Stop ICE from Deporting Rene Lima-Marin

by Jasmine Lima-Marin

Stop ICE from Deporting Rene Lima-Marin

by Jasmine Lima-Marin
Jasmine Lima-Marin
Rene's wife, and mother of Justus and Josiah.
on 19th August 2017
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Jasmine Lima-Marin
Rene's wife, and mother of Justus and Josiah.

Why this is urgent: 

Rene just won a Motion to Reopen his immigration case, but ICE is STILL trying to deport him back to Cuba. We have strong legal arguments and another legal victory on our side, but we need your support now more than ever to get across the finish line and finally bring Rene home. Rene's first immigration hearing now that his case is reopened is taking place on Tuesday, August 15, and we are on a short timeline to fight against his deportation. All funds raised will go towards application filing fees, copies, and attorney and paralegal time to fight against Rene's deportation. 

Thanks to the tremendous support from the last CrowdJustice campaign, we were able to launch an emergency legal investigation into his prior immigration case, coordinate with the Governor's office in support of a full and unconditional pardon, and write dozens of pages of legal arguments related to Rene's Motion to Reopen his immigration case. We finally received the decision in his case granting his motion to reopen, and three months after Judge Samour initially granted Rene his release from prison, he is now set to begin arguing his case before the Immigration Judge as to why he should not be deported back to a country he has not seen he was a baby.

Case background: 

Rene Lima-Marin was born in Cuba in 1978, and arrived in the United States during the Mariel Boatlift crisis just before his second birthday in 1980. He became a Lawful Permanent Resident at the age of 8. Following a pair of robbery cases in 1998, Rene was sentenced to 98 years in prison, and as a result was ordered deported in 2000. 

In April 2008, Rene was released due to a clerical error by the Department of Corrections and placed on an Order of Supervision by ICE. Rene wholeheartedly embraced this new opportunity, and his exemplary conduct underscored the extent of his reintegration into society: he married his longtime girlfriend Jasmine, adopted his son Justus, fathered his son Josiah, bought a house, dedicated himself to his work as a glazier, and complied with his parole and Order of Supervision "with flying colors." Regardless, in January 2014, nearly six years after his release, he was ripped apart from his family, rearrested, and reincarcerated. 

Rene did not give up. He filed a petition for habeas corpus to fight for his liberty in the courts, and his case was so compelling that during the 2017 legislative session, a bipartisan group of state elected officials urged Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper to "help a father reconnect with his redeemed life" by granting Rene clemency or a pardon. 

On May 16, 2017, the Chief Arapahoe County District Judge Carlos Samour, Jr. granted Rene's petition in a remarkable 165-page decision, ruling that the government, in "conscience-shocking indifference," violated Rene's constitutional rights. Judge Samour ruled that forcing Rene to return to prison would "perpetuate a manifest injustice," and ordered Rene released so that he could return to his life, family, and community. However, due to the 2000 deportation order, instead of being reunited with his family, ICE took him into custody to deport him back to Cuba, a country that he has never known. 

On May 17, 2017, ICE officials detained Rene Lima-Marin based on the 2000 deportation order. Two days later, Governor Hickenlooper granted Rene a full and unconditional pardon of his criminal cases. The state court system, Republican and Democratic state elected officials, faith leaders, and grassroots community organizations all agree that Rene deserves to be released and to return home with his wife and two sons. Rene, thanks to the support from the last CrowdJustice campaign, was able to file an emergency Stay of Removal and a Motion to Reopen his immigration case, which was granted by the Immigration Judge on July 31, 2017. His first immigration hearing now that his case has been reopened is scheduled for August 15, 2017. 

Where your money will go: 

Please donate what you are able to assist in the legal fight to reunite Rene with his wife Jasmine and his two sons, Justus and Josiah. We are on a very short timeline to prevent Rene's deportation to Cuba. 

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