Sussex Police Fail Investigating CSA+DEATH on Beach! We need JUSTICE

by Michael Wall

Sussex Police Fail Investigating CSA+DEATH on Beach! We need JUSTICE

by Michael Wall
Michael Wall
Case Owner
I'm 47, lived and grew up in Lancing, and Shoreham, W Sussex. I've worked 25yrs in the music industry as a DJ/Producer, and as a Senior Support worker for children in local state care.
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Michael Wall
Case Owner
I'm 47, lived and grew up in Lancing, and Shoreham, W Sussex. I've worked 25yrs in the music industry as a DJ/Producer, and as a Senior Support worker for children in local state care.
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Hello, I am Michael James Wall (aka DJ Wax Worx).  I'm the younger blood brother and closest personal relative to the late Timothy Jon Wall.  We were born and bred in Shoreham by Sea, West Sussex, near Brighton, and all this has happened in our hometown.

I need to know what really happened to my brother, how he came to die on the beach that day, and ensure all perpetrators are stopped, and brought to justice.

I am fighting for my life and rights, i'm reaching out for HELP to get a thorough investigation launched into my brothers untimely and unnatural death, along with the serious historic child sexual & physical abuse and domestic reports to all be linked.

Please help me to crowdfund for the discounted legal fees kindly offered by OJ Solictor, to enable me to stand up and get justice for my brother, myself, my wife, my foster brothers, and ultimately speak up for every other victim & survivor of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse, that's being shunned and silenced.

I hope for a full judicial review of the whole case in mine, my family's and the public interest

Standing alongside me is my wife Elen (aka Sacha) Wall), and two of my long term foster brothers, Ross Coalbran and Jason Mountenay.

Help me hold Sussex Police and Mental Health Services to account for the graphic failures, negligence, misconduct, clear corruption and council cover up in this case. Help me to show them what's gone wrong, and stop it happening again and again, we are losing too many loved ones before their time.

Representing me is leading specialist criminal lawyer Oliver Al-Falah.  Oliver has very generously been looking over the evidence in this case on a pro-bono basis for nearly a year.  Due to the size and complexity we are now appealing for public support to help us campaign to raise the funds to cover his kindly discounted fee.  this will enable him to take the necessary actions, and dedicate the time necessary to try and bring this case to justice and light. The initial target is £2500.

We are raising the funds so that he can present this case, and all the hard evidence we have to Sussex Police. We need help and we hope to get a full Judicial review and for my brothers Inquest to eventually be re-held, with all the relevant information that was omitted by Sussex police and NHS included in the evidence this time.

Anything you can do I am humbly grateful for, I know money is tight, just a share really helps, thank you to friends, family, followers and supporters, blessings to you all. 🙏🤝

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My beloved father figure brother, Timothy Jon Wall, 54yrs old, tragically lost his life on Friday 30.10.2020 on Shoreham Beach

The police actually decided there was ‘no suspicious circumstances’ within 3MINUTES of him being pronounced dead at 1:58pm.

Tim was wearing his dog walking blue Puffa anorak jacket, blue jumper, brown trousers and blue trainers, fully clothed, shoes and socks still on when he died. He had his wallet on him with £167 in cash and 5 bank cards. His phone was not on his body. It was allegedly found a day later, buried in a sock drawer, it had been WIPED. Police said they could not access it.

There were 2 witnesses on the beach that day

The first witness, a woman with her kids, saw Tim ALIVE, in the water, he was coming in AGAINST THE TIDE.  She called to him, he had managed to slump himself over the riptide rocks by the time she was running up the beach and calling her husband, a police officer for help.

There was a 2nd witness, a hooded man, standing on the beach. He watched this all happen for roughly 20mins. By the time the first witness had run to the car to put her kids in and got back down the beach, he was now standing over my brothers body lying further up the beach.

This man’s statement says he was a lone wind surfer, checking the weather on the beach, he called 999, said he was doing mouth to mouth resuscitation through his cupped hand, but while on the phone to them his phone line went dead…

The ambulance was the first to then reach the scene after that at 13:52, they didn’t do CPR, pronounced him dead at 13:58.  The coroner's assistant John Halloran was called to attend at 2:01pm, told no 3rd party involvement.

The police say they lifted up his jacket, couldn’t see any marks and made that shocking immediate assumption.

I now know, police then went to his new flat address, they also sent a welfare check to my mothers house.  She said she 'was fine' they DID NOT TELL HER that her son was was dead on the beach and left her alone at the house.

At 3.06pm, a lone officer knocked on my front door, I knew this officer, he had also come to my mothers house in May 2020, while my brother was in hospital.

He came in and gave me the official DEATH MESSAGE, he then told me it was on the beach and asked if my brother had a BOAT...

I live in Henfield, 20 min drive, 10 miles from the beach. 


Please go to my socials and blog for further case info, join Whistleblowers case FB group HERE

Call to action - We need to raise the initial target for our Lawyer to put this case together, the rest for him to be able to see it through, until completion. 

What are we trying to achieve? Stop the abuse on me and get the truth of how my brother died, justice for him and all those who've reported historic sexual abuse. Highlight how we have and are being failed and treated by the Police, and NHS mental health services, and eventually get the compensation we deserve, I've been left with nothing, i've spent a fortune in time, money and energy in last 4years, been left traumatised, financially crippled and cut out of my family inheritance. I need help, support and justice and i'm not afraid to reach out with love and truth and fight for justice.

What is the next step in the case? For Tims death investigation to be fully investigated, by a new officers, Sussex NHS review and investigation, and eventually then his Inquest re-held, with all the necessary and relevant information that was not disclosed, all reports linked. Hold Sussex Police and Sussex Partnership trust accountable

How much we are raising and why? - £2500 to instruct, £10,000 stretch for legal support through to completion. 

Every donation and share helps, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for anything you can contribute to this cause. 

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