Black man dies under police restraint

by #Justice4MouayedBashir

Black man dies under police restraint

by #Justice4MouayedBashir
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Mouayed Bashir, a 29-year old black man needed help. Police arrived but restrained him, and he died. We want to find out how he died, and why Gwent Police behaved like this. Then we will take action.
on 03rd March 2021
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Case Owner
Mouayed Bashir, a 29-year old black man needed help. Police arrived but restrained him, and he died. We want to find out how he died, and why Gwent Police behaved like this. Then we will take action.

Latest: Dec. 14, 2021

300 Days

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How did Mouayed die?

On 17 February 2021, Mouayed Bashir, a 29-year old Sudanese man died after being forcibly restrained by Gwent Police at his home in Newport, South Wales.

Police arrived at Mouayed’s home after his parents called 999 when he began to experience a mental health crisis. Several vehicles and a large number of police officers attended the property. 

Although not under arrest, he was placed in handcuffs and leg restraints, and subsequently died.

He had been a victim of a stabbing a few weeks earlier, and during his restraint he lay with police officers on top of him. All attempts to revive him in hospital failed.

Mouayed had long been battling for his mental health. His stabbing and the medication he received for that had added to his stress. His parents wanted him to return to hospital and had been advised to request an escort as he would not leave his room.

Mouayed was in desperate need of care.

Instead, he was forced to the ground and restrained. This was no way to treat an ill man who had recently suffered the trauma of a severe stabbing. There appears to have been no risk assessment, nor was any account taken of his wound. No duty of care was extended to this black man.

The legal case

This case has been referred to the Independent Office of Police Complaints, who will look at police behaviour toward Mouayed. The family have instructed Virgo Consultancy Services Ltd to independently uncover the facts as to what caused his death under police restraint.

What we are trying to achieve

Mouayed’s family and the wider community want honest and transparent answers as to why Gwent Police behaved as they did and how Mouayed died.

Given the long history of black men suffering a mental health crisis who have died after being forcibly restrained by police, we need to ensure that the IOPC investigation is subjected to independent legal scrutiny, which can only be achieved by engaging the services of independent expert witnesses.

The IOPC has a poor record in addressing the concerns of black families. The IOPC must immediately release all records and police bodycam videos to Mouayed’s family with immediate effect.

How much we want to raise and why

In the first instance, we need to raise £5,000 on this platform to independently uncover and challenge the facts behind Mouayed’s death. Further funds may be needed.

Thank you for your support.

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Dec. 14, 2021

300 Days

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Nov. 18, 2021

Revelations from ex South Wales Police officer on corruption in the force

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Sept. 5, 2021

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July 5, 2021

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May 28, 2021

100 Days

100 Days and counting 


Hi everyone,

My name is Mohannad Bashir, I am the older brother of Mouayed Bashir who tragically died on the 17th of February under police restraint at the family home in his own bedroom.

People in the Newport community who knew Mouayed will always remember my brother, as the kind, gentle, caring man in the neighbourhood. Mouayed was the person who showed respect to the elderly and would give you the last penny in his pocket because you need it.

Sadly, the government and the society failed my brother with his mental health. Mouayed found the last few days of his life extremely difficult, especially after he was released early from the hospital with heavy medication after sustaining a life-threatening injury.

The reason why I am sharing this video with you is because, today we officially mark 100 days since officers from the Gwent police department stormed Mouayed’s bedroom at the family home, tasered him, restrained him, told my parents not to interfere with police business and killed him right in-front of their eyes. My parents called for the ambulance not the police, we asked for help not kill.

All the pain and the suffering the family is going through is unbearably traumatising, we are still living at the same house where the parents witnessed their son die right before their eyes. The ongoing battle to relocate through Newport City Homes is nothing but torture. Shame!

Local politicians and members of the welsh council have reached out and sent their condolences to show support to the family and we welcome it. To Ruth Jones and Jessica Morden, the family appreciate your support, but we demand more. We urge you and your colleagues, to take advantage of your platform and spread the word on this campaign. Raise the issues on police brutality and dig deeper into the systemic racism embedded within the force.

Hilary and the legal team are doing their best on the justice for Mouayed campaign, every day we are learning that dealing with the IOPC is not a walk in the park. The constant back and forth requesting for information, taking statements, data gathering, making sure no ex Gwent officers are on the case requires patience.

As it stands, it’s been 100 days since we lost Mouayed with 6,543 people signed the petition requesting for the body cam footage to be released to the family and the legal team. This is more than the 1,204 officers currently working for the Gwent police department. To this day none of the police officers involved in the killing of Mouayed have been suspended or placed under investigation. What is going on?

The community spirit is high, the solidarity from people on social media is strong. A big thank you to the young generation of warriors who helped designing posters, flyers, bus stop banners and covered the country from London bridge to Glasgow to raise awareness on What happened to Mouayed. You can do the same, what we ask from you is to be part of the campaign, stand up to racism, fight for your rights, fight for your kids’ freedom and dignity. How many lives must we sacrifice? What would it take for justice?

There is one thing I’ve noticed personally, during the toughest darkest times. Music can bring people together in harmony. We can all sing from the same sheet if we truly feel the beat. Shout out to Mac from Newport for using his talent and platform singing No justice no Peace. Also, I would like to thank Charlie Willson from Monolith Studio for taking the time to work with Torchbearer to produce and record a tribute song dedicated to Mouayed Bashir.

Keep campaigning for the cause, donate to the crowd justice page, be part of history and join the fight for justice remember THE POWER OF THE PEOPLE IS GREATER THAN THE PEOPLE IN POWER

Thank you

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