Why people are backing the legal challenge by victims of John Worboys: in their own words

Matthew Bethell

posted on 06 Feb 2018

Thousands of people have backed the challenge to the Parole Board being brought by two victims of John Worboys. They are fighting to find out why the parole board decided to release him - without a word of warning to the women he subjected to sexual abuse and rape over many years - so they can challenge the decision.

Visit the case page here and read just some of the thousands of powerful comments below made by CrowdJustice backers: 

I am a police detective and have cringed at this from the start- the poor investigations to the latest updates. All the best with this - Julia

I was shocked to see the interview on 'Newsnight'. Thank you to the brave lady who was interviewed. Letting this man out of prison when it seems he has shown no remorse must be challenged -  Anonymous

With around 80 cases linked to this man, how the parole board thinks he’s not a danger to the female public, I just don’t understand..keep him locked up - Michaela

I am so sorry that this has happened to you - good luck with your fight for justice for yourselves and all victims of sexual violence - Anonymous

If he gets released on parole this will be a huge miscarriage of justice and just shows that women's safety doesn't matter - Charlotte

Whether the JR succeeds or fails, he should be prosecuted for his remaining unprosecuted crimes. I would gladly help fund a private prosecution if CPS don't do their job and prosecute - Mark 

The decision to release this man defies common sense and decency. My heart goes out to his victims identified and not - Catherine 

Good luck. You shouldn't have to do this. Thinking of all the victims - Mary 

A terrible indictment of our times that this man will be realised after a short sentence and that crowd funding is needed to pay to challenge the decision on a case - Anonymous 

I feel so much for these women, and the others he attacked whose cases never came to court. It reflects the ineptitude of our legal system that this decision has been allowed to happen - Anonymous 

My husband & I read the article in the Sunday Times (21/1/18), and were very moved & horrified by the account. The decision to give Parole must be rescinded - Sheila 

I hope you win.We don’t want this to be allowed to happen again. The parole board should be totally open with decisions and its members - Anonymous  

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