Targeted, harassed and falsely labelled a fascist

by DC Miller

Targeted, harassed and falsely labelled a fascist

by DC Miller
DC Miller
Case Owner
I am an artist and writer.
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DC Miller
Case Owner
I am an artist and writer.
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Along with my friends and colleagues, I've been targeted and harassed online and falsely labelled a “neo-Nazi” and a “fascist”. Help DC Miller and Nina Power to get justice. 

My name is DC Miller. I'm an artist and writer. In 2017, I counter-protested against an ‘anti-fascist’ campaign to shut-down the independent London art gallery LD50. I did this in support of the freedom of artistic expression and to defend open discussion against violence and intimidation. I was assaulted by protestors, and have been attacked, defamed and threatened on multiple occasions ever since. I stand by my actions. I wrote an article about what happened. 

In 2018 I began to be targeted, along with other artists who have been critical of ‘cancel culture’, by an ‘anti-fascist’ activist, artist and social media user named Luke Turner. Over the last twelve months, Turner has repeatedly claimed that I'm a violent neo-Nazi under police investigation for making death threats against him. Turner has also claimed that I’m the author of an article entitled 'Towards a Hitlerian Disability Politics' in which I call for the state-mandated euthanasia of disabled people. 

These allegations are completely untrue. Turner has nonetheless refused to retract his claims, and his relentless campaign of harassment against me (and others) is ongoing to this day.

Luke Turner is not only targeting me, but also directs his harassment against my friends and associates, including my colleague, the philosopher Nina Power, because of her connection with me. His continued campaign has left us with no option but to issue legal action.  

Mr Turner’s accusations that I am a violent Nazi and supporter of Hitler is a cynical attempt to curtail freedom of expression through intimidation and harassment, by associating a principled defence of free speech with the most damaging label conceivable. 

Because Nina and I both believe that standing-up to this activity is necessary and urgent, we feel obligated to bring a legal action against Luke Turner for libel and harassment. 

This legal action is intended to seek justice for the harm his comments have caused us, to put a stop to his campaign, and make a stand against the broader culture of motivated individuals using internet-based tactics of defamation, harassment, manipulation and intimidation to silence and destroy anyone they disagree with.

We are therefore asking for financial contributions from the public to bring forward a legal case. Everyone committed to these same principles is invited to contribute.

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    I'm a former university Prof. I was harassed off social media and out of academia by radical feminists and critical race theorists. All I did was question the historical relationship between violence and patriarchy and Stuart Hall's work on consumption. Best of luck and I hope this sets precedent.
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    Soldier on
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    I am convinced Luke Turner's bad faith political attacks are used to not only hurt anyone who disagrees with his frat boy sloganeering, but to also hide the fact his *art* is terrible - his work is just an old cable news show starring Luke's giant bobblehead boorishly shouting partisan platitudes 😴

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