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The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 22 Feb 2016

Emailing is the most efficient way to convert readers into backersWhen you privately communicate with people with whom you already have a relationship, the connection feels more direct and their resulting action feels more personal. Using this channel effectively, especially around your launch date, can ensure your case achieves enough momentum to hit its funding target.

Reach out early

Make a list of friends, family and colleagues who might support your case and reach out to this group 48 hours before your case goes live. This first email should introduce them to your legal circumstance and the concept of crowdfunding through CrowdJustice – and it should let them know to expect a follow-up email on launch day (note: your case page goes live when you launch). This may be the first time some of your contacts are hearing about your legal fight and many of them will appreciate being made aware early. The additional time lets them plan how they want to help once your case goes live – by pledging, sharing with their networks or both.

Brevity is effective

When writing your emails, keep the explanation of your case short. After a basic description of the case itself, focus on the importance of this specific case and how any funds raised will impact the case. Remember, people can read the full details of your legal story on your case page so there’s no need to tell the whole story here!

Stay focused

It can be tempting to tell people 5 different ways they might help your case succeed. However, overloading recipients with options is more likely to cause them to take no action at all. We recommend each email include 1 “call to action”. You might start with an email asking recipients to pledge and follow up with another one asking them to share on Facebook. Restricting each email to a single request helps ensure people don’t feel overwhelmed.

Pro tip: Start with general call-to-action emails followed by an email thanking everyone for their support and requesting a specific amount to help you keep the momentum going.

Share after you pledge

Ask people to share your case with their networks after they pledge. People who have decided to donate to your case want to see it succeed and are likely willing to take other actions to ensure that happens. CrowdJustice provides an opportunity to share a link to your case page immediately after users pledge – in your email, ask your network to click the “Share on Facebook” button on the pledge page so their donation can inspire others!


Make sure you're tailoring the content of the emails as much possible to the person you’re sending it to. If it’s possible to call them out by name, do that. The more personal the appeal, the more likely they'll pledge to your case.

Don't let up

Maintain a steady drumbeat of communications until you hit your goal. Don’t give up if you haven’t hit your goal yet. If your creative promotional approaches aren’t working, reach out to the CrowdJustice team for support (!

Below are some examples of email templates you may find helpful in crafting your outreach:

EXAMPLE 1: Launch Day Email

Dear [name], 

My crowdfunding page is now live on CrowdJustice at [link]. 

Along with the residents of [x], I wish to protect our green space by preventing the construction of the XYZ housing development. If the permit is granted, over 50 new homes will be built on what has been state-protected green space. This is unconscionable.

We are fundraising to take legal action against this development, and we believe that the impact of our efforts will have a huge impact across the country. We need your help in protecting our local green spaces!

Here are two ways you can help right now: 

  1. Pledge any amount you can: [link]

  2. Share the campaign on your social media networks and email two friends asking them to pledge and share: [link] 

We can't do any of this without you. So please donate and share to be part of our movement. 

Thank you very much.


EXAMPLE 2: Email to Mixed List (includes existing backers and potential backers)

Hi [name], 

Next month we’ll be challenging the proposed draconian cuts to ABC for 123 through a lawsuit against XYZ.

We’re crowdfunding for the case on CrowdJustice and we need your help! Please donate whatever you can to our case now: [link]

We’ve gotten a great deal of support and feedback from the people who have gotten us this far – we’ve currently raised $X. However, we’ve still got to raise $Y more before [DATE]. We need your support! Your help will allow us to proceed with the suit and hopefully score a big win for 123.

This reduction in health care for prisoners is a huge deal - and together we can raise funds to protect the rights of our fellow Americans.

Thank you so much for your support,


EXAMPLE 3: Email to existing backers, asking them to share or give again

Hello [name],

Thank you again for supporting my case against ABCXYZ [link]. Your financial support will allow us to continue the legal fight - all the way up to the Supreme Court if  needed.

I’m writing to let you know that our crowdfunding effort ends in a couple of days and we’re so close to reaching our goal - and every little bit helps.

I know you’ve already donated, but could give another $10 to make sure that we can continue the fight against ABCXYZ? [link]

Thanks again for all that you’ve done.



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