CrowdJustice Private: our new, invite-only, funding tool for legal

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 21 May 2019

CrowdJustice is the funding platform that creates more options for people to be able to afford legal services. We’ve seen that lawyers using CrowdJustice can take on more clients and get paid up front for client work. 

Today, we’re excited to expand those funding options, as we launch CrowdJustice Private, our new tool designed for clients to be able to raise money to pay for legal fees with a more private, invite-only fundraising page.

A new way to get paid

We work with hundreds of law firms, helping your clients raise money quickly and compliantly via public funding pages. We’ve seen how effective this can be for legal matters of all shapes and sizes. But we also know that not all cases are suitable for public funding

We want to make sure that you and your clients can get the most value from our platform for all legal matters. Listening to your feedback, we’ve developed CrowdJustice Private to let your clients to raise funds securely through their friends and family. Pages are password protected, access is by invitation only, and the information on the page is standardised. 

How it works

An alternative to our public funding pages, CrowdJustice Private helps your clients to raise the money they need in the way that's most appropriate for them.

It’s an invite-only fundraising tool that expands on what CrowdJustice does best – donation-based online funding from friends, family and networks.

How to set up a Private page on CrowdJustice

Signposting your client to raise funds privately through CrowdJustice is quick and easy:

  1. Sign in to your account. If you don’t have an account yet, create one (it’s free!)

  1. Use the ‘Invite A Client’ button in your account to invite your client to get started with CrowdJustice - select ‘recommend private option’.

  1. Our support team helps your client create an invitation-only fundraising page to share with their friends, family and close network.

  1. You can track their fundraising progress from your account.

  1. Once raised, funds are transferred directly to your firm’s client account. CrowdJustice performs compliance checks on donations in accordance with your client money rules.

Why use CrowdJustice Private?

We often speak to lawyers who have clients with funding needs, but for whom raising money publicly is not appropriate for the stage of legal proceedings or the specific client. 

CrowdJustice Private gives those clients another option – the ability to do a fast, private whip-round in a way that gives them a neutral, standardised way to pay for their legal matter. Funds raised go directly to your client account and the people giving have clarity that funds go directly to a lawyer. 

Examples of firms that are using this tool to serve more clients include: 

  • In the employment space, firms giving initial advice or acting for clients who are still employed or don’t want to be public about their matter.  

  • For immigration matters, where firms are acting for clients who want to invite specific friends or family to donate towards their legal costs.

  • Inquests or matters that are sensitive and where the family just wants to ask some friends or extended family for support at a difficult time. 

We’re making the legal system more accessible to everyone, from those with big campaigns to those with small, personal matters. We’d love to hear your feedback. 

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