The 12 Cases of CrowdJustice: Our highlights from 2018

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 21 Dec 2018

CrowdJustice was founded in 2015 to help more people access the legal system. As is traditional, as 2018 draws to a close, we are reflecting on where we’ve come from, and where we’ve got to. 

This year there have been many legal victories, big and small, that have been funded in some part via CrowdJustice. We wanted to share some of our favourites:

The European Court of Justice ruled that the UK can withdraw the Article 50 notification without needing consent from other EU member states. 6,000 people raised over £180,000 to take this case to court. Balfour + Manson LLP were instructed.

Victims of the ‘Black Cab Rapist’ John Worboys successfully overturned a Parole Board decision which ordered his release. 2,500 people raised over £66,000 so his victims could make sure he remains in prison. Birnberg Peirce were instructed.

Dr Hadiza Bawa Garba was successful in the Court of Appeal after her name was struck from the medical register. 11,000 people raised over £366,000 to support Dr Bawa Garba. Tim Johnson/Law were instructed.

Marriage equality campaigners in Bermuda celebrated as the Court of Appeal struck down sections of the Domestic Partnership Act that had replaced same sex marriage with civil partnerships. They raised over £55,000 to challenge the legislation. Chancery Legal were instructed. 

Clara Ponsati has been fighting extradition to Spain, where the government want her to stand trial for promoting Catalonian Independence. 9,000 people raised over £280,000 to protect Clara. Aamer Anwar & Co. were instructed.

Rebecca and Charles convinced the Supreme Court that excluding heterosexual couples from civil partnerships is incompatible with human rights. 400 people raised over £11,000 to help them get to court. Deighton Pierce Glynn were instructed.

The Throat Cancer Foundation persuaded an advisory committee to the Department of Health to recommend extending vaccination for HPV-related cancers to boys. 120 people raised more than £22,000 to make this happen. Leigh Day were instructed.

Migrants’ Rights Network caused the Home Office to abandon a policy of using NHS data to track down patients believed to be breaching immigration rules. 400 people raised over £13,000 to oppose the controversial scheme. Liberty were instructed. 

Jourdain's family secured permission to have a judge review the decision of the Crown Prosecution Service not to prosecute the man considered to be a primary suspect in her death. 180 people raised over £6,000 to help Jourdain’s family get to court. Centre for Women's Justice were instructed. 

Local residents successfully challenged a planning decision by Bath & North Somerset Council to demolish Foxhill housing estate, where over 2000 people live. 170 people raised over £5,000 to bring the judicial review. Leigh Day were instructed. 

Emma-Jayne Magson won permission to appeal her murder conviction and argue that she was a victim of domestic violence. 120 people raised over £5,000 to give her the chance to present fresh evidence. Aitken Harter were instructed. 

12-year-old Daniel convinced the Department for Education and exams regulator Ofqual to consider a proposal for a British Sign Language GCSE. 350 people raised £6,000 to help Daniel access this qualification. Irwin Mitchell were instructed. 

We’re proud at CrowdJustice to have supported hundreds of cases: from high profile judicial reviews to personal matters, closer to home. If you're interested in finding out more about how CrowdJustice can help your clients funding their legal matters, please click below.

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