Why are people supporting Clara Ponsati: in their own words...

The CrowdJustice Team

posted on 18 Apr 2018

The Spanish government is trying to extradite University of St. Andrews Professor Clara Ponsati to Spain. Today, she and her legal team launched a new campaign to raise funds for her extradition hearing that begins on the 30th of July. Clara’s first campaign received contributions from thousands of backers - and we’ve put together some of the most powerful comments that people have left in support.

“Good luck to all of you and thank you for supporting Clara, and Catalonia, all the way through. Justice will always prevail.” - Anonymous

“Clara has touched my heart with her courage in standing up for her beliefs." - John

“Every donation will help. It was a privilege to attend SNP18 and hear from Clara and from Aamer Anwar, the brilliant lead of her legal team.” - Morva

“Good luck Clara, we're with you and Catalonia. Every country should have the opportunity to decide its own future at a time of its own choosing.” - Susan

“Thank you for fighting for our rights Clara, please don't give up.” - Federico

“I strongly support Clara, her lawyers and all the people in Catalonia being unjustly and violently treated by the Spanish state. Thank you.” - John

“Keep fighting against the injustice in Spain, thank you for your work. Visca la República de Catalunya!” - Anonymous

“Rooting for you crossed fingers - J

"We love you Clara. You represent all of us! Go Clara go!” - Valeri

“Good luck Clara. Appalling that there is this political persecution of you and your colleagues.” - Anonymous

“A small donation to a just cause. Good luck Clara I stand with you.” - Anni

“Justice for Mrs. Ponsatí and those who face charges for political reasons in Catalonia!” - Anonymous

“You’re defending a cause that is just! flexed biceps A clear cut case of what is right versus what is wrong. Good luck!” - Robert

“Clara, you deserve all my support and all my respect. You worked to defend the people's rights.” - Ramon


If you want to support Clara Ponsati in her fight against the Spanish government's attempt to extradite her, read more about her campaign live on CrowdJustice.

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