CrowdJustice welcomes Crispin Passmore to our Advisory Board

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 13 May 2019

CrowdJustice is delighted to welcome Crispin Passmore to our Advisory Board.

Crispin, who recently stepped down as Executive Director of the Solicitors Regulation Authority, is a leading light in the UK’s changing legal services market. Over five years at the SRA he led the SRA’s reform programme, delivering a liberalised and better regulated market. Prior to the SRA he held senior roles at the Legal Services Commission, including as strategy director. He is known for his clear thinking, strategic approach and relentless drive to modernise the legal industry for the benefit of everyone who uses it.

Crispin joins our Advisory Board at an exciting time for CrowdJustice. We’ve built our brand in helping more consumers access more lawyers through innovative funding streams, and increasingly we’re also helping more lawyers give better services to more consumers.

Crispin says: “CrowdJustice is providing a route for lawyers to take on clients who might not always be able to afford initial or ongoing legal advice. By creating more access and more transparency for consumers, they are also opening up the market for law firms. It’s a great mission and I’m excited to support the team on their journey.”

CrowdJustice has worked with over 200 law firms. We’ve won a number of awards, including the FT’s Legal Innovator of the Year 2018, and we have just been shortlisted for the Lawyer’s Tech Product of the Year 2019. We love hearing feedback or getting questions, so please do get in touch. You can also check us out here.

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