Justice for Pankhurst

by Guinness Partnership Fire Victims

Justice for Pankhurst

by Guinness Partnership Fire Victims
Guinness Partnership Fire Victims
Case Owner
A group of former residents seeking answers and a fair outcome.
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Guinness Partnership Fire Victims
Case Owner
A group of former residents seeking answers and a fair outcome.
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Who are we?

We are former residents of Pankhurst Avenue, Brighton. We have been traumatised and displaced by a major fire which occurred in September 2019. 

What's at stake?

We want to understand how safety defects meant a balcony fire spread through the entire building in only 17 minutes taking our homes, and for many, all of our possessions. 

Now we're taking legal action against the The Guinness Partnership (one of the UK's Largest Housing Associations) who are responsible for Pankhurst Avenue. 

We want to send a clear message:

  • The ticking timebomb of unsafe housing cannot continue 
  • The scandal of sub-standard social housing needs to end now

What happened at Pankhurst Avenue?

On the evening of 20 September 2019 a fire on a balcony spread through the building's wooden cladding into the roof space which had missing fire compartmentalisation. The fire lead to the complete failure of the timber framed building. 

We believe deaths were only avoided at Pankhurst Avenue as residents ignored the "stay put policy" and self-evacuated, bravely assisted by neighbours from the adjacent blocks and houses. This was recognised by the Fire Service: 

"Fire Action notices were in the communal stairwells which advised occupants to stay in their flats... it appears occupants did not pay heed to this advice and evacuated immediately... the speed and extent of the fire development showed this to be a rather fortuitous move."  East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service.

Since September 2019 the residents of the neighbouring blocks and houses not effected by the fire have also been displaced - unable to return to their homes until "remedial safety works"  were completed. The Guinness Partnership have now admitted the entire site will be demolished. We feel this clearly shows the homes at Pankhurst Avenue are beyond repair and unfit for habitation.

The Guinness Partnership must be held accountable for putting people's lives at risk by selling and renting them such dangerous homes.  

Why are we raising funds?

We are raising funds for our Legal Case. We need your support: please contribute and share this page now! 

Initially, we are seeking to raise £7000 to cover legal costs and third party expenses. With the help of our Legal Team we are working to prove a breach of duty/negligence.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our Case, please spread the message by sharing this page.  

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