Plan Your Launch


The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 01 Apr 2016

You want to be confident you have the time and resources to execute your crowdfunding effort. Below are some things to include in your planning:

Get commitments from specific backers

We recommend that before your case goes live, you reach out to your network and get at least 10 people to commit to giving to your case in the 30 minutes following its launch. Showing early financial support for your case makes a strong impression and can inspire confidence from other potential donors.

Pick an effective launch day

When picking your launch date, weekends and Mondays are generally lower performing. Those days of the week typically experience reduced activity on social media platforms and slower email engagement – factors that can contribute to much slower case launches than those that launch other days of the week.

Take stock of your network

Have you downloaded a list of all your email contacts to ensure you’re reaching out to everyone who might support your case? How many social media friends and followers do you have? Do you have good friends who are particularly prolific tweeters or have fantastic LinkedIn networks who might be able to lend a hand? Your understanding of the unique strengths of your network and your plan to addressing any weaknesses can provide anchor points for realistic expectations as you begin crowdfunding.

Learn from history

Look at past CrowdJustice cases that performed well and see what tactics they employed that you may want to copy or modify. One place to start: a piece about how OneVirginia2021 raised over $50,000 on CrowdJustice.

Start now!

It's never too early to start drafting emails to potential backers, writing social media posts, and laying out calendars for both.

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