End the Quarantine

by A concerned citizen

End the Quarantine

by A concerned citizen
A concerned citizen
Case Owner
I am a solicitor and UK businessman and have chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect the identity of my children in this legal battle.
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A concerned citizen
Case Owner
I am a solicitor and UK businessman and have chosen to remain anonymous in order to protect the identity of my children in this legal battle.
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Who am I?

I am a UK solicitor and businessman with two school-aged children. Upon return from our summer holiday in Croatia we have in simple language been placed under house arrest (now known as quarantine). 

My case

Like many other holidaymakers, business people and other travellers, our lives have been significantly affected by this policy. Additionally, many people have been put off travelling and this is destroying the travel industry both here and abroad. Accordingly, we have decided to challenge these regulations. 

As a result of new government laws that took effect in June 2020, tens of thousands of people visiting or returning to the UK from many countries including EU countries are being subjected to 2 weeks of house arrest.

The Grounds of the judicial review, which set out the legal case in full, are here.

What's at stake?

Children are having to miss school and families are unable to return to work. The impacts on daily life both financially and socially are significant. Unlike during ‘lockdown’ which for many was bad enough, these regulations are even more stringent as you are not entitled to exercise outside of your house or flat. My family and I live in a flat and we are not even allowed to step outside for some fresh air. In fact, only one member of the household is allowed to get the shopping.

Many have unquestioningly accepted this state of affairs as the government has misled us to believe that these measures are backed by science. They are not. 

People will be stunned to learn that the government has introduced these draconian measures without any scientific studies to back them up. In other words these measures are entirely arbitrary and irrational. As such it is my contention that these laws were passed illegally.

The government has done so on the pretext that it is for our protection. If that is so, one has to query why they have not provided any scientific evidence. On the contrary, the Deputy Chief Medical Officer and SAGE have advised against it.

I travel abroad with my family around six times per year which, if these regulations are allowed to continue, would potentially mean having to be under conditions of house arrest for almost a quarter of our lives each year.

Until 2020 house arrest was something reserved for criminals. In a free and democratic society, it is unacceptable for governments to make laws depriving individuals let alone large sections of the population of their fundamental right to liberty.

How can you help?

I would ask all those who feel the same way especially those in the travel industry who have been devastated by these measures to back our legal battle and donate on CrowdJustice.

Our initial target is £10,000 to cover the legal fees of issuing Judicial Review proceedings in the High Court. The total sum needed to progress this complex and important challenge will be many times this. Once the initial target is met, the stretch target will be increased as the case goes on. Substantially more funding will allow me to instruct a solicitors firm and to acquire more resources that will be needed to take on the government in a case of great importance to all travellers and the UK economy

We publish the grounds of appeal above and will publish other court documents and keep the public informed of the key steps in the legal battle.

Thank you all for your support!

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