Help Us To Get Our Money Back

by Steven Egan

Help Us To Get Our Money Back

by Steven Egan
Steven Egan
I am a former substantial Media Corporation Plc. shareholder who is working closely with a significant number of customers as we seek to regain our allegedly stolen cash
on 02nd June 2017
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Steven Egan
I am a former substantial Media Corporation Plc. shareholder who is working closely with a significant number of customers as we seek to regain our allegedly stolen cash


I and other customers of a company named Purple Lounge allege that millions of pounds of our cash was stolen by London based former directors of Purple Lounge's parent company. We further claim that regulatory failings significantly enabled the alleged theft to take place. Between the date that our cash first went missing and today the previous directors we identify have given no indication that they intend to return the cash we allege they stole from us. Consequently we are left with no other option than to commence civil legal action if we are to ever recover the millions of pounds which is rightfully ours. 

Brief Background.   

Purple Lounge was an online gaming site which had over 120,000 registered customers. It benefitted from full European regulation provided by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta and was owned by Media Corporation Plc., a company listed on the London Stock Exchange Alternative Investment Market. Without warning Purple Lounge ceased operating its website in April 2012 resulting in customers being left owed millions of pounds in cash. These millions of pounds remain missing today.

Do we have sufficient evidence to win our case?

Yes. As a former substantial shareholder in Media Corporation Plc. for some time I had direct and regular personal access to a number of the previous Media Corporation Plc. directors we name here. In addition to working closely with a very significant number of Purple Lounge registered customers I also have a claim of my own for some of the cash we allege was stolen. These elements combine to give me a unique insight into events overall. Most importantly this insight is supported by substantial amounts of tangible and compelling evidence which has been provided by and gathered from multiple sources over an extended period of time. It is our intention that by issuing proceedings this will be the first step in making that whole body of evidence publicly and lastingly available to all.

Please Donate.

Following the alleged theft and claimed multiple regulatory failings, donations are sought to help in funding High Court proceedings against those alleged to be directly responsible for customer losses. In this way we intend that these parties should be publicly held to account for their actions. Donations made however will not only help to achieve this end but will also help more widely by highlighting the alleged contributory regulatory failings which we say exposed and continue to expose many thousands of people to unnecessary and wholly avoidable financial risk.

What happens if you donate?

If you donate your donation will be used directly in helping us to pursue our case. This includes the issuing of proceedings in the High Court of London as quickly and as economically as the law allows against the parties we allege are directly responsible for Purple Lounge customer losses. Those parties are former Media Corporation Plc. directors Jason Drummond, Justin Drummond, Nilesh Jagatia and Christopher Gorman. Your donation, no matter how small, will help ensure those proceedings are issued.  

Would your donation really make that much difference overall?

Yes it would. We believe that it is extremely important that the issues covered within our case receive significant public attention. For example one of the parties we have identified, Jason Drummond, currently has a Personal Management License issued by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Drummond is also a director and major shareholder of another company named Gametech UK Limited which until very recently was also licensed by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. Gametech recently voluntarily surrendered that license with Gametech being placed into Administration. Through our evidence we allege that Jason Drummond played a significant role in the theft of Purple Lounge customers' cash. That evidence reveals a number of distinct parallels between Purple Lounge and Gametech UK Limited which include both being a licensed online gambling related business which became insolvent after receiving and holding cash deposits on behalf of their customers. To be absolutely clear, we do not allege that any cash which may or may not currently be owed to Gametech customers is missing or has been stolen or that Jason Drummond has been involved in any wrongdoing whatsoever through Gametech UK Limited. We do make it clear however that if our allegations had already been judged in court as true then it is our belief that neither Jason Drummond, or any company he is a director of, would ever have received a license from the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. By issuing legal proceedings we therefore aim not only to get our money back but to help ensure that others in the future are not exposed to unknown and unnecessary financial risk through dealings they may have with any and all the parties we name here. This aim extends to bringing wider attention and awareness to a number of regulatory failings we claim to have discovered relating to the Alternative Investment Market and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Additional detail about our case may be found by clicking on the link below: 


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