Save Our Bacon! - And Our Country, Too!

by The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar

Save Our Bacon! - And Our Country, Too!

by The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar
The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar
Case Owner
Along with my parents and younger brothers, I'm one of the owners of the The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar, which is being threatened with closure.
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The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar
Case Owner
Along with my parents and younger brothers, I'm one of the owners of the The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar, which is being threatened with closure.
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Latest: Dec. 7, 2021

Chris Witty and Matt Hancock on Witness List Submitted Last Friday

On Friday 3rd December, our new legal team - Robin Tilbrook of Tilbrooks Solicitors and Paul Oakley of One Essex Court Chambers - submitted our witness and evidence lists to the solicitor for Stockto…

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Our "Why"?

Is it acceptable for the State to forcibly and indefinitely close private businesses by decree, without providing any evidence as to why such interference with private property is necessary, proportionate, and constitutional? 

This question of justice goes to the heart of British Democracy, as the State has rejected 500 years of settled laws, customs and principles of our society.

I am asking you to help me to fight this serious abuse of power that threatens all of civil society. Our success will set a critical legal and cultural precedent,  when many others have lacked the courage, conviction, or cash to act. 

Together we can secure a key liberty for future generations. It only takes one light to burn away a lot of darkness.

The future of our families right now, and a future free society, depends on us being able to conduct lawful commerce and hence feed ourselves.

We Have Chosen to Take a Courageous and Perilous Stand for Commercial Freedom

My name is Paul Henderson, and I am one of the owners and the Managing Director of a small family group of companies, HW Legacy Group. As a family, we decided to purchase The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar in Billingham in the North East of England. This is a small (but much-loved) local independent licensed hospitality business. The transaction was completed in the middle of the UK Government's "Eat Out to Help Out" incentive scheme in the summer of 2020.

Within months, the government had moved from paying the public to support hospitality businesses, to forcibly shutting them down and singling out the hospitality sector specifically as a hotbed of community infection. This was done without sound scientific evidence to justify such extreme actions and claims.

We knew the actions of the government to be both unlawful and without a basis in logic or morality. This presented me with a choice as a business owner: to comply with a ruinous tyranny, or to resist no matter what the cost. As I have a working conscience this was an easy decision to make! I chose to mount a protest by opening the business several times during November 2020, and then again as part of the organised political protest across the UK as “The Great Reopening”.

Our Legitimate, Peaceful and Professionally-Run Business has Been Attacked by a Corrupt and Unlawful State

As a result, the local Police Licensing Team applied to the local Council Licensing Committee to revoke the license to sell alcohol held by the business. In response, 200 members of the local community wrote in support of the business retaining its license, and 42 wrote directly to the Council imploring it to take no further action.

In the face of overwhelming community support, and despite the best efforts of an exceptional legal team representing us, they succeeded in revoking our license in the first instance on 13 July 2021. 

BBC Tees, 19 July 2021: Billingham's Porky Pint loses alcohol license for Covid-19 Breaches

This is not the end, however. It is only the beginning of our fight for urgent justice, essential liberty, and fundamental human rights

We funded the legal expenses of the first hearing ourselves. Now we are at the appeal stage, which will no doubt be denied. This will lead to a further appeal to the higher courts. We need your help covering the costs of legal representation, since we are acting in the interests of all small businesses, and those who make a living working for them.

To be clear, this is not a case about licensing law. In fact, the barrister representing the Council and Police in the first hearing stated openly that neither had any problem with the way that the business was being operated in terms licensing law. It is a case about the ability of the State to overreach its power, ignore established rules, abuse our legal and political institutions, and ruin the lives of millions of its citizens as a result.

The Help that We Are Asking for is on Behalf of All Small Business Owners

We have already submitted our appeal on 31 July 2021, and the first hearing in the appeal case will take place on 21 September 2021, for case management and directions. As it stands, I will be appearing at the hearing to represent our position, as we are unable to continue to fund legal representation.

I have already spent £28,000 out of my own personal funds so far. Wise friends have urged me to share the load with other honest and honourable people, so I am not unhelpfully martyring myself and sabotaging my business and family.

We aim to raise an initial £10,000 to retain and instruct solicitors and counsel to fight the appeal as it needs to be argued. Sharing this cost is a reasonable ask, as our case about basic human rights and constitutional freedoms, not about licensing law. The decision will affect millions if we are successful.

We have a stretch goal of £100,000, which can be achieved if we work together to spread the word, whether or not you can help financially. While we hope to succeed in this immediate appeal, we expect that this will need to go all the way to the High Court and beyond, to Judicial Review. The important points of law that form the basis of our argument against the actions of the Police and Council are unlikely to be satisfactorily addressed in lower courts.

We are fighting this case not simply to retain our right to run a business, but to show that what the State has done over the last 18 months has been unethical, unlawful, and unconstitutional. Its actions have caused untold damage and destruction to small businesses and families that rely on them across the UK, and severe harm at a human level.

Please, Commit to this Fight for the Future of Our Country and Our Children

I have given this fight all of my effort, my energy and my resources, at considerable pain and loss to myself. I pledge to continue this fight for as long as is necessary, no matter hard it gets. I am asking you to pledge whatever you can afford so I can focus all of my energy on the outcome that serves everyone. If you have no resources then please, spread the word and share this request with others who may be able to help.

We have a choice: a country with constitutional rule of law and democratic accountability, or a tyrannical sanitary dictatorship that can infringe any human right or legal custom at will. To take no action is to consent to the latter by default.

The State must be held to account. We are fighting to make sure that happens. For us, and for you, and for the future of our country and our children. 

Please help me to help us all.

With my gratitude and love,


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Update 3

The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar

Dec. 7, 2021

Chris Witty and Matt Hancock on Witness List Submitted Last Friday

On Friday 3rd December, our new legal team - Robin Tilbrook of Tilbrooks Solicitors and Paul Oakley of One Essex Court Chambers - submitted our witness and evidence lists to the solicitor for Stockton Borough Council as previously directed by Teesside Magistrates Court.

Paul and Robin previously represented us as a co-claimant in a Judicial Review case to overturn the Coronavirus Act. They're the perfect legal team to make our case on appeal, as this is and never has been about Licensing law. 

This case is about the fundamental, constitutional rights and freedoms that every citizen of the United Kingdom has to peaceful enjoyment of their own lives and property, without assault or interference by a blatantly criminal and increasingly tyrannical government, attempting to rule by unlawful decree in order to implement a totalitarian surveillance state and medical apartheid in the U.K.

The defendant in a case in London recently submitted a similar list of names for witnesses in her trial for allegedly organising an unlawful gathering in breach of the illegal and Orwellian restrictions on protests also foisted upon the Brtish public under the guise of protecting public health. 

The judge in that case refused to issue witness summons for any of the government ministers or advisers requested by the defendant as wtinesses, which demonstrates just how far the rot has set in to even the supposedly independent courts and judiciary in this country.

We're in a different position to her, as this is essentially our case to make as the appellant, wheras she is the defendant in her trial. We will make the case that Hancock and Witty are essential to our being able to demonstrate that the basis for the actions of Stockton Borough Council and Cleveland Police were unlawful, disproportionate and entirely unneccessary.

I live in hope that there still remains some sense of justice and common sense and a modicum of judicial propriety in the courts and the judiciary, but fully expect that our request for Hancock and Witty to be issued with witness summons will be refused.

I'll keep you all updated as the case progresses.

Please, continue to share the link to our CrowdJustice case across all social media accounts, platforms, groups and channels around the world. Without the support of the public, or fight will not be possible.

Thank you all again for you help and support. We will win this one way or another, together.

Much Love, 

PH x

Update 2

The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar

Oct. 12, 2021

The Tip of the Spear in the Fight Against Tyrannical Government Oppression

Below is a link to a recent interview I did with my dear friend Chris Large on his YouTube channel.

We discuss the case and the wider context of the unlawful actions of the UK Government, and why we'll continue to fight this criminal fraud for the sake of our own business, and for all businesses and people across the UK and the world:

The Tip of the Spear in the Fight Against Tyrannical Government Oppression

We're back in Teesside Magistrates Court today for Case Management and Directions Take 2. 

I'll update you all on what transpired later! 

Love and gratitude always

PH x

Update 1

The Porky Pint Restaurant & Bar

Sept. 30, 2021

A Litigant in Person - adjourned until 12th October 2pm!

I attended the first Case Management and Directions Hearing at Teesside Magistrates Court at 11.15am on Tuesday 28th September. 

The solcitor for the counsel pushed to have the directions given and a date set for the appeal hearing, pointing out that I am a "Sophisticated Litigant" - I was flattered :-) 

The Court decided to give us two weeks to find suitable legal representation so we're back there on 12th October at 2.00pm BST.  

In the meantime, we'll be pulling together our witness list - which will be something to behold, so watch this space! - and continuing to construct the many legal arguments that will be made when we get to the appeal hearing proper. 

Thank you all - from around the world! - for all of your support and encouragement so far. It truly has blown me away, and strengthen my resolve to win this fight, for everyone, everywhere! 

Please, keep sharing the link to this page far and wide. Let's keep the momentum going!

My love and gratitude to you all, always.


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