Why so many people are supporting Dr Bawa-Garba: in their own words

Matthew Bethell

posted on 28 Jan 2018

In just 48 hours three doctors mobilised thousands of people who spoke out about the case of Dr Bawa-Garba. So far they have raised over £145,000. These 5,000 backers (and counting) are showing us the power of the many. 

Visit the case page here and read some of the thousands of powerful comments below: 

This case will have a lasting implication on patient safety, and on all doctors. Doctors and other staff working in the NHS cannot be held responsible for the systematic failures within the system - Anonymous

I hope you win this on behalf of all fair-minded reasonable people who want an honest system... - Emma 

Wishing you all the strength for this legal battle, you have been wronged by the GMC. I stand with you - Claire 

You are not alone. Keep your head held high and fight. We’ll Be with you every step of the way - Anonymous 

Could be any of us - Kevin 

I feel quiet angry at this hypocrisy and double standards and that the doctor is being made the scapegoat of what are wider failings her exact role notwithstanding. I hope sense prevails - Anonymous 

Good luck. This is clearly a travesty of justice. You have my full support. I am a GP nearing retirement and your case has made my mind up to get out now - David 

There are no winners in this case. If we don’t respond then patient safety has been set back decades & drs are left working in a total blame culture - Mark 

For the future care of patients and doctors this case must be reviewed and decision to erase overturned and GMC educated on what creates a safe culture - Eunice 

This is a case of extreme injustice to Dr HBG. I sympathise with the parent's loss it is unfair to victimise the Dr who tried her best despite system failings. She has been made a scapegoat - Anonymous 

Seems certain it is very unjust, making a scapegoat after an institutional failure, most likely due to underfunding by the government - Masa 

I stand 100% behind you - Rachel 

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