Stop the Haverstock Hill cycle lanes - consult communities first!

by Amit Shah

Stop the Haverstock Hill cycle lanes - consult communities first!

by Amit Shah
Amit Shah
Case Owner
Local resident who lives on Haverstock Hill, works in the area, supports local businesses, and has a strong sense of community spirit.
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Amit Shah
Case Owner
Local resident who lives on Haverstock Hill, works in the area, supports local businesses, and has a strong sense of community spirit.
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Thanks for coming to support my case.  Your contribution will be vital to allow me to stop the London Borough of Camden and similar councils introducing wide-ranging, community-changing transport changes without proper oversight.

The case has been covered by the Camden New Journal here and the Mail on Sunday here.


Camden Council has decided to remove all parking bays along a mile of Haverstock Hill in Belsize Park and replace them with two cycle lanes without any consultation whatsoever.  Businesses have said this will force them to close, and older and disabled residents have said this would have a deleterious impact on them.

Camden has done this without any consultation – and indeed tried to cover it up until the decision was already made.

Camden and other councils are using Covid as an excuse not to consult the public – and I want to stop them.

Who am I? 

I’m a local resident and live on Haverstock Hill, where the cycle lanes are going up.  I love the area in which I’ve grown up and don’t want to see my local independent shops close over this.

I am also concerned by the impact on traffic – I have severe allergic reactions (anaphylaxis) and free-flowing traffic to the Royal Free Hospital is a matter of life and death for me and many others.  This scheme would jeopardise that, as it would remove all ability of vehicles to overtake buses when they stop: creating huge tail-backs.

What are we trying to achieve? 

I am trying to save local shops in Hampstead, Belsize Park, and Steele's Village, as well as help disabled and elderly residents who will be severely impacted.  We know the proposal is unpopular, but the council doesn't care – Camden and other councils are using the cover of Covid to make wide-ranging and long-term changes to the area without any oversight or accountability.

I think it’s only right that everyone should get their say in a full and proper consultation before their communities are irrevocably changed – as the law requires.

The scheme should be looked at again, with the constructive feedback given with alternative routes for cyclists or be scrapped.  From Highgate to Camden Town, Camden Council and TfL have implemented schemes that have made traffic worse and I want to put a stop to that in Camden and further afield.

What is our plan?

I am raising funds to obtain legal advice and to bring a claim for judicial review against Camden Council if necessary.

I have sent a formal legal letter (Pre-Action Protocol Letter / Letter Before Action) - an important preliminary step towards bringing a claim – and am awaiting a response from Camden Council. The council has begun preliminary works on the cycle lanes already, with substantive works to begin in January, so there's no time to lose.

The claim rests on two points.  First, the Department for Transport has made clear that local authorities have to consult residents and businesses on the impact - Camden has flatly refused to abide by this.  Second, Camden is using an Experimental Traffic Order (ETO) to avoid any scrutiny – this is despite the law allowing ETOs only to conduct trials, whereas Camden has made clear the scheme will be permanent.

How much we are raising and why?

My target is to raise between £10,000 to £25,000.  So far, I have spent £7,000 obtaining legal advice and sending a formal legal letter to Camden stating the claim.  Further funds would be required if this matter goes to judicial review by the High Court.

Together, we can make a different on Haverstock Hill, across Camden, and far beyond.  But to do that, I need your support.  Thank you to everyone that backs my case.

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    No wonder people feel so powerless when councils behave like this - even though the scheme was thoroughly opposed. Simply an awful: there are very few cyclists using it, it is causing undue damage to local businesses, and it is dangerous (for too many reasons to mention here!).
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    Am so angry about Camden decision to bring in cycle lanes in Haverstock Hill , doing away with vital parking for residents and businesses . This is killing our local area for residents and visitors . Hope my small pledge will make a difference to overturn the decision . Waste of taxpayers money!
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    About time citizens and residents stood up to autocratic, Labour (monoply) Camden council and dysfunctional environment/sustainability leadership

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