Back our Fight to Bring Andrew Tate to Justice in the UK

by Four survivors of Andrew Tate's violent and misogynistic ideology

Back our Fight to Bring Andrew Tate to Justice in the UK

by Four survivors of Andrew Tate's violent and misogynistic ideology
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Andrew Tate is a name most people unfortunately know.  Years before he was a household name, he was reported to the UK police for violent acts of rape and abuse against women.  We know this because it was some of us that reported him.

We filed complaints with the authorities for rape and physical abuse in 2014 and 2015 alongside witness testimony and damning documentary evidence. After multiple delays, the police didn’t pass this evidence to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) until 2019 - four years later.  The CPS then decided not to take the matter any further.  This potentially negligent conduct resulted in Andrew Tate being free to move to Romania and commit more alleged crimes against women for which he is now awaiting trial.  This could have been stopped

This is why we are now bringing a civil case against Andrew Tate.  Not only for damages for the harm and loss we have suffered, but in the hope that it will prompt a reopening of the criminal investigation in the UK.  It’s our one remaining route to hold him accountable and stop anyone else suffering what we have suffered - but we need your help.

For this case to reach the court we need to pay legal costs, which includes the fees of barristers, experts, and the courts.  £50,000 will be needed for this initial process to be possible.

We are confident there are other UK victims who have yet to come forward and by bringing this case, we hope to empower them to do so.  We want to show that we, as survivors, can stand up to him and that his despicable actions have consequences.  And we want to show him for what he really is and release impressionable young boys from his toxic hold.

Human rights lawyers and public-interest litigators, McCue Jury & Partners, have agreed to take on our case, and for every £1 raised they will offer double the support.

With your help we can show Tate’s other suspected victims that they will not be abandoned, and we will begin to fix a broken system that neglects women like us.

Please donate what you can.  Every contribution helps.  

Thank you for being a part of this.

Andrew Tate Survivors, UK

We are obliged to state that Andrew Tate has denied these allegations and previous allegations of this nature.

If you or anyone you know has experienced something sexual that you did not want, didn’t consent to or are feeling confused about, please contact Rape Crisis England and Wales.  The 24/7 Rape & Sexual Abuse Support Line is a free phone and online chat service  for anyone aged 16+ in England and Wales– no matter when or where it happened. The Support Line is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for victims and survivors of any gender. Specialist staff are there to listen, answer questions and offer emotional support.

0808 500 2222

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