Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown

by Simon Dolan

Join the Legal Challenge to the UK Govt Lockdown

by Simon Dolan
Simon Dolan
Case Owner
UK Entrepreneur fed up with the increasing Govt control being exerted.
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Simon Dolan
Case Owner
UK Entrepreneur fed up with the increasing Govt control being exerted.
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Latest: June 2, 2020

Additional Letters Published now.

Just a very quick update to say that there is additional correspondence up on the site. Same place on the home page - is at the bottom left

Things seem to be moving very much in our favour - we keep f…

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My name is Simon, and together with a few other like-minded souls, we are launching a legal challenge against the UK Govt Lockdown.

We believe that the Govt has acted illegally and disproportionately over the COVID 19 lockdown and we are taking action.  

By forcing people to stay at home, and forcing businesses to close, they are, we believe, in contravention of basic Human Rights offered under English Law, that of the right to enjoy your property peacefully.

We can't do this without you and urgently need your support. We're going up against the government, so please contribute to our legal action now and most importantly share this page with your friends, family and on social media. 

The lockdown has and will lead to devastating economic impact (massive unemployment, tax increases, closure of businesses, reduced tax receipts etc) It has, and will lead to far more deaths from suicide, undiagnosed conditions, untreated conditions - indeed far more than would have been potentially saved by the lockdown. 

What we wish to achieve in bringing this case, is simply the freedom of individuals - the freedom to visit friends, freedom to earn a living, to socialise, in essence, the freedom of choice. That, of course, includes the freedom to stay inside - should you choose.

How much are we raising and why?

Our first step is to raise a Letter Before Action which sets out in detail our case and will give the Govt a short period in which to respond. Once the deadline has passed, we will commence the Judicial review process. 

Review our Letter Before Action by clicking here

Initially, we need to raise £30,000 to perform the initial work in this case but we will then need to go on to raise over £125,000 to take this case through to completion and truly hold the government to account. All funds will be transferred directly to our legal team to fund the action. We will, of course, keep you informed of our progress throughout the process. 

Thank you for supporting this critically important case during this unprecedented crisis for our country. 

Further correspondence: 

Letter to Wedlake Bell from the Government.  

Letter to the Government

Government's response letter

Claim documents

Statement of grounds

Evidence in support

Correspondence 29 May -1 June

Quarantine Law

Letter to Priti Patel

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Update 8

Simon Dolan

June 2, 2020

Additional Letters Published now.

Just a very quick update to say that there is additional correspondence up on the site. Same place on the home page - is at the bottom left

Things seem to be moving very much in our favour - we keep fighting. Govt have until 12th June to issue full defence.

Update 7

Simon Dolan

May 30, 2020

First victory!

The Government have now released Sage minutes following our demands.Having formally served our Judicial Review on them demanding disclosure on 26 May,3 days later, they've performed a complete U turn and published them.

Patrick Vallance said

"Openness and transparency around this disease is a social imperative, which is why it’s important we don’t wait to publish minutes and evidence" 

Chris Whitty said

"I am very pleased that the SAGE minutes are being published"

Make no mistake. The only reason the Govt published these was because of our legal action. The fight of course, continues. We won't stop until they have been held to account for this illegal lockdown. They have until 12th June to file their defence papers.

If you want to read the papers you can find them here:

Update 6

Simon Dolan

May 27, 2020

Evidence in Support

This document is now published in full on the home page. Well worth a read as it contains the evidence in support of our case.

Update 5

Simon Dolan

May 21, 2020

Case filed today

My lawyers have this morning filed my application to the High Court for a Judicial Review of the Government’s lockdown regulations. They have filed over 1000 pages of legal documents including an 87 page Statement of Grounds. We will be publishing the entire document on this site around 1pm today, along with the initial Govt response to our first letter.

The proceedings are against Matt Hancock, the Secretary of State for Health & Social Care – whose name is on the lockdown laws – and Gavin Williamson the Secretary of State for Education, who has presided over the closure of schools and universities.

The aim of the proceedings is to lift the ruinous lockdown, restore the civil liberties taken away from the public and allow schools, healthcare services and the economy to restart.

The number of people furloughed or unemployed stands at 10 million people, and billions are being wiped off the economy with every passing day. Those lucky enough to have jobs left at the end of this crisis could see income tax increase by up to 10p in the pound. The government has spent £13,000 per household on bailout so far.

A judicial review is the only effective means of challenging what the Government is doing and holding them properly to account. BorisJohnson and his crew have sleepwalked into this mess and are taking the nation over the cliff edge with them.

Our fight begins proper today!

Update 4

Simon Dolan

May 14, 2020

Govt response received

Just a few hours ago we received a detailed response form the Govt to our letter before action. Our legal team are currently considering the various points raised. The letter runs to some  13 pages and as you can imagine contains some highly technical points. We can confirm for now that they are however refusing to release the minutes of the SAGE meetings.

Will update further just as soon as the legal team have formulated their plan of action. rest assured, the fight very much continues. Expect another update in the next couple of days.

Update 3

Simon Dolan

May 7, 2020

Government asking for more time to respond to us

Businessman Simon Dolan has accused Boris Johnson of “dragging his heels over the burning embers of the economy” after the Government said it needed more time to respond to his legal challenge to lockdown. 

Mr Dolan, who owns ten UK businesses and employs 600 people, is seeking a Judicial Review over the Government’s emergency measures which continue to impose severe restrictions on personal liberty and freeze the UK economy.

His lawyers sent a Letter Before Action the Government on Thursday April 30, setting a deadline of May 7 for them to respond. 

The legal challenge calls on the Government to urgently action the allowing of gatherings of up to 100 people, the reopening of schools, and to commit to a review the lockdown restrictions every two weeks

However, government lawyers have now written to Mr Dolan’s legal team requesting a further week to issue their response. 

The initial deadline was also the time PM Boris Johnson was due to announce a review of lockdown. That announcement has also been pushed back – reportedly until Sunday evening.

Simon Dolan said: “The Government is playing for time in asking for more time to respond to the Letter Before Action. Time is something ministers really do not have the luxury of – every day is estimated to cost the economy £2.5billion. 

“It is yet another example of the Government sitting on its hands while Britain is sent hurtling on a journey to economic and social ruin. Boris Johnson wants to be seen as Churchillian – he is behaving more like Nero, dragging his heels over the burning embers of the economy and freedom. 

“We have a delay in addressing the Letter Before Action and delay in addressing nation desperate to hear a plan on how we will climb out of the mess of lockdown.

“The logic of delaying any announcement is baffling, unnecessary and damaging. Other countries are emerging from lockdown and Britain we will be left behind – ruing the rising cost with every passing hour.”

The extension request from Government comes following pressure from its own MPs over lockdown. In a House of Commons debate on Monday evening (May 4), questions over the legality of lockdown were aired.  Mr Dolan’s Judicial Review was referenced in the debate. 

One backbencher who took part in the debate, Steve Baker MP (Wycombe), had already called on the Prime Minster to “end the absurd, dystopian and tyrannical lockdown.” Writing in a national newspaper, he argued: “These extraordinary measures require not only legal authority but democratic consent. There is a real possibility that they have had neither.”

Mr Dolan said: “There is growing criticism and frustration over the Government’s delays, including from within its own party. 

“It is now universally accepted that the lockdown will cause enormous long-term damage to both the economy and the general health of the population. 

“We know from the House of Commons debate that the Government is aware of the issues over the legality of lockdown. To say it hasn’t had time to properly respond is unacceptable when so much is at stake.

““Boris will play to the crowd on Sunday by allowing picnics and visits to the garden centre. He is going to let people play golf and go fly fishing.

“But it’s just lightweight stuff which does not address the real needs of ordinary people. We need serious decisions which will get the economy moving and safeguard future generations.”

Mr Dolan’s lawyers have given the Government until Tuesday May 12 to issue its response. 

Update 2

Simon Dolan

May 6, 2020

Leading barrister Philip Havers QC instructed in lockdown legal challenge

A leading human rights lawyer has been appointed to the team which is mounting a legal challenge to lockdown – and calling for all SAGE publications to be made public.

Philip Havers QC, a barrister and Deputy High Court Judge who specialises in public law, human rights and public inquiries, has been instructed to challenge the lawfulness of the Government’s restriction of civil liberties.

This comes as the campaign continues to seek greater transparency over the Government’s SAGE meetings – after a disappointing partial release of information.

Earlier today the Government released a cache of SAGE documents, but so far only a small fraction of the 122 documents which the scientific advisory group has produced have been made public.

Meanwhile, over two thousand individuals have now donated to the CrowdJustice fund behind the lockdown legal challenge, led by UK businessman Simon Dolan.

They are backing a Judicial Review into the Government’s emergency measures which continue to impose severe restrictions on personal liberty which are freezing the UK economy.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Mr Dolan delivered a ‘Letter Before Action’ to the Government last week, giving it until this Thursday May 7 to respond. 

A key part of their challenge is calling for publication of all SAGE documents and minutes from their meetings. 

Simon Dolan said: “Our campaign is growing stronger by the day. I am delighted that Philip Havers QC will now be working with us on the judicial review.

“There is a lot of support for what we are doing. It is incredible that over two thousand people have now donated to our CrowdJustice fund.

“Together we can encourage the Government to lift restrictions, reopen schools and get the economy moving again.

“We welcome the partial release of SAGE publications. However, it is disappointing that so much information is still being withheld. I do not understand why there is continuing secrecy. It is vital that the government releases all SAGE documents and minutes to reveal who has said what.

“One of the SAGE publications we are not allowed to see is called ‘What is the evidence for the importance of outdoor transmission and of indoor transmission of COVID-19?’.  Why can't we see that?  Does it cast doubt on the likelihood of people infecting each other in the street?

“This cover up is exactly why we are pursuing a legal challenge to lockdown. We want total transparency over the decisions that took our personal freedoms away.

Update 1

Simon Dolan

May 3, 2020

First update

Thanks so much everyone for your kind support. Absolutely blown away by the level of feeling out there, and I must admit my faith in humanity has been restored. Such an important subject and I am so happy that so many people agree.

The level of press attention has been great - most nationals have picked it up in the UK and we have gone as far as Aus, US, Spain and France too. 

We will carry on with the media every day up to and including 7th May which is when the Govt need to respond to our letter and also the date they announce their new lockdown measures. 

We have identified an eminent QC who will be representing us at the Judicial Review. I will update with full details as soon as I can.

In the meantime, thanks again. I believe we are achieving something great here.

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