Why are people supporting Stormy Daniels: in their own words...

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 18 Apr 2018

Stephanie Clifford AKA Stormy Daniels wants to tell her story. President Trump and his lawyer Michael Cohen are trying to silence her. She is fighting back against threats of millions of dollars in damages from Trump's legal team. Thousands of people from across America are coming together to support her. 

Visit the case page here for updates in the case and read just some of the powerful comments below:

Sending love and support to you, Stephanie! NEVER, EVER GIVE UP. You are doing this for all of us. Thank you for your courage! Stay strong! - Martha

I believe you. I’m so sorry you have been threatened, but rest assured there is a large population of Americans who see the truth. - Anonymous 

Thank you for being just about the only person in the world whose truth Donald Trump seems to be scared of. - Beth 

Speak truth to power, Stephanie. If more people had your strength and intelligence, our country would be a better place (and have a more qualified President.) - Anonymous

Stay strong Stormy! Don't be intimidated by the bluster and threats...the American people know the truth. - Charles 

Dear Stormy, I hope you get justice after all your family has been through. I saw the 60 minutes tonight- wonderful to get to hear your side of things. Win one for all of us! - Anonymous 

Thank you for your courage. Holding someone like Donald Trump accountable cannot be easy. You have all of my blessings and support. - Tae

Stephanie, thank you for showing what courage and fearlessness looks like. You are powerful, you own this. And I for one have your back, with as much as I can give💪💜👄👊 - Elizabeth

...."in the end, common sense and justice will prevail." - F. Douglas - Anonymous 

You are courageous, a survivor - My warmest regards from a retired old woman. - Kathleen 

I’m really proud of your courage and I just want to let you know I support you. Thank you for speaking up and being so brave. - Anonymous 

Hurray and three cheers for you, Stormy!!! You will be remembered as a patriot with courage, intelligence and a sense of humor. And THREE CHEERS for Michael Avenatti!!! - Thomas 

You will be the one who helps save our country from destruction! Keep fighting!!! - Marjorie 

Continue speaking truth to power. You deserve respect and justice. Thank you for being such a strong leader. - Laura 

Ms Clifford. This reminds me of the story of David & Goliath. A lot of people in the world are backing you. Stay strong!!! - Anonymous 

You go girl! We the people support you 100%. Thanks to your bravery, justice will be served. - Anonymous 

Dear Stephanie, Thank you for having the strength and resolve to carry on with your lawsuit against the President. That man is the walking annihilation of decency. - Macon 

just speak the truth, stand tall, and be firm in your commitment to following the law! - John 

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