#FreePeriods: It's Time to Take Legal Action to End Period Poverty

by Amika George

#FreePeriods: It's Time to Take Legal Action to End Period Poverty

by Amika George
Amika George
Case owner
Amika started #FreePeriods in April 2017 when she was 17. Her aim is to eradicate period poverty in the UK and globally, so no child misses out on an education because of their period.
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Amika George
Case owner
Amika started #FreePeriods in April 2017 when she was 17. Her aim is to eradicate period poverty in the UK and globally, so no child misses out on an education because of their period.
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One year ago, in December 2017, I stood outside Downing Street with 2,000 young people, to protest period poverty in the UK. We called on the government to tackle the issue by providing free menstrual products in schools. 

Despite horrific reports in the media that 1 in 10 girls have struggled to afford pads and tampons, and many have missed school for a week every month, or even gone to school using toilet paper, newspaper, or old clothes instead, we are yet to see any meaningful policy change.

The Scottish government has made history by ensuring free access to menstrual products in all schools, colleges and universities. The Welsh government pledged £1m to address period poverty. 

In England, we are being left behind.

Together with the Red Box Project and with the support of The Pink Protest, #FreePeriods is launching a campaign to shout out about this silent barrier to achieving full equality. Equal access to education is a fundamental human right and no one should miss school because they cannot afford pads and tampons. These products must be provided for free in every school and college.

We are calling on the government to take action to ensure that EVERY schoolchild has access to the menstrual products they need. 

We need funds to push forward this next phase and ensure that we present a robust legal case, so that not one child misses school because of their period. Funds will be used for exploratory legal work and in support of the broader legal campaign.

Free Periods is being advised by the human rights team at Law firm Hausfeld & Co.

Periods should not hold us back. Please join us by supporting and funding our campaign. 

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Donate and share THIS CrowdJustice page

Share the FREE PERIODS FILM, made by Emmy-award winning filmmaker, Lina Plioplyte, featuring Amika and ten schoolgirls from schools in London

Share our FREE PERIODS POSTERS, and mission on social media to raise awareness (here are some examples, but feel free to change as you wish!):

'#FreePeriods launches new legal campaign for equal access to education, because NO child should miss school because they have their period. Be a part of this change. Find out how to get involved’ https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/freeperiods''

“I am part of the #FreePeriods movement and I’m calling for an end to period poverty. We need free menstrual products in ALL schools. Help us fund our new legal campaign to make this happen. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/freeperiods ”

“#FreePeriods launches new legal campaign, so all students can access free menstrual products at school. Find out how to get involved. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/freeperiods

Follow our Instagram and Twitter, and visit www.freeperiods.org for more information on the campaign and to find out how you can get involved. 

About us

We are Free Periods. Our aim is to ensure that every young person in the UK has access to free, universally available menstrual products in their schools and colleges, and that this is funded by the UK government.


Amika George

Amika founded #FreePeriods when she was 17. Now 19 and at university, she has received global recognition for her campaigning work, including receiving a Goalkeepers award by Bill & Melinda Gates, in conjunction with the United Nations, and was recently listed by TIME magazine as one of the 25 most influential teenagers in the world. 

The Pink Protest

The Pink Protest is a community of feminist activists committed to engaging in action and supporting each other. Founded by Scarlett Curtis, Grace Campbell, Alice Skinner and Honey Ross, they organise events and campaigns allowing young people to get involved with real, grassroots activism.

The Red Box Project’s Anna Miles, Clegg Bamber and Gemma Abbott

The Red Box Project is a national community project working to provide free access to period products in local schools. The Red Box Project has over 200 projects run by volunteer coordinators across the UK and is committed to supporting young people to access period products until the government steps in. 

Janvi Patel     

Chairwoman and co-founder of Halebury, a pioneering NewLaw firm, and advisory board member of Equality Now.

Free Periods Limited is a company limited by guarantee, with the registered address of 1st Floor, Kirkland House, 11-15 Peterborough Road, Harrow, Middlesex, United Kingdom, HA1 2AX.

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