Why we're closing CrowdJustice US to focus on CrowdJustice UK

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 11 Apr 2019

We’re closing the US side of CrowdJustice and focusing on the UK. We wanted to write a short blog post to explain why.

How we got here

CrowdJustice launched in the UK in 2015. Our mission is to improve access to legal services, by helping lawyers take on more clients and helping individuals to pay for legal fees and costs. Our platform enables people to pay for legal services by providing them with the tools to raise funds from friends and family, their community and supporters online in a way which works with practitioners' client money rules.

In the UK we’ve supported hundreds of people to raise millions of pounds to pay lawyers' fees, to instruct experts and to cover adverse costs exposure and disbursements. Although we started in the public interest space, we’ve quickly expanded into other areas, from immigration and employment matters, to representation at inquests and lots more.

Now lawyers can also signpost their clients to CrowdJustice for more private matters, starting in the employment space.

Why we’re focusing on the UK for now

After launching in the US in the wake of the 2016 presidential election, we’ve learned a lot but decided for the time being to go back to our UK roots.

We’ve been focusing intensively on the UK over the last six months, as we’ve simultaneously leaned in to the lawyer side of our marketplace. We’ve been innovating heavily in this space, including giving lawyers free accounts on our platform, with access to exclusive resources, data and statistics, enabling them to easily signpost clients to CrowdJustice and get paid quickly, up front, with no additional work.

We’re finding that as our platform evolves, operating in more than one significant legal jurisdiction would slow us down, so we have decided to focus on our UK offering for now.

So long for now, not forever

This certainly isn’t goodbye forever to the USA for us. We know that there is a large market for third party funding for legal matters there, and a huge need for access to justice and equality of arms.

It’s also au revoir and not goodbye to some of the truly fantastic people we met along the way – from the dedicated individuals and non-profits raising funds for important legal matters to the smart, passionate lawyers trying to serve them.

Questions? Feel free to contact us on lawyers@crowdjustice.com

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