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The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 01 Apr 2016

Important as press is for raising the profile of an issue, don’t count on it as the main way to raise pledges! Getting press is hard, and getting the link to your case page in news articles is even harder – but that’s the only way to drive pledges! So we recommend press only as part of your wider promotion effort.  

With that in mind, there are specific types of media coverage that can amplify your reach. Journalists and independent bloggers who focus on your geographic area or have previously written about issues related to your case can be wonderful allies.

Media outlets that target a narrow slate of issues are often more interested to hear about news that affects their specific focus than mainstream national outlets, which field thousands of similar queries every day. Smaller outlets may also be better equipped to reach an audience that is particularly sympathetic to your circumstance – and to frame your situation in a way that drives true engagement around the issue you’re fighting for.

Here’s an example of a local story that drove more engagement than national outlets that also covered this case.

Making contact:

  • If you don’t already know a journalist who you would like to make aware of the case, emailing them directly is often the most effective mode of outreach (you can often find their email within their bio on the site for which they write).
  • Tweeting at them (including their @TWITTER_HANDLE in your tweet) can get their attention if they are active on Twitter, especially once your case is live and you include the link.
  • Many outlets also advertise general emails to which you can send information about news stories.

Making the pitch:

  • As with all emails and posts related to your case, make sure your communication is short and to the point, with enough context to show the urgency of the case and the way its outcome will impact you.
  • Connect your case to any similar articles the author has published, as applicable. Everyone likes to be reminded of the importance of their work and this will show them that you’ve done your research about their areas of concentration.
  • Here’s an external guide for crafting press pitch emails.
  • Every time you reach out to press, include the link to your CrowdJustice case page – multiple times!  And if a story goes live without the link to your case page included, write the journalist as soon as possible to ask that they include the link.

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