Truth for Ann: Help us get an independent investigation

by Ann Maguire's family

Truth for Ann: Help us get an independent investigation

by Ann Maguire's family
on 05th November 2015
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Ann Maguire's family
Case Owner
Ann Maguire's family.

Help us get an inquiry for Ann

Our family suffered a terrible loss when my mother Ann, a teacher, was killed by a student in the classroom. We are now seeking an independent investigation and comprehensive statutory review, for maximum learning and future prevention.

The events leading up to Ann's murder

My mother taught at Corpus Christi Catholic College, a secondary school in Leeds, for 40 years. On 28 April 2014, she was stabbed to death by a pupil while teaching a Spanish lesson. The planned attack took place in the classroom in front of many other pupils. The perpetrator, William "Will" Cornick, who was 15 years old when he committed the murder, was jailed for life with a minimum of 20 years at Leeds Crown Court on 3 November 2014.

Will Cornick pleaded guilty and so although some details are known about the attack, there was never a full criminal trial which went through all the evidence. Neither have we had a full inquest. We wanted Leeds Safeguarding and Children’s Board to hold a Serious Case Review to examine all the facts but they have declined to initiate this and instead are undertaking a local review.

We want a thorough, open and independent review so that all the information can be examined at the appropriate level. It is our view that there were circumstances and events which should have put the professionals on alert and may have led to my mother still being alive today if things had been handled differently. We want documents and evidence to be examined in order that steps can be taken to prevent anything like this happening again.

A terrible precedent

The murder of a school teacher in the classroom was unprecedented in the UK. Sadly, since then, another teacher has been attacked in a classroom setting. It is of utmost importance that my mother’s death is not in vain, and that every stone is turned in seeking the truth about the events that led up to the murder and Will Cornick’s actions.

We are seeking answers through an investigation and inquest

We have already taken initial steps to contact the coroner, safeguarding board and Secretary of State but need the funds to pursue our case. We will also hire a specialist barrister to provide advice and advocacy if we need to pursue court action. We hope to persuade the authorities to independently investigate and act without the need for court proceedings.

Please help us find a way to get my mother’s death properly reviewed by the public bodies who have a power and a duty to do so. An inquiry won’t bring my mother back but it will give us peace.

What we are raising funds to do

We are raising £10,000 to cover the professional legal fees for the work of a specialist legal team who have experience in challenging the failure of public authorities to act.

The overall fees are likely to be in the region of £50,000 so anything you can give will help.

About the claimant

Ann Maguire's family.

Fast facts

## Name of case Ann Maguire inquiry. ## What’s at stake Establishing the facts surrounding Ann’s murder and hoping to prevent any other victims of crimes in Schools. ## What’s the next step To get an independent inquiry established that can look in detail at all aspects of the case. A date has been set for a pre-inquest hearing at Leeds Coroner’s Court on 25 January 2016 ## Our legal representatives Our solicitor is Yogi Amin, head of Public Law at Irwin Mitchell.

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