Five steps to creating a compelling case page


The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 25 Feb 2016

Most people decide whether to pledge to your case within ten seconds of landing on your page, so it’s important to grab the reader’s attention quickly.

1.  Keep the title short

Titles should explain what you’re crowdfunding for in language that’s easy to understand.  

2.  Choose an eye-catching image

The best images captures the emotion behind a case. Typically images featuring faces perform better than those without.

3.  Write a bio that summarises why you care about the case and what’s at stake

Your bio should sum up who you are and why you care about the case in one sentence (or two very short sentences!). 

4.  Keep it short

Most successful case pages are fifteen sentences of less. Focus on why the case matters, what the impact will be if you win and how you will spend the money.

5.  Tell the story

We’ve got lots of tips on this in our next blog post. One thing we’ve seen work really well is to have a quote from your lawyer on why they think the case is important.

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