndrome may be a root cause of some diseases and it could be argued that cannabis is an essential nutrient for the maintenance of homeostasis, crucial for good health, well-being and happiness.

Unfortunately the current model focused on the pharmacological manipulation of the endocannabinoid system as a potential therapeutic tool in the management of health disorders, which prosecutes and persecutes any individual managing their health with natural cannabis, instead of pharmaceutically manipulated products of cannabis.

CorporatePolitico interests decided to conspire to prohibit cannabis as a dangerous drug without any concrete evidence, in order to protect the financial industrial interests of key US racist politicians of the 1970s in the petroleum, timber, paper, pharmaceutical and cotton industries. The war on drugs was a front for a war on minority groups and hemp industries which threatened political invested interests at the time.

Every £ will count to help us change the current law. So please donate whatever you can afford. It is time to sue for Peace for our community!

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Update 5

We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU

May 14, 2019

A fantastic beginning-the wheels are turning

Dear WTU campaign supporters and contributors,

Thank you for taking part in the potential making of history.

Despite the extreme hardship many of WTU have to endure, we have raised whopping £6774 within our initial target 30 day cut off!

Granted, this is small change to those who oppose us and they likely amuse themselves at our struggle to raise our required funds, but this amazing amaount has been raised by a mere 300 contributors. So just imagine the potential if EVERY CannaConsumer and believer in freedom chose to make a stand with WTU and pledged only £5 to the cause, then there would be ample legal funds to raise legal challenge against the Government political policy of war on the CannaCommunity.

£10,000 is the estimated figure to have our case considered by human rights barristers, so our target has now progressed to the next level and all future pledges shall be deducted within 48hrs from pledging.

In unity lies strength!

As the copy of the below correspondence helps to show, a combined CannaCommunity effort can make wheels of change start to turn.


"Dear Phil,

I received a notification that you hit your initial target of £6,000 which is great news. And, I see that you have raised the target which I think is sensible.

 With your permission, I’d like to start the process of on-boarding counsel so that we can have an initial conference. We don’t need you to collate your file of evidence just yet. I think it would be good to sit down with counsel to have an initial discussion and then we can proceed to the evidence stage, before we ask counsel to write us a formal advice. 

How does that sound to you?

Kind regards 



Needless to say I await the meeting time and place and will update as soon as possible.

I am fighting constant, debilitating pain, so this impedes me a lot of the time.

Please make sure to join our Facebook group, Undersign in our guest book and write to as many people as possible to raise more awareness and support.

WTU pin badges or wristbands are available for all pledgers so please email me your address to I can post one out to say thanks as soon as pain allows. 

Update 4

We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU

May 2, 2019

Wow. Amazing start.

No one should ever be criminalised for the fundamental health choice that is cannabis for any reason and WTU seeks to end this political policy of cannabis prohibition through the courts.

 I have dedicated myself and, as I'm disabled my wonderful and supportive wife and children have become dedicated too, for the last year to the cause of We The Undersigned, after the overwhelming response to the invitation I made for people to Undersign to WTU, in our quest for a human rights solicitor prepared to raise a legal challenge as a United CannaCommunity against the government's political policy of cannabis prohibition. 

This last year has caused me untold levels of pain and has become damaging to my health. I never set out to seek fame nor glory. Just the freedom for all to have the right to grow or buy their own cannabis, for their own purposes, without the extreme prejudice and malice from the State. 

In doing so, I have also risked everything that I love and cherish in my life: my wife, children, home and liberty. I was never asked to take on this role nor did I even plan to end up where WTU is today.

 Your beliefs in our fundamental human rights to freedom of consciousness, expression of identity, peaceful association, private beliefs and practises in the many benefits of cannabis and our rights to be able to determine for ourselves what is best for our health, is what has made WTU grow as quickly as we have. You are the WTU CannaCommunity. 

But I have done almost all I can do to get our human rights claim before the barristers for review.

 I can do NO more and now it MUST come down to YOU! 

As broke as we all are, we have to find a way as a community to make this happen. It is incredible the progress so far! 

A huge thank you to all who have contributed to the crowd justice fundraiser campaign to try and make this happen. 

The £3229 raised so far is amazing and we are just over half way to the initial target that we must meet in the remaining 18 days, or else the cause flops! 

And with it WTU! But it is also disappointing to see that, although WTU has over 3600 members now, only 135 members have pledged to the campaign. 

I understand about poverty, I have lived it for too many years. Hence the WTU Health and Family First Policy. 

But if the campaign continues at this rate it will not have any hope of success. 

So if you believe in freedom and the WTU aims please share the campaign every where you can, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, write to your favourite celebrity, magazine or newspaper. 

Tell friends and family. 

We need to get this out there for maximum exposure and increase hope of success. 

Also, More pledges are needed, otherwise it will have all been for nought and WTU will end with the crowd justice fundraiser. 

All petitions are ignored. Democracy denied. This could be the only way to end the government driven ideological war on the CannaCommunity. Here is the link to the  fundraiser page.

 Please share on all platforms and contribute what you can. 

Together we can do this! Phil Monk WTU 👭👭✊✊💚💚🌱🌱✌✌🙏🙏

Update 3

We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU

April 21, 2019

Want to become one of We The Undersigned?

Are you human?

Do you believe that you have a human right to access cannabis?

To do so without prejudice or prosecution?

Either through growing your own preferred strains, exchanging for appreciation/health through UKCSC Cannabis Social Clubs or other Independent Cannabis Compassion Clubs or by purchasing quality assured herbal cannabis/products from licensed cultivators and vendors?

If you believe that decriminalised access to cannabis is a human right, then please come and stand with WTU, by logging into our guest book on our website, to become one of We The Undersigned Have Sovereign Right to Cannabis.

WTU solidarity wristbands and pin badges are availble to all who donate to WTU and who become undersigned to our campaign for freedom and equality for the CannaCommunity, so please contact: to leave your name and address then you can receive your token of gratitude and show your support for WTU.

Many thanks for your support.

Update 1

We The Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis WTU

April 21, 2019

WOW! What a launch! What holds you back?

Hi there,

I would like to say a huge thank you to those who have already pledged support for the WTU case against the government and it's hypocritical, moralistic, ideological political policy of cannabis prohibition.

Please share this campaign on all social media platforms, with all your contacts and local news to tell them you stand with WTU.

Amazingly, with your support and faith in WTU, in less than 24 hours since launch, our page has had 508 views, yet only 45 pledges, but those pledges have already raised 23% of our initial targe,t with £1399 of the initial target of £6000 to get the case reviewed by the barristers. 

I would be interested in learning what holds folks back from donating to a cause that is for all of the oppressed CannaCommunity

What doubts do you have?

Please email me any questions to and I will attempt to ease any of your doubts if I am able. This campaign really does need widespread support from people from all walks of life, who simply believe in the freedom of choice and the end of The State dictating our health choices and available states of consciousness, upon pain of prosecution and persecution.

No Harm, No Victim, No Crime!

Our Body, OurHealth Our Choice!

After reaching our initial target of £6-10,000 to initiate the barrister review, we will then need to crowd fund the rest of the required legal fees to raise the potential £100s of thousands of pounds to raise this litigation.

If every CannaConsumer and believer in freedom donated only £4.20 to the WTU Crowd Justice fund, then the oppressed CannaCommunity would easily raise the required funds to take the government to court, hold it to account and achieve our human rights to self-determination, freedom of consciousness, expression of identity, private beliefs and practises, and autonomy of health, so that any who wish to can manage their health, well-being and happiness with natural herbal cannabis or seek herbal independence by growing their own, free from extreme prejudice and violent interference from the State.

Please visit to learn more and comment in the WTU guest book if you wish to become one of We the Undersigned Have a Human Sovereign Right to Cannabis.

508 45 23%

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