TRUTH & JUSTICE FOR ONESE - Support our request for a fresh inquest

by Ann Power

TRUTH & JUSTICE FOR ONESE - Support our request for a fresh inquest

by Ann Power
Ann Power
Case Owner
In August 1997 my husband, Onese Power, was killed during a high speed police pursuit through the streets of Camden. I am now seeking a fresh Inquest to find the truth about what happened.
on 02nd May 2017
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Ann Power
Case Owner
In August 1997 my husband, Onese Power, was killed during a high speed police pursuit through the streets of Camden. I am now seeking a fresh Inquest to find the truth about what happened.

Latest: March 10, 2019

New Inquest into the death of Onese Power Concluded

We are now able to report that our family has had the long awaited second inquest into Onese's death.  However, our feelings are that we are not happy with the way the inquest itself was con…

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My husband, Onese Power, was just 51 when he suffered fatal injuries during a dangerous high speed police pursuit on 17th August 1997.  In February 1998, after hearing some evidence of an alleged contact between a pursuing police car and my husband's motorbike an inquest jury returned an inconclusive 'Open Verdict'.

During the course of the inquest I felt that the internal police investigation was insufficient, but I felt powerless to do anything about it at the time.

 After twenty years my sons and I are still fighting for answers concerning my husband's death.  We passionately believe that all deaths involving the police must be investigated properly  and explored in much greater detail than happened in Onese's case. We are asking for help in our struggle to ensure that we secure a full and fearless fresh inquest into his death.  We also want to raise public awareness about the need to ensure that, in the wake of controversial deaths, bereaved families are not left living in limbo,  perhaps for the rest of their lives.  

MY JOURNEY 17/8/97 to date

One Sunday evening, 20 years ago, there was a knock on my front door that would bring the news that everyone dreads, news that would change my life and that of my three sons forever;  that on the morning of Sunday 17th August 1997 my husband Onese (aged 51 and known as Tony to his friends) had died, following a police pursuit through the streets of Camden, North London.

During the course of the Inquest it became clear that the internal police investigation failed to carry out crucial forensic examination of the unreported damage to the offside of the police car and the end of Onese's left motorcycle handlebar.  This failing and many other controversial aspects of the investigation left our family with more questions than answers.

I represented myself and my three sons at the Inquest.  I received no prior disclosure of information from the police, despite requesting it, and I had no knowledge of the inquest process. As a lay person I did my best to make sense of what was going on, but I was no match for the legal team representing the police. 

In the 20 years since then, I have fought numerous times to have the case reinvestigated.  There are many unanswered questions surrounding the circumstances of my husband's death and there is strong evidence that the original investigation was deeply flawed.

I have written many letters to the various Met Commissions who have come and gone since my husband's death, but to no avail.  Eventually, in 2015, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe released a previously suppressed report that opened the door to getting the support of the Attorney General for a fresh inquest.

With the help of a sympathetic barrister, I asked the Attorney General for permission (known as the AG's fiat) to apply to the High Court for a fresh inquest.

The Attorney General's support is a great victory in our fight to find out what really happened to Onese on that fateful day.  We are a massive step closer in getting to the truth that my family and I deserve.  But the struggle is not yet over. 


Having now obtained permission to go the High Court  I am seeking help and support to go forward with this application for a new inquest to determine how Onese came to lose his life on 17th August 1997.  To do this I have engaged the services of a very experienced and tenacious legal team to act on behalf of myself and my family to persuade the High Court Judge(s) that a fresh Inquest, vigorously examining the events leading up to Onese's death and the ensuing investigation, is in the public interest.  This is not just important for myself and my sons, but is of paramount importance to the public that deaths involving the police are explored in much greater detail.  Public authorities must carry out sufficient and transparent investigations so as to leave no doubt or ambiguity as to how loved ones have died.  We should not have been left with more questions than answers.  Nor should we still be waiting for the truth twenty years later.


I am initially hoping to raise £3000 to go towards the costs incurred in the application to the High Court for permission to open a new inquest and the services of a specialist litigation team who are experienced in dealing with such cases where it is 'nigh on impossible' for the ordinary lay person like myself to challenge the failings of public authorities. 

Getting a new Inquest will not only  help to bring about truth, peace and closure for myself and my sons but will also help to bring into public awareness the need for transparency from the outset of such investigations and not put families through years of fighting for truth and justice just to find out what is their RIGHT  - the right to know how their loved ones died.

I and my sons would like to thank you all so much for any support you can help us with, and in sharing our story.

 Ann Power

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Update 9

Ann Power

March 10, 2019

New Inquest into the death of Onese Power Concluded

We are now able to report that our family has had the long awaited second inquest into Onese's death.  However, our feelings are that we are not happy with the way the inquest itself was conducted.

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us through this long arduous, emotional journey.  Myself, Glen, Neil and Scott would also like to give special thanks to our legal team, Leslie Thomas QC at the beginning, Daniel Machover - Solicitor, and Sean Horstead - Barrister who fearlessly represented our family at the Inquest. If it were not for their unwavering focus and dedication to our case we would never have got this far. We could not have had any one better fighting our corner.

Our eternal thanks,

The Power Family

Below is an extract from the charity INQUEST who has also supported us.

Before HM Senior Coroner Mary Hassell
St Pancras Coroner’s Court
25 February to 8 March 2019

Onese Power suffered fatal injuries during a dangerous high-speed Metropolitan Police pursuit in Kentish Town, London on 17 August 1997. An inquest in February 1998 returned an ‘open verdict’, leaving the family with more questions than answers.

Today, a fresh inquest has concluded that Onese Power died in a Road Traffic Collision, with the jury finding the duration and intensity of the pursuit contributed to his death. In a narrative conclusion they noted that, once engaged in the pursuit, the required ongoing assessment of risk by police officers was inadequate, given the escalation of risk, especially from Patshull Road onwards. They also noted that this escalation was inadequately assessed by the pursuing officers and was not communicated to central command, meaning the pursuit continued.

Although the jury concluded that there was ‘insufficient evidence to determine if close proximity between the police car and Mr Power’s bike in Royal College Street was a contributory factor to the collision’, the evidence heard at the inquest made it clear that if the police had terminated the pursuit before Royal College Street, as the jury’s conclusion indicates, this death would have been prevented.

The inquest heard evidence that Onese nearly came off his bike on several occasions when going over speed bumps on Pathsull Road prior to the collision. Additionally, the the police driver nearly knocked over a member of the public on a bicycle, but none of this was relayed back to the control room. In contrast to the original hearing, this inquest also heard evidence of Onese slowing down and a potential closing in of the pursuit car.

This jury was directed that Onese was likely to be doing a maximum speed of 59 miles per hour (mph) about 70 metres from the collision, braking very hard to slow down to probably 32mph. The 1998 jury was directed that at the same 70 metre point he was travelling at least 72mph, which gave a completely false picture of the final seconds of the pursuit.

In December 2017 the original inquest conclusion was  quashed by the high court and this fresh inquest was ordered. This came after the family spent over two decades battling for the truth, and with the assistance of a legal team funded by  crowdjustice donations. Without legal funding at the original inquest, Onese’s widow, Ann Power, represented the family on her own. In contrast, an experienced barrister acted for the police at public expense.

Deficiencies in the first inquest included the police’s refusal to disclose witness statements to Ann Power, denying her the opportunity to properly question officers on their identical accounts of the pursuit and collision. At the original inquest there were also failures to investigate marks on the police car which could have been caused by the impact with the motor bike, (in fact these marks were actually rubbed off by the investsigating officer). All these matters were fully explored at the second inquest.

Ann Power, the widow of Onese Power, said: As far as I’m concerned, my husband was chased to his death. In the words of the police driver,  - ‘The intention was for it to stop, however, that was gonna happen. I mean there was always the possibility that he would crash.’     -   Make of that what you will.

To read more vist here -

Update 8

Ann Power

Oct. 30, 2018

truth & justice for onese power

We are able to report that yesterday 29th October 2018 we had our second Pre Inquest Review (PIR)  -  The INQUEST itself looks set for Monday 25th February 2019 10 am. at St Pancras Coroners Court. This hearing was to check the progress of locating previous witness, retrieving as much information previously unknown to us etc and the legal team acting on my behalf are leaving no stone unturned.  There are still quite a few things to be put in place and in order to check that we have everything, another Pre Inquest Review is scheduled for some time in January 2019.  We will update our page at that time.   This has been a long, emotional and gruelling journey but we are almost there and we are so glad we didn't give up (and believe me, with the obstacles continuously facing us and the length of time it has taken, we nearly did give up, BUT for the unwavering support and faith in our case we have ,received from our Solicitor Daniel Machover, Barrister Leslie Thomas QC and Barrister Sean Horstead, together with everyone who has supported our campaign to help make all this possible.   Best wishes to you all,  Ann, Glen Neil and Scott

Update 7

Ann Power

April 21, 2018


Just to update this campaign.  Following a hard fought struggle, helped enormously by the support and generous donations from people who wish us well, not to mention the unwavering support from my solicitor and barrister, we had a court hearing on the 21st November 2017 in the High Court (Royal Courts of Justice, London) presided over by two High Court Judges, and on the 5th December 2017 were granted an Order for the original inquest to be quashed and a new inquest to be held; concluding that the significant deficiencies in the original process (1998) far outweigh the lapse of time.   This has been a profound victory for us as a family.  We are now in the process of working towards the new inquest and will update the page nearer the time.

Many thanks to you all and best wishes from,

Ann, Glen, Neil, Scott Power.

Update 6

Ann Power

June 11, 2017


We have just been notified that a hearing, requesting a new inquest, has been fixed for the 28th June 2017.   We thank you all for your support which has helped us get this far.  We will keep you posted of events.

Best wishes to you all,

Ann and Family

Update 5

Ann Power

May 13, 2017


The wheels of justice grind slowly but as an update we have been informed  that our solicitors should receive notification of a listing appointment via a letter from the court in about two weeks’ time and that the date of the Hearing will be fixed at the listing appointment.  Once we receive more information we will update you accordingly.  We would like to thank you all once again for your generous support which is helping us enormously to take things forward.

Ann Power

Update 4

Ann Power

May 2, 2017


Today would have been Onese's 71st birthday and it is only fitting that we choose this day to say a very personal thank you to everyone who is supporting us in OUR time of need  -  20 years on, this is OUR time.  For the people who know us and the people who don't know us - A HEARTFELT THANK YOU.

Ann Power

Update 3

Ann Power

April 24, 2017



We are overwhelmed by the kind, sincere and generous support you are showing for our campaign and cannot thank you all enough.  This campaign is not just for us - we hope it will have meaning for everyone that without truth there is no justice.  

Update 2

Ann Power

April 22, 2017

Nearly half way to reaching our first target!


Just one full day in to the campaign and we are nearly halfway to reaching our first target of £3k 

This is so heartening for us.

Ann & Boys x

Update 1

Ann Power

April 21, 2017

We are so delighted with your support!

Thank-you all so much for your support and generosity so early into our campaign. It means so much!

Ann and boys x

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